UK David Cameron Culls Greens From Government

UK Prime minister David Cameron's days of bothering huskies are over. He may still have a wind turbine on the roof of his house.

UK Prime minister David Cameron’s days of bothering huskies are over.

The year is 2007 and the whole world is in the grip of global warming fear, the Anthropogenic Global Warming boondoggle has almost reached its high water mark and every slimy, self serving politician across the globe is scrambling to be Green.

What is perceived to be vote winning Green tokenism runs amok, so much so that in the UK opposition leader David Cameron has a small wind turbine installed on the side of his house so the whole world can be assured of his Green credentials. This was short lived display of Dave’s Green credentials as the builders put the turbine in the wrong place and breached the planning consent as Cameron’s home is in a conservation area, it is difficult not to laugh when a stunt blows up in a politicians face.

The problem faced by all those politicians that were conned by the junk science of the warming alarmists is how to distance themselves from something voters across the western world no longer buy in to, or even worry about anymore.

No politician is ever going to hold up their hand and say “I was wrong“, instead Green issues are quietly dropped from the Agenda and the heretical voices of the non believers in Climate Religion start to be heard.

In a major Cabinet reshuffle in preparation for the forthcoming General Election, Cameron has quietly culled the believers in Climate Religion from the Government, and as to be expected the UK Guardian is outraged:

The new set of Conservative environment and energy ministers announced on Tuesday bring a track record of opposing renewable energy, having fought against wind and solar farms, enthusiastically backed fracking and argued that green subsidies damage the economy.

Matthew Hancock the new energy minister, was one of the signatories to the letter sent to Cameron by 100 of his MPs demanding that Green taxation for bird choppers be slashed.

New energy minister, Matthew Hancock, signed a letter to David Cameron in 2012 demanding that subsidies for onshore wind farms were slashed.“I support renewable energy but we need to do it in a way that gives the most value for money and that does not destroy our natural environment,” he said at the time.

Hancock, who takes over from Michael Fallon, also opposed new turbines in his Suffolk constituency, arguing: “The visual and other impact of the proposed turbines is completely unacceptable in this attractive rural corner of Suffolk.”

New environment secretary Liz Truss, who once perpetrated the heinous crime of working for Shell has already said that renewables are too expensive and damage the economy.

New environment secretary and former Shell employee, Liz Truss, dismissed clean renewable energy as “extremely expensive” and said it was damaging the economy during an appearance on BBC Question Time last October.

“We do need to look at the green taxes because at the moment they are incentivising particular forms of energy that are extremely expensive,” she said. “I would like to see the rolling back of green taxes because it is wrong that we are implementing green taxes faster than other countries. We may be potentially exporting jobs out of the country as our energy is so expensive.”

As far back as 2009 Truss could see that Green subsidies caused energy poverty and loss of jobs:

In 2009, as deputy director of the free-market think-tank Reform, Truss said energy infrastructure in Britain was being damaged by politicians’ obsession with green technology: “Vast amounts of taxpayers’ money are being spent subsidising uneconomic activity,” she said. Research from the London School of Economics recently concluded that green policies were not harming economic growth.

No surprises that a left leaning organization like the LSE that believes in Man Made Global Warming would find that renewable energy subsidies were not harmful.

Truss it appears is an enthusiastic supporter of fracking:

Truss will have a key role in regulating the environmental safety of shale gas exploration and has said fracking would benefit people living nearby. “We need to make sure shale gas is being exploited in this country, which will benefit local communities,” she said on BBC Question Time.

There is room for cautious optimism that the circus is being taken back from the clowns, if Cameron is serious about the Green rollback in the UK then renaming the Department Of Energy and Climate Change, the Department of Energy as it once was, would go along way to show the nightmare of the Green insanity is nearly over.


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  1. Spot on. May be hailed as a soft shoe shuffle but DC is lining the Limp Dims up to take the bullet for the green fiasco.

  2. Looks like DC is just trying to save his own backside again by trying to align with what he thinks is the general consensus, how wrong he is. There is no green fiasco, there is however bankers fiasco, fracking fiasco, nuclear subsidy fiasco, the list far outweighs any ‘green’ fiasco as you see it unfortunately.

  3. cornwallwindwatch

    Reblogged this on Cornwall Wind Watch and commented:
    LDs going to be thrown under the green bus!? Interesting rumbles from some of their really pro-wind lot here and getting involved with complaints, perhaps they have grasped this concept!

  4. So if Cameron is getting rid of the green loons then why did he sack Owen Paterson? Paterson is by far the best environment secretary we have had in a long time and now he’s been sacked and; no longer constrained by the boy Cameron, he’ll speak out. Paterson is to deliver the annual lecture the Global Warming Policy Foundation, reach for the popcorn.

  5. Well – I think Mr Cameron is now thinking about severing the immigration arrangements with the EU. That should save a few billion a year? With an election next year, is that right. Should be interesting eh?

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