Green Zealots Oppose Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership

Green groups are opposing a trade deal that would improve commerce between the US and the EU that would cut tarrifs and make doing business easier.

Green groups are opposing a trade deal that would improve commerce between the US and the EU which would cut tariffs and make doing business easier.

There is no doubt the entire global Green movement, sometimes called, no make that frequently called the Church of Climatology, are anti progess, anti prosperity and above all anti people. In the words of one their leading experts, Canadian environmentalists David Suzuki humans are merely maggots infesting the planet. Then there are those Greens that want to exterminate 80% – 90% of the human race to save the planet.

So it is no surprise, no make that boringly predictable that Gaia’s disciples are up in arms about the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP), which is an agreement between the worlds two largest trading blocs, the US and the EU. Talks had stalled but recently have restarted and an agreement between the two trading partners is looking to be on the cards.

So how would the EU benefit from TTIP?

Because the EU-US trade relationship is already the biggest in the world – every day we trade goods and services worth €2 billion, every trade barrier we remove could result in significant economic gains.

An independent report suggests that an ambitious agreement could result in millions of euros of savings to companies and create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

It’s expected that every year an average European household would gain €545, as our economy would be boosted by 0.5% of GDP, or €120 billion annually, once fully implemented.

The extra economic growth will benefit everyone; boosting trade is a good way of boosting our economies by creating increased demand and supply without having to increase public spending or borrowing.


The agreement would also cover so-called barriers behind the customs borders, for example with type approval for cars, alignment of technical regulations and is looking to open the markets for services and public procurement.

The Greens with their deep and lasting love of centralized control, probably got as far as “without having to increase public spending or borrowing” before the toys and the pram parted company and the shrill harpie like cries of righteous indignation headed for the inevitable crescendo of Green Armageddon.

The Greens continually lie about Anthropogenic Global Warming, denigrate those that disagree with their views as deniers, a direct slur to be linked with holocaust denial so it follows they will lie about TTIP because it is one more nail in the coffin of their dream of the return to the drudge and misery of the agrarian society.

Green groups on both sides of the ocean have expressed fears this could mean watering down environmental safeguards and increasing fossil fuel consumption.

A national day of action is planned for Saturday 12 July in the UK to highlight concerns with the TTIP ahead of further negotiations in Brussels next week. This will include a protest outside the business department building in London.

The UK Green Party, which supports the protests, said the TTIP was a “corporate power grab” that “must be stopped”.

Keith Taylor MEP said: “Though huge chunks of this trade deal are shrouded in secrecy what we do know is that TTIP poses a very real threat to the quality of life of people in the UK.

“This deal, favoured by multinationals, threatens to slash regulations that protect our environment and health. But, most worryingly, it represents a serious threat to democracy in our country.”

Greens talking about democracy, now there is the world’s largest oxymoron, frequently Green NGOs and Climate Crusaders have called for a temporary suspension of democracy so they can save us from our industrialized and prosperous society.

Any form of prosperity or progress must also be a conspiracy where evil capitalists gather behind closed doors to plot further oppression of the masses, though the TTIP website paints a different picture of the attendees at the next round to talks to be hosted by that famous multinational company the EU Commission:

During this round, negotiators will continue their discussions on issues such as trade in goods and services, regulatory issues, government procurement, environmental protection and labour rights, energy and raw materials, and opportunities for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

As in previous rounds, EU and US negotiators will also spend a day with representatives of industry, non-governmental organisations, consumer groups, trade unions, professional bodies, and other civil society groups. Our teams will listen to their views and update them on the status of the negotiations.

Gaia’s followers fear that an agreement would make it easier to import cheap oil and gas from the US, a hot topic for Europe with Putin’s colonial adventures in the Ukraine threatening supplies of Russian natural gas to certain EU countries.

Natacha Cingotti, campaigner for Friends of the Earth Europe, said: “This leaked proposal further confirms our concerns that, while the public is being kept in the dark, the EU-US trade deal is being used to trade away regulations that protect us from dangerous climate change…

Actually the public want affordable energy to heat their homes, run their cars and not have their elderly relatives die of hypothermia in winter, because they are terrified of the cost of energy which has been significantly increased, by hugely inflated Green renewable energy taxes to line the pockets of rent seekers and Green crony capitalists.

In a new development it appears that us evil AGW non believers now deny that Planet Earth actually has a climate:

Steve Kretzmann, executive director of Oil Change International, called the proposals “climate denial, pure and simple”. German-based Power Shift executive director Peter Fuchs said communities and the environment would suffer.

As their AGW scam continues its long and slow death spiral so the insults like “Denier” and “Climate Denial” sound more like children bickering in the school yard, and less like a reasoned argument to support their irrational fear of CO2.

One thing you can give the Greens, they never know when to quit, like with references to democracy and unelected officals:

Protestors’ concerns around the treaty have been compounded by a perceived lack of transparency around the negotiations, which are led by unelected officials.

How many people involved in the laughably named Climate Negotiations are actually elected?

The answer of course is one big fat zero. They are all political appointees from US negotiator Todd Stern to EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard, yet you do not hear a single chirp of protest from the Greens about these people  being unelected.

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