Ousted Maldives President – Climate Denying Conservatives Risk Irrelevancy

The much used COP15 propaganda picture of the Maldives Government holding a cabinet meeting underwater to push the rising sea level lie

The much used COP15 propaganda picture of the Maldives Government holding a cabinet meeting underwater to push the rising sea level lie

One of the poster boys for the Green Liberal warming alarmists has slithered out from under his stone to warn that Climate Change denying Conservatives risk becoming irrelevant, a fate that is currently befalling warming alarmists at an ever increasing rate.

Nasheed was the poster boy of the warming alarmist movement, a shrewd politician who saw that rich western Liberals wanted to give money away to fight the fantasy of man made climate change, so Nasheed played them to the hilt by claiming the Maldives were sinking due to rising sea levels, even though globally sea levels have been receding for at least the last 10 years as  Envisat data showed.

The warming alarmists and mesmerized politicians took Nasheed to their hearts, British Prime Minister David Cameron once described Nasheed as “my new best friend“,  since the coup there has been an attempt to raise Nasheed to being a minor deity,  they even made a film eulogizing  Nasheed  “The Island President.

When he was deposed Nasheed claimed I was ousted by Climate Change Deniers, which like the underwater cabinet meeting was lie, Nasheed was ousted for the illegal arrest of a judge who disagreed with him, and also because in an Islamic country the Presidential Palace was awash with alcohol.

No doubt about it, Nasheed is a snake oil salesman par excellence, while he and the rest of cabinet were performing antics underwater and claiming that the Maldives would slip beneath the waves by 2019, plans were afoot to build a new airport for the Maldives that would provide sufficient capacity for tourists until 2035,  so much for the Maldives being submerged.

The Hong Kong based architectural company, Integrated Design Associates (IDA) has unveiled the new look of the Male’ international airport, under its expansion and modernization project.

The IDA has come up with an impressive new design that will “encompass the entire scope of the airport, including a full concept design, detailed expansion schemes and the construction supervision of the new terminal, including 12 aircraft bays, spread over an area of 55,000m2,” the Maldives Traveller magazine revealed.

The four-year construction plan will also add a large seaplane port to house 42 sea aircraft.

Singaporean architect and Founder of IDA, Winston Shu, famed for his technically complex industrial buildings as well as his energy efficient ‘green offices’ will personally oversee the makeover of the airport, according to the magazine.

The new Maldives airport which incidentally is due to come into service in July this year, was known about at the time of COP15 in November 2009, which reinforces yet again how these warming alarmists constantly lie and skew the facts to meet their political agenda.

Now Nasheed has surfaced again, the sycophantic Green propaganda machine cannot wait to report his every word:

Mohamed Nasheed, a Conservative himself, labels Canada’s withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol and the US Tea Party’s hostility to low carbon policies as examples of “antediluvian denialism” afflicting centre-right parties.

“Over the past few weeks, as the world commemorates Nelson Mandela, an uncomfortable spotlight has been shone on Conservatives who branded the ANC as terrorists in the 1980s,” he says in an article on the UK ConservativeHome website.

“How will today’s crop of Conservative climate refuseniks explain themselves to future generations, in a world made hotter, nasty and poor by global warming?”

It was always inevitable that the death of Mandella would invoke his spirit and liken warming alarmism to the fight against Apartheid which again is just more Greenspin.

Searching Google for Nelson Mandela on global warming returns no results other than warming alarmists laying claim to Mandela’s legacy.

He adds: “There is nothing Conservative about advocating for the destruction of the climate, and thus all we hold dear. This is not a credible Conservative standpoint: it is reckless and extreme.”

While President, Nasheed famously held a cabinet meeting underwater to highlight the impacts climate change is having on rising sea levels and ocean acidification.

No mention of the new airport then?

Lying just 1.5m above the Indian ocean, the Maldives are acutely vulnerable to any changes in sea levels. In the past Nasheed has compared their predicament to Poland’s in 1939, ahead of the invasion by Nazi Germany.

A better analogy would be the Gleiwitz incident that Hitler used to justify the invasion of Poland, that was a calculated lie and deception with rigged evidence, just like Anthropogenic Global Warming.

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