Greenpeace Co-Founder Tells US Senate Earth’s Geologic History Fundamentally Contradicts CO2 Climate Fears


Dr Patrick Moore was one of the co-founders of Green NGO, Greenpeace, for several years Moore was chairman of Greenpeace in Canada, until he became concerned at the political direction Greenpeace was taking, and left the NGO.

Moore is far from popular with his former NGO and other Greens, in January 2012 he spoke about the Green folly of wind power describing it as “a destroyer of wealth and negative to the economy.”

Then in July 2012 Moore caused more Green outrage and upset when he attacked the warming alarmists for their attempts to cover up the lack of warming for what was then 15 years.  “These people are either completely naive about the relationship between CO2 and plants or they are making this up as a way of  deflecting attention from the lack of warming for the past 15 years”, said Moore.

In August that year Moore gave an interview to the Washington Times:

Ideology is negative in so far as it tends to divide people into warring camps with no possible resolution. My late Greenpeace friend Bob Hunter suggested early on that in order for environmentalism to become a mass movement, it would have to be based on ideology, or as he called it “popular mythology,” because “not everybody can be a Ph.D. ecologist.”

On February 25th 2014 Moore appeared before the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, his former NGO really will not like what he had to say:

In 1971, as a PhD student in ecology I joined an activist group in a church basement in Vancouver Canada and sailed on a small boat across the Pacific to protest US Hydrogen bomb testing in Alaska. We became Greenpeace.

After 15 years in the top committee I had to leave as Greenpeace took a sharp turn to the political left, and began to adopt policies that I could not accept from my scientific perspective. Climate change was not an issue when I abandoned Greenpeace, but it certainly is now.

There is no scientific proof that human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) are the dominant cause of the minor warming of the Earth’s atmosphere over the past 100 years. If there were such a proof it would be written down for all to see. No actual proof, as it is understood in science, exists.

Moore then commented on the UN IPCC and their recent AR5 report which has been hailed by warming alarmists as further proof of the extreme likelihood that man has caused global warming:

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states: “It is extremely likely that human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century.” (My emphasis)

“Extremely likely” is not a scientific term but rather a judgment, as in a court of law. The IPCC defines “extremely likely” as a “95-100% probability”. But upon further examination it is clear that these numbers are not the result of any mathematical calculation or statistical analysis. They have been “invented” as a construct within the IPCC report to express “expert judgment”, as determined by the IPCC contributors.

Extremely likely is not a scientific term, that is going to cause upset at the UK Guardian and their 97% consensus propaganda stream where Dana Nuccitelli bases every post on the IPCC’s extremely likely meme.  In reality it will not cause any upset, because in true Green fashion no mention will ever be made of Dr Moore’s testimony to the US Senate.

These judgments are based, almost entirely, on the results of sophisticated computer models designed to predict the future of global climate. As noted by many observers, including Dr. Freeman Dyson of the Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies, a computer model is not a crystal ball. We may think it sophisticated, but we cannot predict the future with a computer model any more than we can make predictions with crystal balls, throwing bones, or by appealing to the Gods.

Computer models are not crystal balls, especially the ones used by the IPCC, these models are incapable of recreating any known events like the Middle Age Warming Period, the Little Ice Age and to date all the predictions of increased planetary temperature have been far higher than those shown by observed empirical evidence.

The computer models are nothing more than modern day versions of the Oracle at Delphi which was said to be infallible by the true believers of Greek times.

Perhaps the simplest way to expose the fallacy of “extreme certainty” is to look at the historical record. With the historical record, we do have some degree of certainty compared to predictions of the future. When modern life evolved over 500 million years ago, CO2 was more than 10 times higher than today, yet life flourished at this time. Then an Ice Age occurred 450 million years ago when CO2 was 10 times higher than today.

There is some correlation, but little evidence, to support a direct causal relationship between CO2 and global temperature through the millennia. The fact that we had both higher temperatures and an ice age at a time when CO2 emissions were 10 times higher than they are today fundamentally contradicts the certainty that human-caused CO2 emissions are the main cause of global warming.

Higher temperatures and an ice age when CO2 emissions were around 4000 ppm, today atmospheric CO2 is 395 ppm, now that is an inconvenient truth for warming alarmist central and not something that you can hockey stick out of the way like the Middle Age Warming Period.

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  2. Yes he spoke simply but positively, WUWT had the transcript today. I think he was in a video too the answer to the Inconvenient truth. That’s now available on the web, as my Civic video copy disappeared.

  3. ”Middle Age Warming Period” was only on part of the northern hemisphere! at that time Australia, Antarctic were not even discovered! ”Guessing” about past phony GLOBAL warmings is the precursor of all evil.

