Environmentalists – Airline Ticket Prices Need To Soar To Drive Down Demand

Latest Green environmental report on flying says ticket prices will need to rise sharply to drive down demand to reduce CO2 emissions.

Latest Green environmental report on flying says ticket prices will need to rise sharply to drive down demand to reduce CO2 emissions.

The environmentalists are back on the air travel theme again, a couple of years after the EU’s failed attempt to introduce a flying tax crashed and burned.

This latest report from the University of Southampton is a classic Green works with the usual suppositions, assumptions, massaged data and the final appeal to authority to enforce the reports findings.

Any campaign be it political or military, depends upon winning the hearts and minds of those you seek to join with you, it is one of the blessings of the human condition that authoritarians have through out history failed to grasp this important point.

Make no mistake about it, Greens and environmentalists are all about authority, they continually want their belief system enforced upon the rest of the population by taxation or law, frequently both.

Researchers warn that the cost of airline tickets will need to rise steadily to decrease demand and counteract the effects of aviation’s growing carbon emissions.

The aviation industry insists that it is making only a tiny contribution to global warming, with just 2% of global carbon dioxide emissions coming from its aircraft.

The problem say the researchers from the pro warming alarmist University of Southampton is that the number of flights is likely to double by 2031 and that will negate any CO2 emissions cuts made else where.

“There is little doubt that increasing demand for air travel will continue for the foreseeable future,” says co-author and travel expert Professor John Preston. “As a result, civil aviation is going to become an increasingly significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.”

The authors have calculated that the ticket price increase needed to drive down demand would value CO2 emissions at up to 100 times the amount of current valuations.

In actual price terms this would mean an annual increase in airline ticket price of 1.4% every year, not a popular move with the countless millions across the world who fly to a foreign country for the annual vacation.

The people behind the report of course know this, the memory of the failed EU flying tax is still fresh in their minds, but worry not they have a solution for this:

However, because any move to suppress demand is likely to be resisted by the airline industry and by governments, the researchers say that a global regulator “with teeth” is urgently needed to enforce CO2 emission cuts.

“Some mitigation measures can be left to the aviation sector to resolve,” says Professor Ian Williams, the head of the Centre for Environmental Science at the university, “For example, the industry will continue to seek improvements to fuel efficiency as this will reduce costs.

“However, other essential measures, such as securing international agreements, setting action plans, regulations and carbon standards, will require political leadership at a global level.”

The ever present appeal to authority for yet another undemocratic, unelected UN cabal to rule over our lives.

The report does get one thing right:

Making flying more expensive will have immense economic and social consequences − if it can be achieved.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. http://toryaardvark.com @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. catweazle666

    Tell ’em to fcuk off.

  2. We certainly wouldn’t want the great “unwashed masses” to be able to afford to fly. Only the elite should have the privilege of such things….Environmentalist green exterior is disappearing, and the red is becoming obvious.

  3. ” However, because any move to suppress demand is likely to be resisted by the airline industry and by governments …”

    I’d be more worried about the peasants and our pitchforks.

  4. Robert the Biker

    Ooooh yes, because it would be terrible if a peasant such as myself could work for Linde in Germany and still commute weekly back home to London! Far better if I was on the dole with my ‘betters’ looking out for me.

  5. Dear Mr Aardvark,

    Why don’t you come to the University of Southampton to meet the authors. We’d be happy to debate the science with you. Please don’t forget that the research you refer to has been through an international peer-review process. Do you get international experts to check everything you say on your blog?

    Ian Williams

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