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Climategate – The BBC Now Deny Man Made Climate Change

The shrill voice of denial

A little over 48 hours ago BBC 2 Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark spoke the first words of heresy about Anthropogenic Global Warming, and gave a warming alarmist a very nasty surprise as well. Instead of the fawning easy ride of last week, Ms Wark let rip doing a passable impression of a parakeet from Edinburgh. So rough was the ride that the Guardian attacked the BBC for being AGW deniers.

One of the ways of spreading propaganda of any sort, is to disguise it as popular entertainment. This can be seen freuqently in the story lines in soap operas where after the program you are told that if you have effected by any of the scenes in real life you can call so and so. At the beginning of the year the BBC did a fairly lacklustre rehash of Day of the Triffids where AGW was blamed for the Triffids, to cut a long story short Aardvark complained to the BBC and got this response via email 4 days later. Read the rest of this entry

Climategate Finally Happens At The BBC On Question Time

An event happened today at the BBC that only three months ago would have caused Michael Mann and Phil Jones to start sending emails to the BBC, there was an open and frank discussion about the belief in the Church of Climatology on the most important and influential political show on UK television. The question was left until the last 12 minutes of the show, but the question about Phil Jones and CRU breaking the law was asked.

Before Aardvark continues on the AGW question there is another relevant and important factor, the location of the show which this week was from Basildon. Basildon is one of those microcosms of British politics, a constituency that mirrors national opinion pretty accurately, bear this in mind.

The heretic question was first passed to Labour minister for something or other Ben Bradshaw.

This is first time post Copenhagen that a member of Brown’s warmist Cabinet has publicly answered a direct question about AGW.

Bradshaw immediately condemned the CRU for breaking the law and then praised them for all the good work they have done with the IPCC on man made Climate Change, priceless. Climategate and Glaciergate were not mentioned just the pre Copenhagen warmist lie.

Bradshaw got little audience support and a few laughs for some of his alarmist statements. Read the rest of this entry

BBC Science Editor Susan Watts “Mild Winter Forecast Was Not Actually Wrong”

It is a mild winter AGW Non Believers Are Wrong

Susan Watts was part of the team of 35 that the BBC flew to the Copenhagen plummet last month, and like all faithful followers of the ManBearPig Religion she dutifly recited the gospel according to Mann and Jones.

Watts is to science, what Polly Toynbee is to UK politics: a deranged moonbat that flutters out from the cave to pontificate a load of nonsense before fluttering back to help build the guano mountain. The BBC is to be investigated, by the BBC over it’s coverage of scientific issues which are continuing unabated with sophisticated government climate change propaganda. Aardvark is no great fan of the BBC, for a list of reasons click here.

January 7th Newsnight was a howler where Watts not only made a complete fool of herself, but also came across as a Soviet TV announcer reciting fantasy tractor production statistics. Read the rest of this entry

BBC To Investigate The BBC Over Climate Change Propaganda

BBC Climate Change game helping to spread AGW propaganda

There is something inherently worrying about an organisation investigating itself, human nature, vested interests and money tend to make this a rather less than reliable process.

The BBC’s record on reporting Anthropogenic Global Warming is at best suspect, at worse blatant ManBearPig propaganda.

The Climategate emails, datafiles and programs were in the possesion of the BBC a full month before they were put on the Russian server, yet the BBC did nothing.

The Climategate emails show an unhealty relationship between Michael Mann at Penn State, Phil Jones at the CRU and the IPCC; the BBC’s “science correspondent” Richard Black has some questions to answer about his professional relationship with Michael Mann and Phil Jones.

Climategate is the BBC’s smoking gun; a virtual news blackout except to report a hacking crime while completely ignoring the content of the leaked emails and data. The left wing eco-mentalists are piling on the pressure with the BBC’s web site pouring more AGW propaganda and fear, fawning over Michael Mann, when the incompetent climate scientist’s own colleagues say Mann has no credibility.

The mobilisation of Labour Luvvies is complete when deeply unfunny comedian Marcus Prickstock pontificates on Question Time about the impending heating up of the world and obediently spouts the correct “Climate Rationalist” line like a good little left of centre poodle.

When the BBC finally reported Climategate the emphasis was on the hacking crime, no mention was made of the potential ramifications of the of the information leaked, Read the rest of this entry

How The BBC Responds To Climate Change Bias Complaints

Last week Aardvark complained to the BBC about the Climate Change agenda they push at every opportunity, in this particular case the lack lustre remake of Day Of The Triffids.

Within 4 days an email arrived from the BBC:

Dear Mr Aardvark

Thank you for your e-mail regarding ‘The Day of the Triffids’.

I understand that you believe the programme promoted a global warming agenda which left you extremely angry.

I would like to assure you that we have registered your comments on our audience log. This is the internal report of audience feedback which we compile daily for all programme makers and commissioning executives within the BBC, and also their senior management.
It ensures that your points, and all other comments we receive, are circulated and considered across the BBC.

