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Lib Dem Support Plummets To 8%; Go On Dave Call A General Election

Little Nicky Clegg as popular as fart in a spacesuit, and about as useful

August 18th 2010 will mark the 100th day of the coalition government and to celebrate this wonderous event Sky News have commissioned a poll which makes grim reading for Little Nicky, St Vince of Fable and the Wind God Chris Huhne.

If there were to be a General Election tomorrow then St Vince and the Wind God would be signing on the day afterwards.

A poll on June 28th had the Lib Dems on 16%, in less than 2 months the Lib Dem support has fallen 50% Read the rest of this entry


Labour Activists In Defeat Is It Any Wonder They Lost

Typical of the pathetic and bitter response to Labour going into opposition can be found on the discussion boards of Sky.

Under the topic heading: Cameron heard telling Grayling,(Now we will teach those gays a lesson.

Can be found the irrelevant and vitriolic babblings of a Labtard junior league pit viper that goes by the name of thewiseone; a McBride babe if there ever was one.

post entry thewiseone You cant complain now, as you knew they were homaphobes.

post entry Aardvark What are homaphobes?

post reply thewiseone

Cameron and Grayling have always admited being homophobic, so whats the problem? All us conservatives agree, they are correct.
Posted by Ardvaark

post reply Dean555 editing people posts now, isn’t that against the rules, I think I better report you.

The Labtard activist is editing posts and attributing them to another poster, Brown and Damian McBride would be so proud. Read the rest of this entry

Mandelson Has Already Started A New Career

Never one to let the grass grow under his feet the Lord of Darkness has already emabarked on a new direction, all that remains to be seen, is who will Mandelson position himself behind for the Labour leadership fiasco.

The former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, no real relevance to this post, Aardvark just likes the sound of the words.

Gordon Brown Has Gone

The unelected and unelectable Prime Minister is gone.

Good bye and good fucking riddance, if you had a shred of decency Brown you would go for a walk with pistol and never come back.

Evening Standard Reports Gordon Brown Has Quit

The last ditch attempts of Labour to cling on to power after a crushing defeat in the General Election have come to nothing.

Gordon Brown in a calculated move to keep the Conservatives out of power yesterday sacrificed his Leadership of the Labour party in an attempt to do a deal with the Lib Dems, all for nothing.

Despite being overwhemingly rejected by the voters Brown was planning Mugabe like, to hang on to power until September and knowing Dear Leader probably beyond that. How astute of Sir Malcolm Rifkind to describe Brown as being just like Robert Mugabe.

Tonight’s Evening Standard has the headline “Brown Quits”.

There have several headlines in the last couple of days:”Brown quits”, “Brown to resign at…” Read the rest of this entry

Electoral Reform The Case For Modifying First Past The Post

The current political impasse following a General Election that returned a Hung Parliament has brought the first past the post system used in Britain a lot of criticsm.

The Lib Dems and the SDP before them have long had electoral reform on the political agenda because they have an uphill struggle, even more of an uphill struggle than the Conservatives because the first past the post is weighted heavily in favour of Labour. Read the rest of this entry

Tories And Lib Dems Have A Deal – Perhaphs Not

Earlier Sky News was announcing that Tories and Lib Dems have a deal:

Sky’s Joey Jones said: “The negotiations are entering the endgame.

Now the same article has changed completely:

Lib Dem negotiator David Laws said the parliamentary party had agreed that cutting the deficit must be at the heart of any deal and that there must be “strong and stable government”.

However, they wanted “clarification” on reforming the education system, on tax reform and on reform of the voting system, he said.

Lib Dem MPs also agreed that Mr Clegg should “listen further to the representations made by the Labour Party”, a spokesman added.

It came as Sky News sources suggested the Tories and Lib Dems had agreed the “outline” of a deal to form a new government.

Tories And Lib Dems Have A Deal

* * * Breaking News * * *

The Conservatives and Lib Dems have reached an outline deal according to Sky News

The Tories and Lib Dems have agreed the “outline” of a deal to form a new government according to Sky sources.

Sky’s Joey Jones said: “The negotiations are entering the endgame.

“The outline of a deal is there but the party hierarchies now have to go back to their MPs and put the deal to them.

“Things are moving quickly and once this afternoon’s meetings have taken place I think we could see things changing very, very swiftly.”

Earlier negotiators from both parties said there had been “further progress” in talks.

So all that remains is to prise Gordon Brown out of the No 10.

Labour Pressure Builds On Gordon Brown To Go

Pressure is building from the Labour Party for Brown to step down as PM and party leader.

As Tory and Liberal Democrat negotiators worked “flat out” towards a power-sharing deal that would put David Cameron in Downing Street, Mr Brown was holed up in No 10 with his closest advisers — Ed Balls, Alastair Campbell and Lord Mandelson. Read the rest of this entry

58% Of Voters Want David Cameron To Be PM Without A Coalition

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