India Snubs Ban Ki-moon Climate Summit

India's new Prime Minister Narendra Modi has caused Green outrage by snubbing UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's Climate Summit.

India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi has caused Green outrage by snubbing UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s Climate Summit which is to be held in September.

The ages old trick of tell a big enough lie, tell the lie often enough and people will believe it,  is being done to death on social media by Big Green and the warming alarmist machine in the run up to COP21 in December 2015.

COP21 is going to be held in Paris and according to the Green narrative the world is going to sign a legally binding deal to cut emissions and we will all live happily ever after in a world with a climate of our own choosing.

Every old Green scare story from drowning polar bears to ice free poles by (insert a year far enough into the future so it irrelevant) is being dragged out, dusted off, given a new coat of Green turd polish and broadcast as the truth.

Running in tandem with the Green lie machine is the Green wish projection and straw grabbing machine, looking to find anything that shows there is still some political support somewhere, in the world for their junk science and political agenda.

Take for example the election of India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi in May 2014:

Modi’s stint as chief minister in the Indian state of Gujarat provides something of a backstory to what can be expected from him now that he has the whole of India in his hands.

Under his governance, Gujarat became India’s leader in solar energy, pre-empting the national government by releasing its own solar policy in 2009, a year before the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission was issued.

Of the 1000+ MW installed in the country over the period 2010-2012, over 70% of this belonged to Gujarat. Modi also launched Asia’s first ever government department dedicated to climate change, and even followed in the footsteps of Al Gore, becoming the second politician to pen a book on global warming.

On the face of it Modi does look to be the sort of politician that the ecomentalists dream of, but, and the but is a biggie, Modi is a politician with all that entails.

Something that the Greens have failed to grasp is political expediency, there was a time when the fad of Anthropogenic Global Warming was sort of a vote winner, so politicians the world over, jumped on the Green bandwagon, those days have now passed and the rats are jumping ship.

As always, with any religion or fad, there are those that are so bound to the unproven theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming that all they can do is to keep pushing the meme, because to do anything else would finish off their politically credibility for all time, dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t.

Hence in September in another attempt to keep Agenda 21 alive UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon is hosting a climate summit for world leaders in New York.

The Green hopes for Modi did not last long, within 2 months of his government coming to power the Green doubts about Modi were starting to surface:

India’s new government stands accused of scrapping policies aimed at protecting the environment, two months ahead of a major UN climate summit to be hosted by Ban Ki-moon

It is not only Green regulations that are being targeted since Modi came to power, the Indian government is cracking down on the activities of internationally funded Green NGOs:

In the latest twist, India’s internal intelligence agency labelled Greenpeace a “threat to national economic security” and blamed the NGO for “creating obstacles” to energy plans.

As the Greens are quick to point out India is the third largest emitter of CO2, and it’s CO2 emissions are only going to increase as the country develops and modernizes and brings electricity to the 500 million Indians who currently have none.

India prime minister Narendra Modi is unlikely to attend Ban Ki-moon’s high level climate summit in New York on September 23, according to reports from Delhi.

The meeting at UN headquarters, announced in 2012, is intended to raise the level of awareness among heads of state and business of the threats posed by global warming.

Modi’s absence will be seen as a serious snub to Ban and the UN process. India is the world’s third largest greenhouse gas emitter, and has a key role in talks on developing a global response.

Surely there must be some really pressing business of state to keep Modi from attending Ban ki-moon’s cabal?

Modi’s advisors are concerned that if he attended the meeting, “he would have nothing to do” until a scheduled summit with US President Obama in Washington on September 30.

One thing is for sure Modi is not the only world leader who won’t attend Ban ki-moon’s climate summit, given the current breakdown of relations between Russia and the rest of the world over Ukraine the chances of Vladamir Putin attending have to be very small.


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  1. Science has confirmed that humans are causing global warming and climate change. It is a fact and no more a theory and should be made a law. You say that it has not been proved. That is your opinion not a fact. And we really dont care about opinions in the face of facts.

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