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Green Zealots Oppose Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership

Green groups are opposing a trade deal that would improve commerce between the US and the EU that would cut tarrifs and make doing business easier.

Green groups are opposing a trade deal that would improve commerce between the US and the EU which would cut tariffs and make doing business easier.

There is no doubt the entire global Green movement, sometimes called, no make that frequently called the Church of Climatology, are anti progess, anti prosperity and above all anti people. In the words of one their leading experts, Canadian environmentalists David Suzuki humans are merely maggots infesting the planet. Then there are those Greens that want to exterminate 80% – 90% of the human race to save the planet.

So it is no surprise, no make that boringly predictable that Gaia’s disciples are up in arms about the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP), which is an agreement between the worlds two largest trading blocs, the US and the EU. Talks had stalled but recently have restarted and an agreement between the two trading partners is looking to be on the cards.

So how would the EU benefit from TTIP? Read the rest of this entry

Bayer Threatens To Quit Germany Over Energy Costs

Bayer invented Aspirin in 1897

David Cameron and Chris Huhne were told by the Confederation of British Industry and the manufacturers association that Green taxes and Climate Religion are killing jobs and economic recovery.

Both organisations have warned that companies will relocate to countries where Climate Religion does not hold sway over the economic good of the country, countries where the politicians put the good of their country ahead of an absurd fear of an inert trace gas.

The recent news that Germany bowing to Green hysteria post Fukushima and phasing out its nuclear power stations by 2022, and replacing lost generating capacity with unreliable and heavily subsidised renewables is worrying German business: Read the rest of this entry