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EU Climate Religion Fail – Now Its All Knee Jerk And Lies

EU Carbon Emissions targets blocked - bad damage limitation exercise now in progress

Yesterday the EU Parliament voted to block the 30% cut in carbon emissions by 2020, within hours  a very bad damage limitation exercise was in progress.

Today the usual left wing propaganda outlets that we dont have to pay for: The Guardian and Independent, and the left wing propaganda outlet we do have to pay for, the BBC, are all blaming the Tory MEPs for the defeat of their beloved Climate Religion.

This is just another obfuscated lie, the 30% cut would have been defeated with, or without the Tory MEPs. Read the rest of this entry

Tory MEPs To Vote Against EU Climate Plan

Prime Minister David Cameron has failed to force Tory MEPs to believe in Climate Religion

June 23rd 2011 was a bad day for EU Climate Religion when Poland blocked the economic suicide pact know as EU Energy Roadmap 2050 and it became know that there were still some real Tories around, albeit in the European Parliament, who were not going to vote in favour of David Cameron, Chris Huhne and the EU’s planned increase in CO2 emissions cuts.

In a last ditch attempt to keep the 30% cuts insanity going the EU decided to postpone the vote in the hope that Cameron could convince his MEPs to vote for the 30% cut Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne – Police Raid Vicky Price’s Home

Chris Huhne and ex-wife wife Vicky Price

The Chris Huhne speeding points saga had gone almost comatose, in a recent article in the Telegraph about Huhne the point of the story was that Huhne would escape any action because police only keep speed camera photographs for 5 years and the allegations against Huhne date back to 2003.

Now in a new twist in the story Essex Police raided the home of Huhne’s ex-wife, at 7am on July 2nd, where they seized the mobile phone belonging to the couple’s 18 year old son; the phone is said to contain a text exchange between Huhne and his son, where they discuss the case.

Details of Huhne’s previous interview with police are starting to surface, where it appears Huhne’s definition of actively helping police is his right to silence.

Nick Clegg has thus far supported Huhne, but the latest word is that Clegg is tired of the never ending stories about Huhne Read the rest of this entry

David Cameron Must Speak Out On Climate Change, Says Top Scientist

David Cameron bothering a dog in the hope of warming alarmist votes

The increasingly desperate warming alarmists are making more and more calls for David Cameron and his “greenest government ever” to “step up to the plate” and provide leadership for their Green economic suicide plan.

The lastest “Top Scientist”, the Guardian’s words not Aardvark’s, to bray for Dave to stand up is Professor Sir David King, religious climate advisor to the disastrous Labour government from 2000 – 2007.

in 2004 King was the man behind the comical theory that Global Warming was a bigger threat to world security than Global Terrorism: Read the rest of this entry

Green Stealth Tax Will Sentence Millions Of Britons To Fuel Poverty

Steam from a cooling tower, typical warming alarmist picture used to illustrate CO2 emissions which makes about as much sense as the carbon floor price

This absolutely has to be a first, a centre left think tank has criticised a Climate Religion policy warning that the Carbon Floor Price introduced in the 2011 Budget, will cause fuel poverty for tens of thousands of additional homes, do nothing to reduce emissions and could even end up giving Climate Religion policies and taxes a bad name.

Wait one, didn’t Gordon Brown and his pathetic attempt to raise revenue by back dating Vehicle Excise Duty, under the guise of saving the planet already do that?

In 2004 there were 1.4 million households living in energy poverty, energy poverty is defined as spending 10% of your disposable income on heating and light, in 2011 there are 5.5 million households living in energy poverty, and this is before the Climate Religion policies of renewables, the outrageous subsidies that renewable attract and other green taxes are passed on to business, families and the old.

In Britain there are 2 million pensioner households living in fuel poverty: Read the rest of this entry

Scrap The Climate Change Act 2008 via Red Tape Challenge

You tell us what’s working and what’s NOT, what can be simplified and what can be scrapped

The Government is offering people the chance to remove unnecessary regulation and red tape from all aspects of Britons lives.

The most important date is September 1st 2011 which is when Red Tape Challenge moves on to the Environment, this is our chance to kill the disastrous Climate Change Act 2008 and all the other Climate Religion based laws introduced under Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband.

Over at the Guardian the eco warriors are very unhappy and questioning if the Tory party  has a soul: Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne Attacks Tory ‘Zealots’ Over Proposed Scrapping Of Green Laws

Hune's Tory colleagues plan to remove Green Laws as unnecessary regulation

Attila the Huhnatic is deeply unhappy about his Tory colleagues in the collation government and their plans to scrap unnecessary regulation and laws, because among the laws being considered for the junk yard are the disastrous Climate Change Act, the Wildlife and Countryside Act and the National Parks Act.

Huhne has immediately thrown all his toys out of the pram and started calling Tory colleagues in the government “right wing ideologues” and “deregulation zealots” which is rich coming from a “Libtard ideologue” and “Climate Religion zealot”.

The problem that Huhne is all to aware of, is, that unless you enshrine in law the teachings of Climate Religion, the ordinary people wont follow the “do as I say, not as I dohypocrisy of the Champagne Socialists and Environmentalists< Read the rest of this entry

The Falkland Islands Are British, End Of

C Company 3 Para Port Stanley 1982 Argentina decisively beaten by Britain in the Falklands War

History has a nasty habit of repeating itself, nearly 30 years ago an unpopular right wing government in Britain was implementing defence cuts, on the other side of the world in the southern hemisphere a fascist military government was in trouble and needed a cause to unify its people.

In 1982 using a spurious sovereignty claim to the Falkland Islands, Argentina perceived the defence cuts in Britain as making the country weak and invaded the Falkland Islands. A 10 week war followed where it was a close run thing, but Argentina was beaten decisively by better men and tactics. Read the rest of this entry

What California’s Green Jihad Promises For Europe

The Green Jihad in California destroying jobs and the economy

California is one of the richest states in America, from oil to food, technology to international trade, California has it all, yet unemployment is worse than in poorer states like Michigan.

Industry is relocating from California to states like Texas, or even worse for the US economy and job market, jobs are being lost in the US as companies relocate to China.

The reason for this, the Green Jihad being waged by the Church of Climatology on industry: Read the rest of this entry

CBI Warns British Government Of Impact Of Church Of Climatology Policies

The natural heir to Tony Blair addresses the CBI

Many journalists have said it, even more bloggers have said it and now the Confederation of British Industry have said it: The Green zealot policies of David Cameron and his Lib Dem accomplices are killing British industry, with the resulting jobs lost going overseas, as for some unfathomable reason David Cameron continues to pray at the Church of Climatology.

Climategate, the collapse of carbon trading markets, the abandonment of AGW policies globally have all passed the Social Democrat masquerading as Leader of the Conservative Party by, blinkered, bigoted and determined to save Britain from a giant mutant star goat, Cameron is every bit as dangerous to this country, as were the climate religion worshiping duo of Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown. Read the rest of this entry