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The Green Cancer In Government – UK Environment Agency Putting Birds Before Humans

The main railway line between Exeter and Plymouth swings in the wind because the UK Environment Agency could not act to protect the line until it had carried out an impact assessment on local bird life.

The main railway line between Exeter and Plymouth swings in the wind because the UK Environment Agency could not act to protect the line until it had carried out an impact assessment on local bird life.

The stranglehold that environmentalism and being Green has on government departments in the western world has reached epidemic proportions of stupidity, or to put it another way the clowns have taken over the circus.

Much of Britain, and especially the south west has been submerged in flood water for weeks now, the Somerset Levels are not far off of joining Atlantis.

There are many complex and interlinked reasons as to why the floods have been so bad, one of the most significant is the lack of dredging of the rivers which in the case of the Somerset Levels stopped some 25 years ago. Dredging while solving one problem upstream can lead to further problems downstream caused by the increased flow of water as it heads to the sea.

On the never ending news reports from the flooded areas many people have been heard to say that the Environment Agency is putting birds before humans, now a group of Peers has revealed that in a meeting they were told by Environment Agency officials that no steps to protect the only rail link between Exeter and Plymouth could be taken, until an impact assessment had been carried out on the local sea birds. Read the rest of this entry


2013 Will Be The Worst Year For Warmists Since Records Began

The only international agreement on being terrified of CO2, the Kyoto Protocol finshed at the end of 2012.

The only international agreement on being terrified of CO2, the Kyoto Protocol finished at the end of 2012. With no chance of a new Kyoto Treaty being signed up to by the major emitters 2012 ended with another nail hammered into the Green coffin.

2012 was an unprecedented year of disaster and defeat for the Greens and warming alarmists, it was a year that on the face of it offered much hope to the watermelons, in June there was going to be  the Rio+20 Earth Summit, COP18 in Doha was going to build on the progress of COP17 and the Durban Platform and the European Union was going to single-handedly enforce a flying tax on the world.

Instead it all went to hell in solar powered hand cart, as Green defeat followed Green defeat.

On January 1st 2012 the EU announced the start of its Green flying tax on all flights in and out of the EU, as global opposition to the Green tax mounted, Comrade Connie Hedegaard, the EU’s unelected Climate Commissar remained bullish and insisted that the world would bow down to her Green will.

Many nations including the US, China and India prohibited their airlines from taking part in the EU flying tax amid threats of a trade war, particularly from China. Finally in November Hedegaard and the EU backed down and suspended their Green flying tax for forever 12 months.

The Rio+20 Earth summit held the promise of the  chance to relive the glory days of warming alarmism: Read the rest of this entry

Rio+20 The UN Sustainable Development Scam Fails

The Rio+20 UN circus has ended in yet another failure, the switch from the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam to the sustainable development scam has failed crashed and burned.

The duplicitous Green NGOs like WWF, Greenpeace and FoE are outraged at the Earth Summit failure, their outrage is not so much that their dream of the Green Agrarian Society has been dashed, more that, the Green NGOs were not consulted and not invited to take part in the process.

Greenpeace et al have no one but themselves to blame, they long ago abandoned any pretence at science, caring for the environment or the wildlife they were formed to protect, instead they got behind the great Green con trick of all time, man made climate change.

Now as the whole Climate Change/sustainable development scam has collapsed, those most involved in pushing the junk science and never ending fear stories, have learnt the hard way,  the cost of continually crying wolf, people just ignore you. Read the rest of this entry

WWF Only Global Poverty Can Save The Planet

In October 2011 the WWF produced a report entitled Positive Energy how renewable electricity can transform the UK energy market by 2030.

If the WWF plan were to be implemented then the UK electricity market would be transformed, with only politically correct Green approved energy generation, rolling power cuts would be the order of the day, because, of course reliable gas and nuclear electricity generation would be illegal.

The WWF now have a new plan to save the planet, in line with the sustainable development meme from next months Rio+20 Earth Summit: Read the rest of this entry

Is Rio+20 Sustainable?

