Green NGO – Public Bored And Disinterested By Climate Change Fear Stories

Climate Outreach and Information Network (COIN) - "civil society is exhausted by Climate Change fear stories"

Climate Outreach and Information Network (COIN) – “civil society is exhausted by Climate Change fear stories”

As the Anthropogenic Global Warming boondoggle continues to collapse, the Greens and others complicit in the warming alarmist industry are busily looking for reasons for their failure to convince people of the validity of their message.

After more the 20 years of Mainstream Media outlets continually pumping out every bit of Green propaganda no matter how ludicrous, interest in the Global Warming has continued to decline, to the point where most people’s eyes glaze over at the mere mention of the topic.

The Climate Outreach and Information Network (COIN) based in Oxford specializes in propagating Green Fear stories, sometimes called climate change communication, and one of their co-founders George Marshall knows just how difficult it is to engage anyone in a discussion about the irrational fear of CO2:

Whenever he can, Marshall tries to engage people in conversation about global warming: he finds it a tough task.

“I’m always casual about it – after all, no one wants to find themselves sitting next to a zealot on a long-distance train journey.

“But I need not worry because, however I say it, the result is almost always the same: the words collapse, sink and die in mid-air and the conversation suddenly changes course…it’s like an invisible force field that you only discover when you barge right into it. Few people ever do, because, without having ever been told, they have somehow learned that this topic is out of bounds.”

Yet another reason to travel by car, the chances of finding a Climate Change zealot in the car is about as likely as one of Marshall’s Green Armageddon events happening.

In many ways being stuck next to a Climate Change zealot, is worse than being sat next to a Jehovah’s witness, they at least do have a day off.

Others in the business of communicating climate change will sympathise: they become used to eyes glazing over, people suddenly finding others to talk to or urgently expressing the need for a drink. It can be a lonely occupation.

COIN has just produced a report entitled Climate Silence, questioning why the interest of the public in global warming is still low – despite all the warnings about the threats being faced.

Its called crying Wolf, repeatedly, the Greens simply don’t comprehend that after decades of failed predictions of looming environmental holocaust, people are bored of the CO2 wolf that never comes, instead the Green response is always more of the same, and sillier fear stories about a new study that has just found something we should all crap our pants about.

“Civil society, exhausted by the disappointment of the Copenhagen climate change negotiations in 2009, has largely fallen silent. Scientists, cowed by personal attacks, have become increasingly reticent.

Climategate made the public aware of the scale of the deception that was being carried out by politically motivated science, and as for scientists cowed by personal attacks, they should grow a pair.

If you wanted personal attacks try being someone who never bought in to the AGW scam between 2008 – 2012, personal attacks and being trolled daily was normal as the warming alarmists vitriol was unleashed on all who did believe in the Church of Climatology.

But like all good scams and totalitarian ideologies the suppression of dissent and discussion was of a paramount importance to keep the public with the Green message:

“A door that was once firmly shut – to sceptical voices in the mainstream media – has been opened again…public interest has dwindled. The debate has become stale and fatigued.”

The Greens and warmists always knew that their story would never stand up to public scrutiny and debate which is why they worked so hard to suppress dissent and smear the opponents with labels like “Denier”.

The situation for Climate Religion is just as dire in the USA:

In the US there seems to be less public engagement in the issue. A survey this year by Yale University found that only 8% of respondents said they communicated publicly about climate change, while nearly 70% said they rarely or never spoke about it.

In the final analysis it is difficult to see how the Greens can ever change their message from crying wolf and peddling fear, their scam is not based on having a better tomorrow, but rather on something really, really bad will happen if you don’t do as we say.

The other problem totally ignored by COIN is that post COP19 the cat is out of the bag about wealth redistribution, always the major motivating force behind the AGW scam, and the voters in the western world are not up for this at all.

Even Barack Obama has realised that selling loss and damage to US voters is: politically impossible to present to domestic audiences.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. 100% of intelligent people, think Al Gore is crap!

  2. Tory, Yours is important and exhaustive work, But, in the U.S. the fact that the public is “bored and disinterested” with climate change fear stories is of small comfort. The Obama administration has already aligned its federal agencies, that set policies controlling the lives of 300 million Americans, squarely behind the notion of man-made climate change. naturally, the solution here, as everywhere else on earth, is to tax citizens and redistribute their wealth.

    The truth is, we need people to be riveted and outraged at the lies and manipulated and cherry-picked data fostering the ludicrous proposition that CO2 is harmful and man is melting icebergs that are actually thickening. People must be enraged when Edenhoeffer, one of the IPCC’s own chairs, admits the entire climate change movement is not about the environment, but about controlling the world’s wealth.

    Unless people get un-bored, science be-damned, the climate change movement will continue unabated until the world has been redistributed into an economic wasteland of mediocrity. Of the rulers and the ruled.

