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WWF “David Cameron Must Break His Silence On Climate Change”

Dave bothering a husky on Svalbard in 2006 on a trip organised by impartial environment group WWF

The world was a different place in 2006, the Anthropogenic Global Warming fad was still new and shiny, when the WWF took then leader of Her Majesty’s opposition David “Call me Dave” Cameron to Svalbard to see the effects of man made global warming in the Arctic.

Cameron like any other vote seeking politician saw the Green fear stories of man made environmental holocaust as a vote winner, and before long Dave was bothering huskies, putting wind turbines on his roof and having the Conservative Party logo changed to a green tree; Vote Blue Go Green was the crass logo on Conservative Party T-shirts of the time.

Cameron along with Ed Miliband, Gordon Brown and many other leading politicians were instrumental in crafting and getting the disastrous Climate Change Act 2008 passed by Parliament.

When the Vichy coalition government was formed Dave was going to be the “fourth minister” at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). Read the rest of this entry

Green NGOs Very Upset By George Osborne’s Budget

Chancellor George Osborne delivers his Budget 2012 speech in the House of Commons. Photograph Press Association

Chancellor George Osborne signalled the start of the dash for gas in today’s Budget speech in the House of Commons, backed up with a £3 billion allowance for new gas and oil fields to the west of the Shetland Islands.

The wailing and gnashing of teeth from the  marxist  agrarian ecomentalists was almost immediate, with the usual chorus of Green jobs,  low carbon economy, CO2 emissions targets,  the old worn out lie that fossil fuel prices will only ever rise, and usual, completely ignoring shale gas and fracking. Read the rest of this entry

British Greens Fear March 21st 2012

Chancellor George Osborne

Chancellor George Osborne "We're not going to save the planet by putting our country out of business"

Even before the ignominious departure of Climate Religion minister Chris Huhne to face criminal charges for Perverting the Course of Justice, the writing was on the wall for the Green Agenda in Britain.

In October 2010 Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne caused outrage amongst the Green ecomentalists with his statement “We’re not going to save the planet by putting our country out of business“.

Then Huhne was gone, his replacement, Ed Davey professed to be as big an idiot as Huhne, then largely dropped off the radar, after opening an off shore wind farm that Huhne had originally been scheduled to open.

At the beginning of March 2012 Prime Minister David Cameron suddenly turned against wind farms when he said “wind farms over subsidised and wasteful of public money“.

With not only Tory MPs complaining about the cost Greening Britain, but also a Lib Dem Cabinet minister wanting £740 billion of Green taxation removed, the Green NGOs, renewable energy subsidy junkies and every gong banging hippie that barks at the moon are fearing that March 21st will be Black Wednesday for the Church of Climatology in Britain. Read the rest of this entry

British MPs Revolt Against Green Taxation For Wind Farms

British MPs want the Green taxation that supports renewables like wind and solar to exist cut

The pressure for cuts in Green taxation has been building for sometime now, at the end of January Tory MP’s were demanding that Cameron did something about the excessive Green taxation that supports the renewables industry.

The old cliché about a week being a long time in politics came true for Liberal Democrat Energy and Climate Change secretary Chris Huhne this week, when on Friday 3rd February, Huhne and ex-wife Vicky Pryce were charged by the Crown Prosecution Service with perverting the course of justice, a serious criminal charge for which CPS guidelines for perversion of justice recommend a minimum sentences of four months and maximum sentences of one to two years per incident.

The political corpse of Chris Huhne is barley cold and the pressure to abandon Huhnes dream of a Britain besmirched by bird choppers has built to a point where “Cast Iron” Dave is being forced to act: Read the rest of this entry

Tory MPs Tell David Cameron To Cut Green Taxes For WindFarms

Tory MPs are joining forces in a new group pressing for the Government to review funding for a technology they argue does “more harm than good”

The disproportionate influence of the Lib  Dems on the coalition government has been clearly shown in many fudged policy decisions, the worst of which is the whole renewables crusade driven entirely by Chris Huhne and his insane personal desire to have 32,000 on shore bird choppers.