    At that time people were scared to sail more than 30miles west of Portugal, not to fall off the planet; it was BEFORE the most primitive thermometer was invented. It’s all byproduct from past shonky climatologist; when they were not scrutinized as today

    Guess what’s the temp now in your room – then look at the thermometer – you will be wrong by 2-3C – that’s NOW, in your room! former ”climatologist” have being ”guessing” of GLOBAL warmings, because they ”discovered”’ something in England, or some other place…

    the normal laws of physics don’t permit ”warmer” on the whole planet overall for more than a day:

  4. Does any warmist nazi (hey, it was good enough for Roy Spencer PhD) know anything about the earth’s history?

    The following text is from here:

    “Average global temperatures in the Early Carboniferous Period were hot
    – approximately 20° C (68° F). However, cooling during the Middle Carboniferous
    reduced average global temperatures to about 12° C (54° F). As shown on the
    chart below, this is comparable to the average global temperature on Earth

    Similarly, atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Early
    Carboniferous Period were approximately 1500 ppm (parts per million), but by
    the Middle Carboniferous had declined to about 350 ppm — comparable to average
    CO2 concentrations today!

    Earth’s atmosphere today contains about 380 ppm CO2 (0.038%). Compared to
    former geologic times, our present atmosphere, like the Late Carboniferous
    atmosphere, is CO2 impoverished! In the last 600 million years of Earth’s
    history only the Carboniferous Period and our present age, the Quaternary
    Period, have witnessed CO2 levels less than 400 ppm.”

    Now take a look at this image:

    The graph ends in 2001 so here are the latest figures for…

    Global temperature:

    12.7°C (54.8°F) –

    Co2 concentration:

    397.80 ppm –

  5. Patterns emerge from stuff and stuff emerges from patterns. It’s pointless to debate whether stuff is real or not. It’s real all right and it can kill us if we’re not careful. Anthropogenic climate change is not only real but it threatens to destroy us, our civilization and any hope of a decent future for our descendants. Several years ago I was struck by a sudden life-threatening illness and would have died if the practitioners of scientific medicine hadn’t intervened to save my life. Our climate scientists are planetary doctors trying to diagnose and prescribe cures for a global ailment that threatens both our continued survival and that of millions of our fellow species, namely global warming resulting from an exponentially increasing growth of surplus human population and its “economic activity” (= environmental vandalism). My own contribution to this debate has been to propagate through my writing and above all through my art, the idea of voluntary population reduction by means I describe as the four pillars. Namely: suicide, abortion, sodomy and cannibalism. Civilisation is based on altruism and mutual trust. It is undermined by greed, consumerism, and the scientific illiteracy of a large part of the American population. Destroy civilization and you end up with anarchy, savagery, and the rule of pirate bands led by psychopaths. Perhaps that is what you really want? Human beings evolved from chimpanzees. Most of you act as though you just climbed down from your tree yesterday, blinking stupidly in the sunshine while waiting for some authority to tell you what to do and what to think. That’s what priests, politicians and scientifically unqualified “climate change deniers” (=imbeciles) are for. Go back to sleep America. Your country does not need you.

  6. Chris korder take note. We never evolved from Chimpanzees. We are closely related to them regarding DNA, and to pigs too. But we are primates. We branched off 4-5 million years ago and formed archaic homidins the precursors of Homo sapien sapiens, that walked eventually on two legs, and started to use tools and grew larger brains. We can not cut down CO2 mate, we need it and that is what AGW is all about, cutting down something we can’t control that is the central theme of their misguided diatribe. Pollution can be reversed but we can’t control the weather, we cannot control volcanic eruptions that create pollution, earthquakes and tsunamis or floods, cyclones and hurricanes. These natural earthly events do kill us. We don’t want to cool and a 2C increase won’t harm the planet dangerously.. We can not control galactic or solar activities, that can affect our climate and the planet’s position in the universe. But our natural environment has dictated our evolutionary paths and all living organisms. We are naturally an ice planet and the most dangerous thing facing humans, especially in the Northern Hemisphere is another glacial or mini ice age. It has only been in the last 10,000 years that humans have emerged from a hunter, gatherer and fishing economy to an agricultural economy. Just read up on the subject more, most climate alarmists are displaying contempt for industrialized and western cultures hoping that our success in adapting will prove that it is our fault under developed countries are what they are because of climate change? So why don’t you climb the highest tree and see the big picture as it truly is. You are bigoted and short sighted. Have faith in human adaption to take the right path and don’t stress on these alarmist frauds who are out to make financial gain and political powers and Green factions out to change our lives from something that is absolutely untrue.

  7. Thank you el Sabo, they don’t and they also ignore the Medieval Mini Ice Age, when they held Ice fairs on the Thames, and the wine industry failed in UK. But they turned the old grape presses into printing presses. Also considering that during the last glacial period, Japan had no permanent residents, not because they couldn’t get there, but because of the volcanic and seismic activity. Far worse then than now. I see Korda has dropped out of the debate? There are no one so blind than those that won’t see.

  8. Bushbunny, you’re right of course about the chimpanzee thing. Humans did not evolve from chimpanzees. It was a horrible thing to say and I apologize unreservedly to any chimpanzee who may have taken offence at my libelous and untrue statement.

  9. That’s OK Chris, But Seventh Day Adventists and the happy clapper churches, would hate you. I’m sure the chimps would be honored at the genetic connection. But as far as I am concerned thank God for that 1.5% difference, eh?

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