The Green Cancer In Government – UK Environment Agency Putting Birds Before Humans

The main railway line between Exeter and Plymouth swings in the wind because the UK Environment Agency could not act to protect the line until it had carried out an impact assessment on local bird life.

The main railway line between Exeter and Plymouth swings in the wind because the UK Environment Agency could not act to protect the line until it had carried out an impact assessment on local bird life.

The stranglehold that environmentalism and being Green has on government departments in the western world has reached epidemic proportions of stupidity, or to put it another way the clowns have taken over the circus.

Much of Britain, and especially the south west has been submerged in flood water for weeks now, the Somerset Levels are not far off of joining Atlantis.

There are many complex and interlinked reasons as to why the floods have been so bad, one of the most significant is the lack of dredging of the rivers which in the case of the Somerset Levels stopped some 25 years ago. Dredging while solving one problem upstream can lead to further problems downstream caused by the increased flow of water as it heads to the sea.

On the never ending news reports from the flooded areas many people have been heard to say that the Environment Agency is putting birds before humans, now a group of Peers has revealed that in a meeting they were told by Environment Agency officials that no steps to protect the only rail link between Exeter and Plymouth could be taken, until an impact assessment had been carried out on the local sea birds.

The Environment Agency has been accused of putting the needs of wildlife before those of humans in its management of storm-hit places like Dawlish in Devon.

Days before the recent winter storms, the agency is said to have told peers that it could not act to protect the railway line at Dawlish from the sea until it had studied the impact of any improvements on local birdlife.

The line at Dawlish was this week severely damaged by the surging sea amid winter storms, leaving much of Devon and Cornwall cut off from the rest of the country by rail.

This highlights the problem that irrespective of the political party you voted for, the Green cancer of environmentalism is all pervasive in departments like the Environment Agency, DEFRA and stupidly named Department of Oxymoron Energy and Climate Change.

Any organization ultimately carries out the will of its leader, in this case a former Labour MP who was made a life peer in 2005, Lord Smith of Finsbury.

Lord Smith is a devout believer in the Green boondoggle of Anthropogenic Global Warming, he had this to say on the Green debacles of Climategate and Glaciergate in 2010:

He said “sloppy and irresponsible” emails sent by scientists from the University of East Anglia in a scandal known as “climategate” was being used by sceptics to cast doubt on the whole argument.

He also said a mistaken claim by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that the Himalayas will melt by 2035, known as “glaciergate”, was being used by critics to suggest that the UN body is not to be trusted.

“Let’s not allow one or two errors to undermine the overwhelming strength of evidence that has been painstakingly accumulated, peer reviewed, tested and tested again, and that shows overwhelmingly that our emissions of greenhouse gases are having a serious impact on the earth’s atmosphere, and that as a result climate change is happening and will accelerate,” he said.

Lord Smith buys into the whole Green dream,  being a socialist he would really, as the Green scam has declined only socialists with their anti capitalist agenda still fervently support AGW .

Lord Smith told The Telegraph: “I do want to both meet local people and see what their experience has been, and I also want to talk to our staff, who have been working flat out for so many weeks, and say a very big thank you to them.”

He wants to see what their experience has been?

Priceless, their homes have been flooded, their lives turned upside down, businesses and livelihoods ruined, months of stress, worry and inconvenience lie ahead and Lord Smith can’t work that out for himself.

Still should make for some interesting television on tomorrow evenings news.

Last month, a group of peers met officials from the Environment Agency to urge more action to protect the main railway line in Devon and Cornwall from the elements.

The peers claim that the agency dismissed their concerns and was more concerned about bird life than protecting the railway.

Lord Berkeley was one of a group of peers who met Paul Leinster, the agency’s chief executive, on January 23.

The officials told the peers that they had plans to shore up the coastline at Dawlish, but would have to take into account the consequences for local birds.

The Environment Agency planned to spend a year studying the potential impact on the local wildlife before even considering protecting the rail line that links Devon and Cornwall with the rest of Britain, hardly doing the job it is supposed to do, protect taxpayers with their tax money.

The impact of Green dogma that everything humans do is evil, has reached epidemic proportions when even a Labour Peer notices it:

Speaking in the House of Lords on Thursday, Lord Berkeley, a Labour peer, questioned the agency’s priorities.

The peer said: “Has the Environment Agency got its priorities right when it comes to dealing with the floods?

“They are going to study the bird movement on the beach over the next year to see whether they can move any sand back there. Are we looking after birds before humans?”

