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USA – Massive Coal Mining Expansion

Obama's regime announces massive increase in coal mining

On Tuesday US Interior Secretary Ken Salazaar announced a huge increase in US coal production, which is likely to increase US CO2 output by 50% which has upset the ecomentalists and promoters of eco terrorism at Read the rest of this entry

Google – To Try And Breathe New Life In To The Climate Change Scam

"If you tell a big enough lie often enough, people will eventually believe it" the philanthropic part of the search of search engine giant is to “improve the way that global warming science” is presented to the public and is assembling a team of 21 “climate scientists” to achieve just this objective.

Following the results in US mid-term elections and the subsequent change in the balance of power in the House of Representatives the  warming alarmists have been under attack by the Republicans who are out for blood and more specifically, heads on poles.

With his Cap n’ Trade bill dead Obama was trying to use the EPA to force Cap n’ Trade by the back door, which has resulted in an increasing number of  law suits against the EPA

There is a definite connection between Obama and Google that was seen from Obama’s first post election press conference where Google CEO Eric Schmidt was at Obama’s side.

As Cap n’ Trade died and post November 2010 the balance of power shifted, Obama has resorted to using the tried and trusted methods of the left to ignore the democratic process, use stealth and the back door to achieve your objectives. With the EPA increasingly under attack and losing the battle to kill US industry, the next logical step is for Obama to use his friends at Google to try and brain wash the world with the Climate Religion based on junk science.

Google has a shockingly bad record for censoring information that goes against the Global Warming scam sacred texts as was seen during Climategate Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne: Make Green Products Fun

Attilla The Huhnatic wants to make Green prodcuts fun, here comes the comedy wind turbine

Is there no new depth that Attila the Huhnatic will not stoop to, in a last desperate attempt to keep his Green religion alive?

It would appear not with latest attempt to repackage the Green turd as “fun and friendly”, the Chinese know about the fun and friendly aspect of Green industries, but then you are not supposed to know there is a downside to anything labelled Green.

Huhne is devastated because the buying public don’t consider the Green properties of their purchases, mainly because they live in the real world, are not on a fat cat Government Ministers salary and are not tripped out on Climate Religion like Huhne.

A disturbing development is the CBI getting in on the Green insanity, one would be forgiven for thinking that the CBI would be pushing to get 2008 Climate Change Act repealed and  lift the £18 billion pound tax on British business, which is there for a non-existent problem. Read the rest of this entry

Climate Modelling – The Answer Is Time Travel

Nothing like using weather to illustrate climate; hat tip Warming Alarmists for the idea

Never one to stop flagellating a dead horse, The Guardian are getting excited because a Climate Scientist Witchdoctor has found that by adding 2 lines of programming code to a process, he can now actually predict weather 5 whole days in advance.

Cast your mind back a year or so ago, when we were expected to believe the computer models for decades in advance, now the Warming Alarmists are celebrating being able to predict 5 days in advance, bit of a shortfall in time spans, but it is religion not science, so what the hell time to start banging gongs and barking at the moon again.

Apparently current weather and climate models do a decent job Read the rest of this entry

Climate Change Business As Usual At The Guardian

No doubt about it the world is definitely getting warmer, if you cook the data

Business as usual at the Guardian as the AGW scam goes through it’s final death throes, they are still pushing business as usual with the old warmest year and decade chestnut.

There is a global consensus that Climate Change Disruption is man made, because leading junk scientists and wealth redistributionists, think there just might be a link, which in AGW speak, means a cast iron certainty.

They then back up their propaganda with the IPCC, an organisation so inept, and totally lacking in either a credible peer review process, or scientific integrity, that even their masters at the UN are embarassed by them. Read the rest of this entry

2010 The Decline Of The Global Warming Scam Part 1 January

Actually bears it was James Hansen, Al just made millions out of the scam

2010 has not been a good year for the warming alarmists, wealth redistributors and one world governmentalists aka, the UN and the EU.

Just COP15 at Copenhagen, COP16 achieved nothing and barely registered on the MSM radar, until it finished.

It is January 2010, the northern hemisphere is buried under a blanket of snow, COP15 is a smoking wreck and the warming alarmists are desperately trying to regroup: Read the rest of this entry

COP16 Hysteria UK Met Office “World Is Warming Faster Than We Thought”

2010 is going to be the third warmest year on record

The UK Met Office has published a report today that shows that the Planet warmed up faster than expected  over the last decade,  and of the course the reason could only ever be Anthropogenic Global Warming, which is a big relief for Climate Realists who think it might just be a combination of natural phenomena.

The UK Met Office has an appalling track record in weather forecasting, or is that climate forecasting? Read the rest of this entry

Warming Alarmist Uses Spambot To Stifle Debate

Debate is futile hopes Warming Alarmist Nigel Leck with a spambot to stop heresy to Climate Religion

One these arrived today followed another and another, it appears Aardvarks post on Global Warming Scam – Kiribati Climate Change Conference had offended Leck’s spambot.

Leck is so sure that AGW is right that his spambot is here to protect us from our own ignorance.

What is surprising is that Leck being so stupid as to believe in Climate Religion, could on the face of it be clever enough to program via Twitter’s API, that’s Application Programming Interface for the uninitiated, but then as one software developer to another, it’s not exactly rocket science is it Nige? Read the rest of this entry

Now It’s The Turn Of The Warming Alarmists For Fear

The opening video for last years COP15 Church of Climatology meeting in Copenhagen, a video with a simple message: FEAR

Be very afraid said Gordon Brown there are only 50 days to save the world as the run up to the Climate Scam began, for Obama the Science was settled.

Once Copenhagen got under way Brown arrived and started peddling fear again for the western world and bribes for the third world.

Despite their best efforts to steam roller through the biggest scam in History,  they failed and they failed monumentally.

This year has seen the appalling exploitation of children, their innocence slaughtered on the altar of the Church of Climatology and the rise of eco terrorism from Greenpeace, Earthfirst and Read the rest of this entry

The Promotion Of Eco Terrorism Part 3 –

The warming alarmists and Green eco-mentalists are definitely raising the stakes, in line with Greenpeace and Earth First! efforts to incite people to violence, have gone one better. Hat tip Steve Milloy

The collapse of the cap and trade scam in the US has really got the eco warriors a thinking and asking for ideas from their drones followers Read the rest of this entry