UK Cuts Climate Diplomacy Budget By 39%

US Secretary of State John Kerry and former UK Foreign Secretary William Hague both believe that AGW is 95% human caused, yet during Hague's tenure climate diplomacy funding was cut by 39%

US Secretary of State John Kerry and former UK Foreign Secretary William Hague both believe that AGW is 95% human caused, yet during Hague’s tenure climate diplomacy funding was cut by 39%

This latest piece of news for Big Green is going to cause “unprecedented” levels of Green outrage and wailing, already at record levels over Australia dumping its Green carbon tax.

Now it transpire the UK has dared to cut its budget for promoting climate religion overseas by 39%, and to make matters worse, all this took place while a believer in the cult of man made climate change was Foreign Secretary.

The Greens, rent seekers and crony capitalists, sometimes called the Green Blob are shocked that these drastic cuts will shatter the UK’s image as a global leader in the fight against the non existent problem of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

One of the memes continually pushed by the warming alarmist industry is the old Liberal/Socialist myth of leading by example, we will lead the way and the rest of the population will follow inspired by the moral superiority and nobleness of our cause.

The only problem with the leading way theory is no one follows, after years of leading the way in January 2014 it dawned on European Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger that:

“It is becoming increasingly questionable whether our pioneering activities can be financed when the rest of the world does not follow suit

If further proof were needed then look and see how many countries followed Australia by implementing a carbon tax, that will be a big fat zero then.

One of the most interesting aspects of the disintegration of the AGW scam is watching politicians who less than 10 years ago were hugging huskies, bothering bunnies and consulting their proctologists about having a wind turbine installed. They lack the backbone to actually say the game is up, so instead they do one thing publicly and do something completely different behind the scenes and hope people will forget.

Good luck with that, the Google cache will haunt politicians for years to come.

Take for example former UK Foreign Secretary and warming alarmist William Hague:

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) cut spending on its core climate change activities by 39% over the past three years.

This reduces the UK’s capacity to influence other countries’ positions on climate action in the run-up to the global deal expected in 2015.

Newly appointed foreign secretary Philip Hammond is seen as less interested in climate change than his predecessor William Hague, meaning the trend is likely to continue.

According to Tom Burke former Senior Advisor to the Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative on Climate Change from 2006-12 and chairman of E3G:

said the government “has cut its capacity to get a better deal for the world in half”.

“Until 2010, the UK government was playing a leading role in shaping the global debate on climate change. There was a growing awareness of the importance of climate change as a core national interest,” said Burke.

“Since 2010, the foreign office’s role in that has been cut.”

Not to mention reducing the chances of E3G getting their hands on more taxpayers money, Green crony capitalism in action yet again.

Between 2011/12 and 2013/14, spending on activity related to climate change, the low carbon economy and energy security fell 28%, from £22 million to £16 million. The figures do not include staff costs and overheads.

There has also been a major shift in spending priorities for the reduced budgets:

Spending on “energy/resource security” projects increased by 11% at the same time as “climate change” projects faced a 39% cut.

The death of the AGW is going to be a long slow, death by a 1000 cuts as other mollusc like politicians slash away bit by bit at the now embarrassing Green edifice they were once so eager to create.


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  1. So this is how it ends, not with a bang with a whimper.

  2. Yes I agree. But OT here, I have not received any emails from this site, nor Jo Nova nor WUWT, they stopped about late August. I had a swarm of spyware like 28 and Trend Micro have blocked them now. It is hard to know from their reports which websites or where the spyware was generated from. I do believe, that is why I have not received any emails from you or the others. I am investigating. Strange only climate change skeptical sites were blocked if that is the case. I use my same avatar on other blogs, besides yours and some are posters are from Africa.

  3. Better tell our environment minister Greg Hunt, he’s still following the IPCC.

  4. Australia will give 200 million to the UN Green fund, but with a proviso that it is spent in our region of the world ie. SE Asia. No where else. We took it out of the aid program. Fair enough. They also said that China is no longer a developing country. It has the largest economy in the world. Well I agree with that. Kills two birds with one stone. Certainly better than 600 million. The 200 million is over 4 years.

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