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The Re-elected Obama Fails His First Green Test

Barry Obama has signed a law that prohibits US airlines from taking part in the EU emissions trading scheme’s Green Flying Tax, which is a big disappointment to all those Greens naive enough to believe Obama would be the Great Green Messiah in his second term

The Greens and environmentalists were expecting great Green things from Obama in his second term, especially after he mentioned Climate Change in his victory speech.

The problem is there can often be a huge gap between expectations and actuality: Read the rest of this entry


Obama’s Green Energy Failures

It is always a mistake when governments try to create markets they believe should exist, and using tax payers money the politicians create businesses that are not economically viable without huge tax payer funded subsidies. Usually launched amid a fanfare of this stimulus will create trillions of jobs, earn gazillions in export revenues for the country and create a whole new economy, these white elephants of crony capitalism burn bright all too briefly, before crashing hard and terminally.

The Green Dream of the low carbon economy has proved once again that governments cannot create markets for which commercial reality does not exist, the US House of Representatives in a report on global green jobs concluded that there were no such things as lasting Green jobs.

Green investments have proved just as useless, shares in wind turbine manufacturer Vestas in 2008 cost 698 Danish Kroner, today they are worth just 35 kroner, a fall of 95%. Read the rest of this entry

Obama Voter Speaks – Vote Obamaphone

A Democrat voter speaks at a demonstration against Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney in Bedford Ohio, apparently Romney sucks,  although the articulate Obama supporter does not tell us why.

She does however say very clearly that if you are sucking the country dry on social security benefits, Barry Obama will give you a Obama phone and that is the reason she will vote for Obama on November 6th.

Nothing like keeping the dependent, dependent Read the rest of this entry

Barack Hussein Obama The One Term President

Barry Soetoro's Marxist experiment has made 66% of Americans conservatives

Barry Soetoro Barack Obama’s future is not looking bright as America rapidly tires of the Socialist/Marxist Big Government experiment of Obama’s regime.

Elected on tide of false hopes, lies and socialist knee jerk sound bytes the future looked bright for Barry Obozo, yet within just 2 years Obama managed to reverse the American Dream when he went from hero to zero and the downhill slide in approval has continued unabated ever since.

Obama recently passed the 1000 days in power 1000 Days Of Failure milestone and despite a record low in approval rating of -22%, the descent into the underworld of electoral oblivion continues: Read the rest of this entry

Barack Obama – 1000 Days Of Failure

In JFK's first 1000 days he started the Space Program, Obama in his first 1000 days cancelled it

Barry Obama has been in power for 1000 days now, 1000 days of incompetence, crony capitalism and abject failure, with Obama’s approval ratings slightly lower than snake shit and the 2012 Presidential Election looming, the brave new world that Obama offered is being compared with the Camelot of JFK.

Now widely regarded as a single term president of less competence than Jimmy Carter, Obama is resorting to the time honoured Socialist tactics of class warfare, the politics of envy and much playing of the racism card.

So bad is Obama’s position that his supporters even setup Attack Watch so that people could inform on those that say derogatory things about “Dear Leader” Obama. Attack Watch was a resounding failure with people reporting their dogs for having anti Obama thoughts, the butt of endless humour and parodies Attack Watch lasted only a few days, before hiding behind the registration form that now appears. Read the rest of this entry

Obama – Texas Is On Fire Becuase Perry Is A Climate Change Denier

Obama and Gore discuss settled science

Obama is toast in 2012 even the Democrats are starting to think Obama, to use his own words to describe Gordon Brown’s  regime in Britain, has the “smell of death” about him.

There is little that Obama can use as his record of success as President, jobs, the economy, climate religion all have been monumental failures, like Brown, Obama’s only option is to attack.

As Obama slips ever further in his presidential approval ratings so Obama’s attacks on Perry are becoming wilder, so wild that in fact the Obama’s total ignorance of science is becoming embarrassing for him and the Democrats: Read the rest of this entry

The World Needs To Prepare For A Climate Skeptic In The White House

Obama's brief window for wealth redistribution has closed

Oh boy the warming alarmists are in a state of fear about next year’s US Presidential elections, the odour of coffee is overwhelming as the global left awake to the realisation that their icon, Barack Hussein Obama is looking increasingly likely to be a single term President.

The global decline in believers in Climate Religion has been seized on by the warming alarmists as an opportunity to make man made climate change a left wing liberal cause celebre, something noble, lofty and intellectual that evil selfish right wingers deny.

The level of panic felt by the left can normally be determined by who they wheel out as the bogey men, in this case Sarah Palin and The Tea Party are the evil spectres that haunt the warming alarmists, and when they wheel out Palin and The Tea Party folks, the liberal  left are running scared: Read the rest of this entry

Keystone XL Decision Will Cost Obama The Green Vote

The go ahead for the 1700 mile long pipeline will cost Obama the Green vote

This is one of those rare win win stories, a win because a sensible idea that will help with US energy security for many years to come has been given the green light, and a further win because in making that decision Obama’s regime has angered the Greens and other eco mentalists who are against any form of economic progress that is not written in the scriptures of the Church of Climatology.

Keystone XL is a 1700 mile pipeline that will stretch from Alberta in Canada to refineries in Texas and Oklahoma, the pipeline will be buried 4 feet underground and have switch off points every 20 miles.

As usual the eco mentalists and some key players in the Great Global Warming Scam like James Hansen, are crying out about wolves made of CO2, environmental holocaust, and all the usual things to be frightened of: Read the rest of this entry

Climate Scam – Republicans Want To Cut US Funding To IPCC And UNFCCC

Republicans want to cut funding to the 2 major players in the UN Global Warming Scam

As the great Global Warming Scam continues to unravel one thing is becoming clear, without the bi-partisan support of all political parties, Climate Disruption is really a socialist/liberal/eco mentalist agenda concerned mostly with wealth redistribution and the bizarre desire to abandon post industrial revolution living standards.

News that Texas Governor Rick Perry is going to stand in the US 2012 Presidential Elections were greeted with howls of hysteria and derision by the left with the Guardian giving a platform to the junk science NGO and eco terrorist supporting

The Republican victory in the US mid term elections on 2010 brought an immediate change in climate for the Climate Scammers with the announcement that it was “heads on poles time” for the junk scientists and other AGW scammers: Read the rest of this entry

Republicans Dethrone 9 Obama Czars

Obama his regime has the smell of death about it

The Republican victory in the US Mid Term Elections was always going to prove damaging to Obama’s plans, and more importantly to short circuit Obama’s using of the tried and trusted method of, if I cant get the law passed, it will do it by the backdoor.

There is an amazing sense of deja vu sitting in Britain, watching Obama’s regime crumble and the socialist twist and turn just like Gordon Brown did, the profligate spending and the super train project, the last ditch attempts from the universal socialist model of trying to hang on to power, at literally any price.

Obama and his “settled science” of Climate Religion failed to get the Cap n Trade bill through which would have crippled American business for a generation, so undeterred Obama has been using the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to get Cap n Trade by the back door.

Now the Republican majority in the House Of Representatives have voted to cut the funding for 9 of Obama’s czars, which means they are out of a job: Read the rest of this entry