UK Guardian Finally Admits The Truth About Wind Farms

UK Guardian finally admits the truth about bird choppers, but with an ulterior motive.

UK Guardian finally admits the truth about bird choppers, but with an ulterior motive.

The UK Guardian has always pushed the Green meme about wind power being the cheapest form of energy in the long run, and what is more important it will allow Britain to meet the now conveniently forgotten carbon targets that once dominated the political landscape.

Us nasty climate change deniers have always maintained that wind power was no more than a heavily publicly subsidised monument to Green folly that provides very expensive intermittent energy supplies, creates no lasting real jobs and the production of wind turbines has created environmental catastrophes in countries like China.

With it being the Guardian a fair number of those that comment are outraged, in the way only a liberal mindset can be by the sheer heresy of the article and even more so that there is no mention anywhere of Climate Change, Global Warming or loss and damage.

Those making the comments are missing the point of the article which is to shift the blame and public backlash against renewable energy away from the Greens and instead, imply that it was a plot all long for the rich and wealthy to extort billions in Green subsidies from the poor.

Is it fair for the chancellor to cut pensions for the poor while offering a million pounds a year to the Duke of Roxburghe for letting the wind blow? Is it fair to offer half a million to the Earl of Moray, a third of a million to the Earl of Glasgow, and a quarter of a million to the Duke of Beaufort, Sir Alastair Gordon Cumming and Sir Reginald Sheffield, the prime minister’s father-in-law? Is it fair to promise a reported £1bn to Charles Connell over the next 25 years?

The first paragraph of any article always sets the scene and makes the point that subsequent paragraphs seek to underline.

The chancellor’s well-trailed announcement that money for onshore turbines will be cut in favour of offshore is welcome in part, but it makes no sense. While less intrusive on the eye, offshore turbines are even more expensive and inefficient than onshore ones. The bizarre plan to erect 240 down the middle of the Bristol Channel has already been abandoned as uneconomic, despite Osborne’s subsidy. The huge East Anglian field may cost billions. It all makes nuclear seem a bargain.

Wind turbines are inefficient and expensive, off shore particularly so and nuclear seems a bargain, hardly breaking news for anyone but the Guardian.

Just a couple of years ago they were told by wind’s most fanatical subsidiser, Chris Huhne, to plan for 10,000 onshore turbines. Contracts were promised. Public money was unlimited. Offshore wind alone would “generate 20,000 British jobs”. It was rubbish. The giant Sheringham field is so Norwegian that the country’s crown prince was invited to declare it open.

One of the dangers of believing a liar and convicted criminal with jail time like Chris Huhne, and Huhne even lied about the jobs that would be created, he knew the truth all along but being on an evangelical crusade the truth was always going to be an early casualty.

There are almost no British jobs. The German firm Siemens makes most British turbines and sensibly does not rely on British government policy for its investment. It builds on the continent. Its competitor Vestas has pulled the plug on a plant in Kent, and South Korea’s Doosan has done likewise in Glasgow. The energy required to mine the turbines’ rare minerals and build, import and erect them makes a mockery of their “greenness”.

A mockery the Greens and warming alarmists were happy to go along with because wind is Green and all the pollution from magnet manufacture happens on the other side of the world.

The industry lobby, RenewableUK, on Thursday deplored what it suspected was a “political decision” to cut subsidy, and it was right. The switch reeked of Downing Street’s obsession with Ukip, which has shrewdly opposed wind turbines. But an industry that is effectively a state subcontractor must accept such whims. The golden goose would never last.

An industry that cannot exist without subsidy is doomed, for as long as the warming alarmists held political sway the golden goose of public subsidy would keep laying as the Green Holy Grail of renewable energy was relentlessly pursued.

With the whole Green scam being in continual decline, and the public backlash against rising energy prices and wind farms growing daily; wind farms are next the casualty in Green political expediency.

Wind farms were never supported by the Greens and warming alarmists, despite this report from 2011 by the WWF on how Britain could get all its energy needs from renewables, wind farms were in fact just another get rich scheme for the rich to take advantage of the poor.

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  1. The technical term is “repositioning”.

    Not so easy for the drama greens now the internet is watching them…

  2. How are wind turbines coping with the exceptionally high winds recently reported in Scotland and North England. I hope they all go broke. Literally!

  3. Wind power was really about getting natural gas generation built as back up.
    Shell funded many a “green” campaign against coal. Now it all makes sense.

  4. On WUWT someone posted that Britain has a carbon tax? Is this correct?

  5. AGW is real or the icecaps wouldn’t be melting.
    Wind turbines are useless to stop it, the wind is fickle.

  6. Sorry folks, Tony Aardvark is wrong. The worthlessness of wind turbine farms to compbat global warming, and the greediness of the subsidy-seekers, does not refute the fact that the icecaps and glaciers are melting. I have read that surface shipe can indeed sail right across the North Pole in summer.

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