Thank you once again for taking the trouble to contact us.


Richard Carey
BBC Complaints

Will this make a difference to the blind obedience to the teachings of the Church Of Climatology?

Aardvark is under no illusions it wont make one iota of difference at the BBC, as was amply demonstrated by DJ Steve Wright on his Radio 2 show yesterday afternoon, Wright was harping on about “saving the planet”. This is the same Steve Wright who like Aardvark has a big V8 powered SUV made by Land Rover, amusing set of double standards saving the planet while driving one of those evil 4 wheel drives that caused global warming in the first place.

It has to be the time to look at the funding of the BBC and how we are forced to pay for a state propaganda organisation that is pushing a religion it calls science.

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The BBC Preaches Climate Change In The Day Of The Triffids And The UK Met Office Get It Wrong Again

BBC manage to put Climate Change propaganda into anything

Nothing is safe from the Church of Climatology’s believers, including remakes of John Wyndham’s classic the Day of the Triffids. The BBC have done a  remake of Day of the Triffids, part 1 was shown last night, with part 2 tonight. As a child Aardvark enjoyed the 1950’s film with Howard Keel, so a new version with modern day effects has got to be better, well in theory anyway.

The BBC version is loosely based on the book, in so much as most people are blind and there are big mobile flesh eating plants everywhere. The CGI effects are very good and it was throughly enjoyable until suddenly the reason for the Triffids was Climate Change, specifically Global Warming. A quick pause and replay confirmed that the AGW lie was being pushed by the BBC not only in fact, but also in fiction; which is where Anthropogenic Global Warming belongs anyway.
The Triffids are now being farmed as they produce clean oil, this was cited in the script as the farming of Triffids stopped the burning of fossil fuels and thus caused an end to Global Warming, the script then continued to say that the cessation of burning fossil fuels has caused Global Cooling, which is ironic to say the very least.

Later on it is again repeated that the human race is this mess because of Global Warming/Climate Change; the Church of Climatology spreads it’s message of fear not only in debunked science but also in fiction the message is being preached.

The BBC is known for broadcasting Sophisticated Government Climate Change Propaganda in the guise of pseudo scientific fact, what is a very rapid step up, is the attempted indoctrination  of the AGW lie in works of fiction, expect more.

The Met Office whose predictions about impending doom in 2050 have dropped their second predictive clanger of the year, it’s going to be a mild winter.

April 30th 2009 Met Office predict barbecue summer

July 29th 2009 Met Office admits “barbecue summer is off”

October 2009 Met Office predict that Britain will have milder than average winter

December 2009 It’s colder than it has been for years

This is the Met Office who can’t predict the weather 3 months in advance without being 100% wrong, how can their predictions for 40 years from now be taken seriously?

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Climategate – The BBC’s Unhealthy Connection With Michael Mann

The letter from Dr. Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen to the BBC complaining about their selective omissions from a program on Anthropogenic Global Warming makes clear that the respected scientist considers the BBC to be broadcasting “Sophisticated Government Climate Change Propaganda”, this is not the first time that the BBC have been accused of AGW bias.

Searching through the Climategate emails for “BBC” gives some interesting results as in this email sent on 12th October 2009 to Michael Mann about an article on the BBC website about “What happend to Global Warming”. Michael Mann is suprised that the BBC are not following the AGW line, especially as the Telegraph and many blogs including this one reported this a change of attitude on the BBC’s reporting. Mann in his email says: “

We may do something about this on RealClimate, but meanwhile it might be appropriate for the Met Office to have a say about this, I might ask Richard Black what’s up here?”

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Suprise that the BBC is not following the AGW line and broadcasting only IPCC and CRU propaganda, what happend to impartial reporting? Read the rest of this entry

BBC Broadcasts Sophisticated Government Climate Change Propaganda

Dr. Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen in a letter to the BBC:

“However, a number of outright mistakes and omission created enough bias to turn the programme into sophisticated UK government propaganda.”

The letter points out some interesting facts about carbon capture:

“In any case, if carbon capture and sequestration becomes eligible for carbon trading, taxpayers would have to pay for the ‘evil’ gas to be injected (at huge cost) back into depleting gas and oil fields, thereby increasing their yield”

When they talk of carbon capture it is normally pumping the gas into old mine workings, little mention is made of using the CO2 to pump out the last of the oil and gas from fields nearing the end of production. This has the makings of a very profitable scam for governments and oil companies who between them make the cost of energy spiral ever upward, they can then charge for the carbon capture which is then used to force more fossil fuels out of the ground and make more profits and tax in a self-perpetuating scheme.

Lastly, you paid too little to attention to a major consequence of the prevailing blame game. The accusation that global warming is the alleged responsibility of the rich and the ‘West’, is already leading to bribery, dubious aid streams and the ignoring of other factors causing poverty and disasters in poor, badly governed nations.

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