Future EU Climate Policy – Environmentalists Are Horrified

Polar Vortex was cause of the bitter winter of 1812 which hindered Napoleon's long retreat from Russia. Now 200 years later Napoleon's successors, the EU are in full retreat on their Climate Policy.

Polar Vortex was cause of the bitter winter of 1812 which hindered Napoleon’s long retreat from Russia. Now 200 years later Napoleon’s successors, the EU are in full retreat on their Climate Policy.

The 20th century successors to the failed dictator Napoleon Bonaparte, the EU are having their retreat from Moscow moment, as EU Climate Policy comes apart, quite literally at the seams.

The Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard, Greens, Liberals and other beneficiaries of the warming alarmist industry are pushing hard for binding targets for renewable energy for 2030, while on the other side of the argument countries, industry and politicians are against binding targets.

Just before the UNFCCC COP19 climate circus in Warsaw last year, Hedegaard sort of admitted that the EU Climate Policy was not supported by all member states and that some countries are no longer taking part, for example the Czech Republic and Poland, the COP19 hosts. Poland is currently involved in a legal standoff with the EU, which if the EU lost would totally destroy EU Climate Policy in a single stroke.

In the face of this the EU Commission is adopting a much more timid approach towards future Climate Policy:

European commissioners are considering scrapping a binding target for renewable energy for 2030, a move that would please big utility companies but infuriate environmentalists.

The EU’s 2030 energy and climate targets, which the commission is due to propose on January 22, are stoking acrimony among countries and between commissioners. Governments, industry and green groups are lobbying the commission intensely over the goals.

A target for how much power European countries should derive from renewables is one of the most bitterly debated parts of next week’s package. The UK, which is increasing its use of nuclear power, opposes a binding goal. Germany, which is shutting down its reactors, is the most powerful voice in favour of an obligatory target.

The sheer confusion that grows daily about being or Green, or not being Green is amply demonstrated by Germany who on one hand are calling for binding renewable energy and emissions targets, while on the other hand massively increasing the use of Lignite to fuel power stations.

Oh the dilemma. German Greens have been so “successful” that coal use is rising fast. They helped get rid of the nukes in 2011, punished coal, and subsidized “renewables”. But woe…. energy has to come from somewhere, so the paradoxical crunch comes. Green policies mean that everyone is poorer, but the cheapest energy comes from coal …

The coal industry must be praying for more Green activism:

“IT’S been a black Christmas for green thinkers as Germany, the world leader in rooftop solar and pride of the renewable energy revolution has confirmed its rapid return to coal.

After scrapping nuclear power, Germany’s carbon dioxide emissions are back on the rise as the country clamours to reopen some of the dirtiest brown coalmines that have been closed since the reunification of east and west.

What this really shows is how far removed from the majority of Germans their politicians are, politicians who are still desperate to appease the Greens, never mind the cost to their country:

Thus, it is likely that the demand of the German government for a binding renewables target for 2030 will not be agreed by the Commission. In a letter to the EU Commission, Germany’s Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) recently appealed to set a new renewables target. However, in his letter, Gabriel did not used the word ‘binding’. Then, shortly before the Commissioners’ meeting, a German diplomat clarified in an e-mail to the Commission that Germany would like to see a binding target after all.

Looks like someone in the German government nearly grew a pair and stood up to the Greens, but as usual chickened out at the last moment.

The EU Commission, however, only favours a non-binding target for wind and solar power. Until now, as a target of 30 percent of the total energy mix has being discussed; now 24 or 27 percent are mentioned.

As the EU Commission neither wants to set a new target for energy efficiency, there is currently only one single binding target for CO2 emission on the table: For debate is a new CO2 target of a cut by 35 or 40 percent by 2030. The German government is in favour of at least 40 percent.

A spokeswoman for Oettinger did not want to comment on the contents of the Commission’s internal debate. Environmentalists are horrified.

Environmentalists are horrified, well if they are not horrified, then they will be outraged, shocked or offended, one thing you will never read is that environmentalists are happy, euphoric or contended because environmentalism is all about control, drudge and misery, much like North Korea.

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  1. If making the greens happy, means everyone else has to suffer, I hope they are miserable for the rest of their lives! Reality is standing in the way of their fantasies…..too damn bad!

  2. Congrats.
    I got a laugh or 3 out of this. Not normal in the CAGW scam debate.
    Keep up the good work man. 🙂

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