Green NGOs Reject The Green Economy And Carbon Taxes

A UN sponsored climate conference in Venezuela has badly wrong for Big Green when it ended with a declaration to dump carbon taxation and the Green economy.

A UN sponsored climate conference in Venezuela has gone badly wrong for Big Green when it ended with a declaration to dump carbon taxation and the Green economy.

These are strange times we are living through, a Green scam that once held sway over nearly all world leaders is dying, kept alive on by Green rent seekers, crony capitalists and the Greens who want to tell us all how to live our lives, their way.

Things that were unthinkable, heretical even only 2 years ago are now happening, Australia has dumped it’s wealth and job killing Green Carbon Tax.

The global Green outcry was deafening, reminiscent of 16th Century religious fervor where once the mob cried “Heretic“, “Witch” and “Denier” , er come to think of it the Green mob still cry “Denier.” During the 500 years or so that have elapsed since the 16th Century the mob have progressed to adding “Climate” as in “Climate Denier“, someone who denies there is a climate, makes about as much sense as the whole AGW boondoggle.

This latest embarrassment for the UN and Big Green comes from within, and this they most definitely will not have seen coming:

A UN-backed conference in Venezuela has ended with a declaration to scrap carbon markets and reject the green economy.

The Margarita Declaration was issued at the end of a four-day meeting of around 130 green activist groups, which the Venezuelan government hosted in order to raise the volume of civil society demands in UN discussions on climate change.

So the Green NGOs are going to embrace a fossil fuel driven free market economy on the Western model?

The structural causes of climate change are linked to the current capitalist hegemonic system,” the final declaration said. “To combat climate change it is necessary to change the system.

Communism it is then.

No surprises really, this Venezuela, once the fiefdom of the late and unlamented Hugo Chavez, the man whose reference to “the silent and terrible ghost in the room” at the failed UNFCCC COP15 was direct reference of capitalism and democracy. Sadly for the people of Venezuela the current socialist government is carrying on the legacy of Chavez.

The meeting, called the Social Pre-COP, is the first time that civil society has been invited to participate with the UN at this scale at international climate talks.

Groups who participated in the meeting include WWF, CAN International, Third World Network and Christian Aid.

In fairness there were a number of Green NGOs that stayed away from the meeting:

He added that most of the Venezuelan groups present at the meeting were supportive of the government’s position, in contrast to the 34 Venezuelan NGOs who rejected their invitation to the gathering, due to concerns that it would provide an opportunity for the government to push their socialist agenda.

The head of the UNFCCC Christiana Figueres is a long time Chavez protege, socialist thinker and deeply against Democracy.

In a statement in March 2014 Figueres said “democracy is a poor political system for fighting global warming. Communist China is the best model

Some sections of Big Green realize that this declaration is a major PR disaster and are trying to downplay it as a fringe minority, but a fringe minority it is not, especially when the head of the UNFCCC is wholly aligned with “Chinese Democracy“.

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  1. Furor Teutonicus

    XX conference in Venezuela has badly wrong for Big Green XX

    Would it be possible to write that in something at least SIMILAR to ENGLISH grammar?

  2. ‘Watermelons’ by James Delingpole. Green on the surface, but red inside.

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