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Chris Huhne – Essex Police Send File To Crown Prosecution Service

CPS to consider charging Huhne and Price with Perverting the Course of Justice

Regular readers of this blog can probably imagine Aardvark dancing for joy, a fairly horrendous visual to be sure, but there is indeed deep joy at Aardvark Towers because it is looking increasingly likely that Chris Huhne will shortly be gone from political life.

The leader of the Church of Climatology in Britain, has been interviewed again by Essex Police and a file prepared for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

The CPS will be considering charges of Perverting the Course of Justice against Huhne and his estranged wife Vicky Price: Read the rest of this entry

Climate Change : One World Government Attempts To Start AGW Security Force

UN wants its private army to intervene in Climate Change Wars

This is probably the most disturbing recent twist in the Great Global Warming scam, the pretenders to one world government the UN want to change the brief of its Private Army Peacekeeping force so that the one world government can deploy armed force to any country where they have deemed that war or civil unrest are due to Anthropogenic Global Warming.

This news comes hot on the heels of the fact that it is now Politically Incorrect to produce scientific studies that prove, that man made climate change is myth.

The UN security council is divided on this matter with China, once again, standing up to the collective stupidity of the UN: Read the rest of this entry

Its Politically Incorrect To Interpret Scientific Data That Denies Global Warming

Its Politically Incorrect to acknowledge scientific truth

The latest twist in the death throes of the Warming Alarmist Religion is bizarre to say the very least and more than slightly sinister as it is now Politically Incorrect to interpret or analyze data that disproves denies Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Is has often been said that history is cyclic and this latest twist in the effort to keep the Global Warming Scam alive, harks back to Leonardo Da Vinci and the Catholic Church, a time where Religion denied and suppressed science that went against the teachings of the Catholic Church, much like today where Climate Religion is seeking to do the same for the same corrupt motives that drove the Catholic Church, wealth and power.

Physicists at the CERN Lab in Geneva were ordered not to draw conclusions from yet another study that proves that the Sun, not man, drives Climate Change.

Any conclusion from any study must always have the same answer Climate Change is man made, any conclusion to the contrary is heresy not Politically Correct: Read the rest of this entry

Carbon Nazis Now Want To Control Our Diet

Cattle have four times the emissions of chickens, yes really

It would appear that cattle have four times the emissions of chickens, firstly like the carbon footprint of a joint Aardvark never thought in a million years that he would write that, now the comparison between the emissions of farm animals.

The whole global warming scam just becomes more surreal and bizarre as everyday a new NGO of the self appointed moral guardians of what we should or should not do, pontificate at length spout endless bullshit about a new aspect of our lives they seek to control.

The latest to jump on the global warming bandwagon just as the wheels have come off are the US Environmental Working Group who compare carbon emissions of food with car emissions, Aardvark did say this was becoming surreal: Read the rest of this entry

Greenpeace The Slide From Science To Religious Dogma

Experimental GM wheat crop destroyed by Aussie Greenpeace Luddites

Once upon a time in the dim and distant past before Greenpeace abandoned science for religious dogma, the organisation performed a useful function in bringing to public attention abuses of the environment which, like using the sea as a dumping ground for hazardous waste and putting a stop to CFC’s in aerosol cans which really did cause a hole in the ozone layer. Coupled with their knack for publicity Greenpeace did contribute to the overall environmental well being of the planet.

Then somewhere along the way as the Great Global Warming Scam gathered pace Greenpeace abandoned science and adopted religious dogma, never has this been more clearly demonstrated than today when in Canberra, Australia a mob of Greenpeace Luddites destroyed an experimental wheat crop for no better reason than the letters GM were in the name Read the rest of this entry

Green Energy Bill Shelved – Another Defeat For Chris Huhne

Green Energy Bill Shelved a personal failure for Chris Huhne

June 22nd 2011 was a black day for the Church of Climatology in Europe when Poland put a stop to the EU’s economic suicide plan for the 2050 energy road map, then on July 5th 2011 the EU Parliament voted against increasing carbon emissions cuts to 30% from 1990 levels.

While for Chris Hune June 22nd was a “Dark day for Europe“, Huhne has subsequently dropped off the radar since Essex Police raided his ex-wife’s home and took away his sons mobile phone.

Today the Green Energy Bill has been shelved, legislation that Huhne has staked his personal reputation on: Read the rest of this entry

EU Climate Religion Fail – Now Its All Knee Jerk And Lies

EU Carbon Emissions targets blocked - bad damage limitation exercise now in progress

Yesterday the EU Parliament voted to block the 30% cut in carbon emissions by 2020, within hoursĀ  a very bad damage limitation exercise was in progress.

Today the usual left wing propaganda outlets that we dont have to pay for: The Guardian and Independent, and the left wing propaganda outlet we do have to pay for, the BBC, are all blaming the Tory MEPs for the defeat of their beloved Climate Religion.

This is just another obfuscated lie, the 30% cut would have been defeated with, or without the Tory MEPs. Read the rest of this entry

EU Votes Against 30% Carbon Emissions Cut

A failed attempt by the EU to spread Climate Change fear with vague predictions

The European Parliament has voted No to the planned increase in carbon emissions cuts from 20% to 30% by 2020, from the 1990 levels of emissions.

The European Leaders of the Church of Climatology Chris Huhne and the unelected Connie Hedegaard had been pushing for the reduction in emissions and trumpeting loudly that all the EU states were behind their plan for EU economic ruin.

The Guardian and Independent carried stories about Tory MEPs going to cause the end of civilisation by voting against the cuts, David Cameron got involved, the Tory MEPs ignored Cameron and a voted against the cuts, but, their votes were not decisive: Read the rest of this entry

Tory MEPs To Vote Against EU Climate Plan

Prime Minister David Cameron has failed to force Tory MEPs to believe in Climate Religion

June 23rd 2011 was a bad day for EU Climate Religion when Poland blocked the economic suicide pact know as EU Energy Roadmap 2050 and it became know that there were still some real Tories around, albeit in the European Parliament, who were not going to vote in favour of David Cameron, Chris Huhne and the EU’s planned increase in CO2 emissions cuts.

In a last ditch attempt to keep the 30% cuts insanity going the EU decided to postpone the vote in the hope that Cameron could convince his MEPs to vote for the 30% cut Read the rest of this entry

David Cameron Must Speak Out On Climate Change, Says Top Scientist

David Cameron bothering a dog in the hope of warming alarmist votes

The increasingly desperate warming alarmists are making more and more calls for David Cameron and his “greenest government ever” to “step up to the plate” and provide leadership for their Green economic suicide plan.

The lastest “Top Scientist”, the Guardian’s words not Aardvark’s, to bray for Dave to stand up is Professor Sir David King, religious climate advisor to the disastrous Labour government from 2000 – 2007.

in 2004 King was the man behind the comical theory that Global Warming was a bigger threat to world security than Global Terrorism: Read the rest of this entry