The Green Stupidity Of David Cameron

Call Me Dave suspects that the recent storms that have hit the UK are linked to Global Warming but he is not sure. So why say anything?

Call Me Dave suspects that the recent storms that have hit the UK are linked to Global Warming but he is not sure. So why say anything?

Green stupidity still occasionally holds sway at the highest levels of government in some countries in the EU, as was amply demonstrated by British Prime Minister David Cameron in the House of Commons yesterday.

Fortunately not all countries in the EU are saddled with politicians who are nothing more than molluscs, liberally dipped in snake oil, The Czech Republic and Poland for example, have politicians who long ago decided being Green was stupid and have since put the interests of their citizens ahead of trying to earn personal Green credentials on the world stage.

In the run up to the General Election in 2010 which Cameron failed to win, one of Cameron’s big spin lines was that, He (Cameron) was the natural heir to Tony Blair, yep truly something to aspire to being, a socialist war monger, can there be any higher aspirational goal?

Cameron blows hot and cold on the Climate Change boondoggle, during the COP19 fiasco in Warsaw last November Cameron was allegedly wandering about muttering darkly about “Green crap” in response to rising consumer anger about energy prices, and the ever increasing cost of renewable energy subsidies.

Yesterday was obviously a hot day for Global Warming in Cameron world when in the House of Commons Liberal Democrat MP Tim Fallon said “The science is clear that the extreme weather is at least in part a destructive and inevitable consequence of climate change.

In response to the planted question from a coalition partner Cameron responded that he suspects the storms are linked to Global Warming, but he’s not sure and he is no expert.

Firstly Fallon is either knowingly lying or is incredibly stupid, you decide.

Those evangelists for Climate Change propaganda the UK Met Office said in a statement “There is currently no evidence that links our current storms to climate change.

On linking extreme weather events to Climate Change the IPCC had this to say in their Assessment Report 5 (AR5) on event attribution:

“In summary, there continues to be a lack of evidence and thus low confidence regarding the sign of trend in the magnitude and/or frequency of floods on a global scale”

“In summary, there is low confidence in observed trends in small-scale severe weather phenomena such as hail and thunderstorms because of historical data inhomogeneities and inadequacies in monitoring systems

There is no link between extreme weather events say the so called scientific experts that provide the politically motivated junk science that drives the CO2 fear industry.

Tim Fallon is typical of the Green Liberals at the heart of the AGW boondoggle, they quote their scientific experts when it suits them, and then ignore their experts when political expediency offers a chance to spread more fear to drive their agenda.

David Cameron has demonstrated with his statement that he really is the heir to Blair, suspecting while not being an expert or sure, Blair would be proud, not quite as good as Blair and his 45 minute claim for Iraqi WMD’s, but then Cameron is only the heir, an understudy really.

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  1. David Cameron is a repulsive creature spawned from excrement, inherited wealth and lies. I despise him with every inch of my body and cannot wait for him to just disappear from public office.

  2. BTW its FARRON not Fallon, Tim Fallon is another green wanker Tory minister who dabbles in energy policy damage limitation !

    The only reason Tim Farron survives in his south lakes constituency is that it has already experienced Corporate Ethnic Cleansing with the high road fuel duty back from Major in the late 1990s, industry at locations like Ulverston closed ( under Blair ) and the rural working class traditional Tory voters forced into minority in Labour towns. Its the same everywhere else where people foolishly vote Lib Dem even when they promote green taxes to destroy the rural economy and hit those on low income’s generally the hardest, Jews willingly buying the train tickets to the concentration camps from the SS like in WW2 Germany springs to mind ?

  3. “Firstly Fallon is either knowingly lying or is incredibly stupid, you decide.”” He is a Liberal Democrat. That makes him stupid by definition.

  4. Commyron does not know his arse from his elbow.

  5. “Firstly Fallon is either knowingly lying or is incredibly stupid, you decide.”

    Both, of course.

  6. I believe that Cameron, and all other politicians should declare their interest and avoid speaking of global warming. His father-in-law rakes in £650,000 annually in renewable subsidies.

    Whenever anyone speaks of climate change they are dishonestly running away from mentioning the global warming scam, which in reality has become global cooling.

    The very idea that climate change and global warming are identical proves conclusively that the IPPC official was right, climate policy has nothing to do with the environment but wealth redistribution.

    The disproved theory that rising CO2 levels causes identical rises in global temperatures, arrived at by Al Gore’s infamous and inadvertent reversal of the science of the 640,000 yr ice-cores, should have stopped the IPPC scam dead – instead they ignore the science and rig computer climate models which can only spew out the data fed into them.

    The question no one will answer remains. We know that 32/33 of current CO2 levels, were the result of the historic global temperatures that prevailed 800 – 2000 years earlier. The remaining 1/33 of current anthropogenic CO2 cannot possibly be measured, can it?

  7. Where do these morons come from, is the green lobyist money flowing that much that they turn to it at the end of their political career, or do they sound themselves with these types and forget about the people?

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