Stupid Is As Stupid Does: UK Guardian – Planet’s Atmosphere Is Half-Full Of Carbon

The UK Guardian had several extra helpings of stupid before plumbing new depths of compostable journalism.

The UK Guardian had several extra helpings of stupid before plumbing new depths of Green junk journalism.

The collapse of the warming alarmist industry continues unabated with one of the last bastions of the dying Climate Fad, the EU, failing to commit economic suicide at a suitably fast pace for environmentalists and Green NGO’s.

The immediate reaction for Liberals and Greens when their aspirations are not fully met and pandered to, is outrage; the problem with outrage is that being an intense emotion it clouds judgement, thinking and writing.

This latest piece from the Head of the Environment (has anyone told Gaia?) Damian Carrington at the Guardian falls in to just that category:

The planet’s atmosphere is half-full of carbon, but the EU’s recession-hit citizens have half-empty pockets: the result was a difficult compromise on emissions cuts and clean energy targets

The latest measured figure for atmospheric CO2 is 395.10 parts per million (ppm), in other words 0.0395% not 50% which is over 1200 times what the observed empirical evidence shows, guess Carrington must be using one of those trusted and respected UN Climate Models.

When atmospheric CO2 briefly hit 400 ppm in April 2013 the Guardian had the usual hysteria fest and warned that we were all going to die, again.

The atmosphere now being half full of Carbon, or should that be half empty? Does beggar the question what happened to the 78% Nitrogen and 21% oxygen that used to comprise 99% of the atmosphere on Planet Earth?


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  1. So has Damian Carrington been visited by the men in little white coats yet?

  2. Some apologists say that he meant capacity of the atmosphere rather than whole atmosphere, but even that is stupid.

  3. Ah, good old Damien Carrington!

    No wonder the Grauniad is going out of business.

    Now they’ve had to peddle Autotrader to pay off HMRC as a result of their off-shore tax scam having gone tits-up (see Guido Fawkes) that’s their lifeline gone for a Burton.

    Sad, the Manchester Guardian was a great broadsheet once, that’s what happens when the PeeCee Left gets its claws into something.

    • It was a slightly great newspaper, eighty years ago, when Malcolm Muggeridge reported magisterially from the soviet union. I think he got sacked, though.

  4. To be fair, maybe they meant “half the Planet is suffering from Carbon”

    …and that would, of course, be the Northern Half – the only half that has shown anything even close to resembling “Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming” for decades.

  5. This is of course proof that we are headed for an ice age. Mars atmosphere is 95% carbon dioxide and the temperature is minus 65 degrees C.

  6. cummon Gdn & ABC Australia are always dramagreening, so no one takes them seriously anymore
    .. they’ve cried wolf too many times

  7. cornwallwindwatch

    Reblogged this on Cornwall Wind Watch and commented:
    What, no pause!? Just straight from 0.04% to 50% wow, a new hockey stick to fear. What should we do!!?

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