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BBC – More Biased Left Wing Clap Trap

BBC -"Janet Solomons says the loss of the allowance would be devastating for her son"

As a nation, I believe that on the whole, we British are a caring nation.

I also believe that the Government have a responsibility to the parents and carers of disabled people to provide these people with the support that is needed for them to have a happy and fulfilled life.

I believe that the Government are of this mind too. I do not believe that the Government are making it their goal to strip genuinely disabled people of the means by which they support themselves or have care given. Read the rest of this entry

An Open Letter To The Whingeing Left

Well, what a day… debating on Twitter with all manner of Lefties. From moaning about the Coalition Government reforming Welfare and defending the fact that Disability Living Allowance will still be available to apply for, and even in some cases, just like under the previous Labour Government, you could be refused, and you could still appeal.

There were students and activists whining about cuts to EMA and University Fees.

I even read an open letter to some Government Minister moaning about something or other being cut. Then they were moans about VAT being increased to 20% (incidentally bringing us closer to other European Union Member states. I will think more on this one).

Oooh, and I forgot to mention the scaremongering about the NHS. Read the rest of this entry

The Real Cost of EU Climate Religion To British Families

Yesterday my heating stopped working.  After kicking the boiler several times and twiddling with several knobs, I put on more socks and 2 more jumpers and hoped it would start working by itself.  It wasn’t as painful as it sounds, because I was sat on the floor in the kitchen which has under floor heating which was working.  Anyway, it did start working by itself which pleased me greatly.

Then I read something that someone had tweeted on twitter.  The basic premise of the tweet was that unemployed people, like pensioners, should get a cold weather fuel payment.  Although I fundamentally disagree with this, I think maybe disabled people should be considered for one, but I digress. 

What I did start considering was the cost of fuel. Read the rest of this entry