The coalition government is shaky at best, if this were not the case then the disingenuous Huhne would not have lasted so long, Huhne has in fact achieved nothing but promoting his Climate Religion and helped line the pockets of those rich enough to own enough land to have a windfarm cash generater that pays when it generates electricty, and also pays when it does not generate electricty.

British windfarms have been paid millions of pounds to not generate electricity, which Huhne seems to think is reasonable and provides cost effective power, most probably because Greenpeace, WWF and FoE told Huhne that Green subsidised energy is cheap, politically correct and wholly endorsed by the Church of Climatology.

Now, at last MPs are hearing the uproar about the whole Green renewables scam, well at least Tory MPs are, don’t expect any opposition from the Green socialists in the Labour and Lib Dem parties.
Read the rest of this entry

The War On Affordable Energy – George Osborne vs Chris Huhne

George Osborne will slay the Huhne Dragon

George Osborne’s statement that Britain will not go it alone committing economic and energy security suicide has so far been met with little comment from the warming alarmists, apart from a couple of lack lustre articles from the Guardian about missing Conservative tree huggers, silence is the order of day.

Chris Huhne has been quieter than an eco mouse in the Church of Climatology, as Huhne’s plans for Agricultural Revolution Britain blow away like so much dust in the wind.

Huhne is doubtless plotting some investigation in to how “Big Gas” got at George Osborne, but the reality that Huhne knows all to well is that Osborne will have the final say on shale gas and Huhne’s plans for Green economic suicide: Read the rest of this entry

We’re Not Going To Save The Planet By Putting Our Country Out Of Business

George Osborne "We're not going to save the planet by putting our country out of business"

At last after 18 months of Dave and his brand of social democracy and Blair worship, something approaching a real Conservative has stepped up and said the insanity of Liberal Climate Change Minister Chris Huhne must be stopped.

Huhne is currently trying to stop Britain’s shale gas revolution by pushing the mendacious warming alarmist propaganda documentary Gasland as a real and valid reason to stop fracking.

At the Conservative Party conference the Chancellor, George Osborne has said it is time to stop the insanity of the Greens: Read the rest of this entry

Climate Scam – David Cameron Very Worried About Cost Of Green Policies

The face of the Greenest Government Ever; talk to the hand the face is not listening

The Greenest Ever Dave is a very worried man, very worried, because the Climate Religion he bought into is in ruins, the Climate Religion that David Cameron believed he could derive some political gain from has crashed and burned.

Cameron and Huhne were warned by the Confederation of British Industry that their Green energy policies were killing jobs and the recovery, Cameron and Huhne ignored them; next the Manufacturers Association issued a similar warning, and  again Cameron and Huhne were deaf.

Now the Greenest Ever Dave is very worried because one of his senior political advisers is saying what many bloggers and journalists have been saying for the last year: Read the rest of this entry

EU Climate Religion Fail – Now Its All Knee Jerk And Lies

EU Carbon Emissions targets blocked - bad damage limitation exercise now in progress

Yesterday the EU Parliament voted to block the 30% cut in carbon emissions by 2020, within hours  a very bad damage limitation exercise was in progress.

Today the usual left wing propaganda outlets that we dont have to pay for: The Guardian and Independent, and the left wing propaganda outlet we do have to pay for, the BBC, are all blaming the Tory MEPs for the defeat of their beloved Climate Religion.

This is just another obfuscated lie, the 30% cut would have been defeated with, or without the Tory MEPs. Read the rest of this entry

Tory MEPs To Vote Against EU Climate Plan

Prime Minister David Cameron has failed to force Tory MEPs to believe in Climate Religion

June 23rd 2011 was a bad day for EU Climate Religion when Poland blocked the economic suicide pact know as EU Energy Roadmap 2050 and it became know that there were still some real Tories around, albeit in the European Parliament, who were not going to vote in favour of David Cameron, Chris Huhne and the EU’s planned increase in CO2 emissions cuts.

In a last ditch attempt to keep the 30% cuts insanity going the EU decided to postpone the vote in the hope that Cameron could convince his MEPs to vote for the 30% cut Read the rest of this entry