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The Brave New Green Future – Flying Wind Turbines

The latest doomed Green wet dream, flying wind turbines

The latest doomed Green wet dream, flying wind turbines

If this were April 1st you would be forgiven for thinking this an April fool story, well to be frank it is a fool story, but more of a Green fool story than anything else.

The greatest Green minds of a generation have been snorting way too much Pixie dust, again, and with their rose tinted safety goggles on, have come up with probably their most stupid idea yet, flying wind turbines.

The plan is to have flocks(??) of wind turbines flying over a mile high above the ground, connected to a ground station via a cable, what could possibly go wrong, or even right come to that?: Read the rest of this entry

Wind Turbines – The Cash Machine That Keeps Paying Out

Wind and solar energy cannot exist without the lifeblood of subsidy,  or Green taxation to call it by the correct name.

The subsidies paid to wind farm operators are ludicrous at best, not only are the subsidies inflation linked, but this is the real stupidity, wind farm operators are also paid to not generate electricity, typically because there is no demand for the electricity the wind farms are generating.

The sums of money available to a wind turbine operator over a 20 year period are astronomical: Read the rest of this entry

Dutch Report – Wind Turbines Are Not Fit For Purpose

European Physical Society “Decisions to install large-scale wind-powered electricity generation are based more on the expectation to save significant amounts of fossil fuel and CO2 emission than on any evidence that this is indeed the case”.

One of the corner stones of the Green Dream was renewable energy, based on a child like thought process that energy generated by the wind is free, and as, no fossil fuels are used in the generation process, none of that frighteningly scary trace gas CO2 would be produced, so the non existent threat of Anthropogenic Global Warming would be averted and a Green economy would grow based on cheap Green energy.

The same child like simplicity of thought was also applied to solar energy with posters proclaiming “if every home in Britain had a solar panel on its roof we could generate all the electricity we need”, a complete and utter fantasy of course, but to the Green zealot who never thinks anything through to its logical conclusion these poster  statements become both a mantra and central to their core belief system.

The hardcore reality is that the sun does not always shine, and the wind does not always blow at the correct speed to allow the bird choppers to function, so like it or not, there always has to be a conventional power station on standby, ready to instantly pick up the demand that renewables are usually unable to generate sufficient electricity to meet. Read the rest of this entry

The Guardian Lies About Bird Deaths & Wind Turbines

According to the Guardian raptors avoid wind farms, so they use this picture of red kites flying around bird choppers to illustrate their point

The hypocrisy of the Green movement is legend, the turning of a blind eye to an inconvenient  truth,  a way of life for the ecomentalist who will stop at nothing, and sacrifice anybody, or animal to achieve the Green dream.

One of their most loathsome forms of hypocrisy is the death of protected bird species, which they are supposed to care for, by wind turbines which is what they really care about.

The US government is issuing licences to kill for Green energy companies, while prosecuting anyone else that kills a protected bird.

The California Condor is under serious threat from wind farms, the Golden Eagle is being decimated and could well be extinct very soon, and in Spain bird choppers kill between 6 – 18 million birds and bats every  year.

Wind Farms are piting Green activist against Green activist  in the US where one bunch of Greens are using the legal system to shutdown the other Greens, Green energy wet dream to stop the bird chopppers, chopping birds.

Anyway there is nothing to worry about, because according to Leo Hickman in a post entitled Wind myths: Turbines kill birds and bats none of this happening: Read the rest of this entry

Unreliable, Costly & Pointless Wind Turbines To Destroy Battle of Naseby Site

1645 Battle of Naseby, the outcome lead to the modern Parliamentary system Britain has today

A report by economist Ruth Lea has found what many people have been saying for years now, wind power is unreliable and costs many times more than electricity generated by coal and gas fired power stations.

There is something deeply wrong about a system that pays turbine operators millions of pounds to not generate electricity when people and business are struggling with ever rising energy costs.

The insanity continues as a decision to stop a wind farm being built that  overlooks  the site of the Battle of Naseby has been overturned despite officials acknowledging that the turbines will impact heavily on the historic site. Read the rest of this entry

Britain 3421 Wind Turbines Installed, 1500 Accidents In 5 Years

Another bonfire on a stick as a wind turbine burns from gearbox failure

Chris Huhne and the renewables industry have long been playing the nothing to see here game whenever there is a wind turbine collapse, fire or accident.

By their own admission the renewables industry is very cagey about the sacred bird chopper, the recent disintegration of a wind turbine in a mere 50 mph wind earlier this month highlighted the problem that these useless blots on the landscape have, their gearboxes and lubricant are not fit for purpose.

One nation, the Dutch who really know about windmills have abandoned wind power for all the usual reasons expense and reliability, yet in Britain the madness of Chris Huhne continues unabated with plans for 30,000 additional bird choppers costing £2 million each, a total cost of £60,000,000,000 that will require 100% backup from existing power stations using fossil fuels.

£60 billion for something that works at just 25% efficiency, it gets worse 44% of bird choppers have been involved in accidents or incidents in just 5 years: Read the rest of this entry

Why Wind Turbines Explode

During the recent storms that hit Scotland a £2 million 328 foot tall wind turbine exploded and rained shrapnel and fire on the surrounding area, all caused by  a 50mph wind.

As usual the so called “Renewable Energy” experts are calling it a freak accident with only a 1% chance of the accident happening.

There are 2 serious problems that afflict wind turbines, blade failure and gearbox failure, the latter failure usually results in the wind turbine catching fire; it is a problem that the renewables industry has long been  aware of: Read the rest of this entry

14000 Abandoned Wind Turbines In The USA

Abandoned wind farm at South Point Hawaii

There are many hidden truths about the world of wind turbines from the pollution and environmental damage caused in China by manufacturing bird choppers, the blight on people’s lives of noise and the flicker factor and the countless numbers of birds that are killed each year by these blots on the landscape.

The symbol of Green renewable energy, our saviour from the non existent problem of Global Warming, abandoned wind farms are starting to litter the planet as globally governments cut the subsidies taxes that consumers pay for the privilege of having a very expensive power source that does not work every day for various reasons like it’s too cold or  the wind speed is too high.

The US experience with wind farms has left over 14,000 wind turbines abandoned and slowly decaying, in most instances the turbines are just left as symbols of a dying Climate Religion, nowhere have the Green Environmentalists appeared to clear up their mess or even complain about the abandoned wind farms.

The US has had wind farms since 1981: Read the rest of this entry

Wind Turbines – Apparently The Isle Of Wight Has It’s Own Climate

Plans to build a wind farm of 3 125 metre tall bird choppers on Cheverton Down on the Isle of Wight have been rejected on appeal

Yet another planning application for wind turbines has been rejected, this time on appeal.

REG power had wanted to build 3 of the 125 metre tall bird choppers on Cheverton Down, an area of outstanding natural beauty on the Isle of Wight.

On Tuesday national planning inspector John Woolcock announced he had dismissed the appeal: Read the rest of this entry

Wind Turbines – Now They Are A Threat To National Security

Wind Farms don't work, ruin people's lives, slaughter birds and now threaten National Security

The Wind Farm, the single most useless form of reliable electricity generation yet invented, and the second most expensive for consumers after biomass.

Wind Turbines blight lives, ruin landscapes and slaughter protected birds with impunity, now these symbols of Climate Religion pose a threat to National Security: Read the rest of this entry