Lord Berkeley is not the only Lord to have noticed the birds before humans agenda of the Environment Agency:

Lord Berkeley’s criticism was echoed by Lord Jenkin of Roding, a Conservative who served in Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet.

He said that the agency’s handling of flooding in Somerset suggested it cares more about wildlife than humans.

He said: “There have been many complaints by the residents of the Somerset Levels that the Environment Agency seems to be prioritising birds over the needs of people. What is the Environment Agency’s answer to that charge, which seems to be very widely felt by the people in the area?”

The time has come to remove the Green cancer from government and the voters and taxpayers should get what they voted for and paid for, an Environment Agency that acts protect the people, their homes and their ability to earn a living.

As Lord Smith has failed to deliver this and prioritized wildlife over people his should be the first of many heads to roll at the Environment Agency.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. I’d also bet it supports the sky is falling drama of global warming?

    From Brin’s Boss!!!


  2. Very strangely….. when it comes to bird chopping wind turbines the greens couldn’t give a damn about the birds!

    • Blast! beat me to it. Actually, they do give a damn, that’s why they connive with the windmill owners to hide the data on bird strikes. The position of the RSPB on this matter is disgusting. When I asked my local RSPB member about the damage to birds of prey, he came up with a study on Dunlin. Classic ask about apples and get offered oranges.

  3. well said, cancer is the word. We waste too much time reacting to their PR machine instead of addressing the huge damage these FAKE Greens have done. Yes fake, cos whereas we all care about the environment we would apply the proper scientific method, these DOGMATISTS driven by emotion first infiltrated and trashed the green movement and have now done the same to the scientific process itself as they exempt their pet causes from proper validation and their CliSci “climate beyond science”whereby they insist their theories the same as certainty. And cos they have usurped the scientific method we end up with green measures which in practice are counterproductive “green measures that are ungreen” . So now they are trashing the environment itself.
    – Proper critical thinking education for all and freedom of speech in the media is the best innoculation againt it. But the cancer have strongly embedded itself in the most powerful of the media where there is no proper governance to hold it to account.

  4. My very next click provides .. Court Evidence #1 of government mired in “Green tape” screwing thing up … from JoNova

    “Thanks to Green schemes Queensland dumps gas for coal” on JoNova Another unintended consequence of policies to control the climate. Who would have guessed? Another unintended consequence of policies to control the climate. Who would have guessed?

  5. The first duty of Government is the protection of the people and their property. I have no idea what lawful authority Lord Smith claims to possess to refuse to protect the environment of the humans who finance his gravy train. To Quote Prince Phillip, “He needs to pull his finger out!”

    In the real world he’d be out on his ear and prosecuted for criminal negligence, resulting in criminal damage to public property,

    • Well it is life, property and then the environment, in that order but now we see the spin on how the environment is being pushed to #1 as they use alarms of it towards life and property indirectly.

  6. Once again another commentator fails to get to the heart of the matter. Yes the EA is infested with green eco-lunatics making the agency not fit for purpose but it is necessary to ask why? To answer that we must look to who really governs this country and so dictates environmental policy, we must look to the EU.

    The EU has issued multiple directives on birds, plants etc but the most significant has been the floods directive of 2007 which mandates that we allow certain floodplains to, well, flood. The EA under Baroness Young and more lately the utterly useless Smith has simply and blindly followed orders.

    We are now treated to the portly Pickles being put in charge and slamming the EA in general and Smith in particular for what they have; and haven’t, done but he will fail to bring about any change of direction. These environmental matters are an EU competency and sadly for the people of the south west the green infested EU calls the shots.

  7. Hey Met office, do you believe in science?
    or just throwing science in the bin ?
    ..shut up
    ..or put up
    .. show us some proper scientific evidence
    ..otherwise you are just damm scaremongering !

  8. oh by the way Don Keiller just posted the met offices Winter forecast
    “in consistance with Climate Change, we forecast extreme wetness”

    “UK December-January-February : This forecast is based on information from observations, several numerical models and expert judgement.”
    “The probability that UK precipitation for December-January-February will fall into the driest of our five categories is around 25% and the probability that it will fall into the wettest category is around 15% ”

    you can’t have your cake and eat it . Forecast one thing and then say your Climate Change model is right cos exactly the opposite happened.

  9. Whereas the question arise how some public servants who do not understand properly their role should and can be fired from their positions.
    For too many public servants their understanding of the role differs much to much to what the society expects them to do – so they do not fit and the results are they follow their own interests or group interest on the public purse.

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