    • XX the solution here, as everywhere else on earth, is to tax citizens and redistribute their wealth.XX

      Re-distibute it WHERE?

      Roads are still falling apart, pensions, here in Germany, are LOWER THAN BRAZIL(!), Schools… see “Roads,” Armed forces, Police and other emergency services cut to the bone. Yet all we here from the dictatorship, is that we are going to have to pay even MORE tax!

      They have never been getting so much tax in HISTORY as they are now, yet we are still sinking to the levels of some third world shit hole.

  3. watchthemgrammar

    Uninterested, surely?

  4. Been thinking about this since my post above.

    This is not just the “climate” thing, but people all over are getting totaly pissed off with the whole “green” thing.


    Besides seeing ever increasing fuel bills, which does not effect every-one, there is one thing, one symbol of their imbicilic idiocy that has effected EVERY man woman and child in Europe, unless they live in a tent in a field, and that is “low energy light bulbs.”

    Now EVERY one can see how dim the “greens” are.

  5. Don’t trust the greens
    …cos their dogma is a FANTASY view of the world not a REALITY view.

  6. Carry on, Germany. The world needs to see dramatic example of the consequences of trying to live on “renewables”.

  7. Tory, there is a huge element of the story missing here. Yeah, people are bored and the propaganda is stale, but it still cost society some few trillion dollars in expensive policy prescriptions to destroy cheap energy, and the US and other western countries have doled out hundreds of billions to underwrite all the bogus self-serving science being put out by thousands of institutions – every University, scientific organization and government scientist whose work ended up littering the western world with medieval windmill technology, solar panels in Scotland would you believe. Boring doesn’t come to mind in considering the egregious incineration of wealth that can never be put to beneficial use

    The US has probably a dozen climate-weather agencies – NCAR, NASA, NOAA, etc. etc. What a comedown for the once globally respected NASA to have gotten down into this dirt. And Gee whiz, where are all these asterisked PhDs going to work when it is all over and done with? I guess they can get jobs felling and bucking up windmill stanchions and deglazing Scotland and Arizona. Probably they will end up being the climate change’s refugees that were so prominently predicted by the UN IPCC, probably heading for California. I’ve already seen and uncommonly large number of desperate Greenpeace and WWF panhandlers begging for cash on the streets to uninterested passersby.

    Last spring, I met a young grad student at the world’s biggest mining conference, the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada in Toronto who told me she was studying geology and was going to go into environmental science. We exchanged some emails, and I advised her to consider mining geology, that her chosen area had peaked, was overloaded with practitioners and she might not end up getting a job. She never replied back. Boredom instead of torches and pitchforks?

  8. The founder of COIN – George Marshall is a senior veteran Greenpeace and Rainforest campaigner and was very involved in the start up of Earth First (UK) with multi millionaire Goldsmith’s (Ecologist) backing..

    George Marshall’s route into climate change catastrophism is a must read

    George was also the founder of the Rising tide activist group, which had the original’

    ‘Deniers – Hall of Shame’ back in 2001-02.. and here is George writing about climate deniers in the New Statesmen in 2003 – he gets rolled out in the Guardian as well, and Dr Adam Corner (also Guardian) , is his COIN policy advisor.

    – a who’s who of climate deniers, with an Exxon smear or 2 (remember he was fighting Chevron in the rainforests,)

    George in my opinion has made the debate toxic…

    to quote George from a Campaign Against Climate Change Meeting, (he is on the board)

    “[About the word “Climategate”] It probably came from Marc Morano first.
    – Look at the word “sceptic”. It’s a very carefully chosen word.
    – I rather use “denier” – and I’m delighted to say it works.
    – But they’re [Climate Change sceptics] doing a better job than us at the moment [on communications].”

  9. I do understand Marshall has a hard time.

    After commenting on Twitter that at least I argue using peer-reviewed science, he then happily commented that it was much easier after discovering Twitter’s “ignore” button.

    I was one of his first “disappeared”.

  10. It’s not that we’re bored, we’re just tired of being lied to. We definitely are disinterested in pseudo-scientists who make a series of asinine statements and expect us to take their word for it without any sort of proof whatsoever. We become even more disinterested when you go all stompy-foot on us when we point out your predictions are a) ridiculous on their face, and b) not coming true. It does not help your cause when you are caught lying and telling each other how to cover up the lies.
    How about you Green NGOs just tell us the truth for once? But, then, if you did that, your funding and your political power would disappear, and you don’t want that, now, do you? Actually, you so-called people in the Green movement are colorblind. You’re actually Red, but too wrapped up in denial to admit it.

  11. Ogrrre,

    Disinterested means unbiased. I think you mean uninterested.

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