The future we want, we being the UN, Green NGOs, environmentalists seeking the Green agrarian society with no growth economic models and draconian laws to protect Gaia.

The Rio+20 Earth Summit in June was supposed to be the relaunch of the Anthropogenic Global Warming scare, carefully rebranded as “sustainable development“, the aims of “sustainable development” are the same as those for the manufactured climate change scam, zero growth economic models, population control and a return to a pre-indsutrialised world.

Even before the rebranding had started, world leaders like Barry Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron had more pressing engagements, Cameron citied the Queens Jubilee, so the date of Rio+20 was changed so Dave could go, he still is not going,  “Little Nicky” Clegg,  the deputy Prime Minister will attend instead.

According to the spin of the environmentalists it is only the Big Satan, the USA that resists the global economic suicide pact they so desire, all the developing nations are fully behind the Green zero economic growth economy: Read the rest of this entry

Green Population Analyst Wants To Kill Off 80% Of People

Paul Ehrlich the worlds most renowned population analyst "we have to humanely and as rapidly as possible move to population shrinkage"

As the great Climate Change scam slowly sinks into political oblivion the Greens, environmentalists and ecofacists are repositioning for Climate Change 2 – Scary Tales of Biodiversity, the UN have already setup the new IPCC propaganda outlet for biodiversity, the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) which should provide plenty of job opportunities for WWF and FoE, as the IPCC did before.

The warming alarmists have always had this thing about people infesting the planet, eugenics and population control have surfaced from time to time as part of the Green Liberal Agenda, as the global warming scam fades so “sustainable development” replaces the climate fear message, though the end goal remains the same, a one world Green government ruling over a global population of no more that 2 billion.

The current orchestrated message from all Green media outlets inexorably links human population and that most horrendous of Green sins, consumption. Read the rest of this entry

David Cameron Must Speak Out On Climate Change, Says Top Scientist

David Cameron bothering a dog in the hope of warming alarmist votes

The increasingly desperate warming alarmists are making more and more calls for David Cameron and his “greenest government ever” to “step up to the plate” and provide leadership for their Green economic suicide plan.

The lastest “Top Scientist”, the Guardian’s words not Aardvark’s, to bray for Dave to stand up is Professor Sir David King, religious climate advisor to the disastrous Labour government from 2000 – 2007.

in 2004 King was the man behind the comical theory that Global Warming was a bigger threat to world security than Global Terrorism: Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne Attacks Tory ‘Zealots’ Over Proposed Scrapping Of Green Laws

Hune's Tory colleagues plan to remove Green Laws as unnecessary regulation

Attila the Huhnatic is deeply unhappy about his Tory colleagues in the collation government and their plans to scrap unnecessary regulation and laws, because among the laws being considered for the junk yard are the disastrous Climate Change Act, the Wildlife and Countryside Act and the National Parks Act.

Huhne has immediately thrown all his toys out of the pram and started calling Tory colleagues in the government “right wing ideologues” and “deregulation zealots” which is rich coming from a “Libtard ideologue” and “Climate Religion zealot”.

The problem that Huhne is all to aware of, is, that unless you enshrine in law the teachings of Climate Religion, the ordinary people wont follow the “do as I say, not as I dohypocrisy of the Champagne Socialists and Environmentalists< Read the rest of this entry

Climate Change Fail : 2010 UN Year Of Biodiversity

The Madagascan flying fruit bat

2010 was the United Nations year of Biodiversity; Biodiversity was to have been the new Global Warming front end, instead of drowning cities, nice fluffy animals from the Disney psyche would be horribly drowned and it would all be just, dreadful!

Sadly for Biodiversity it arrived after one too many cries of wolf, so it was largely ignored, smothered beneath a plethora of terms to replace Global Warming; which by now caused Global Cooling, earthquakes and every event possible “could in some way, or other been caused by AGW”.

It is a fact of evolution that some species evolve and prosper, others fail to do so and become extinct. Without doubt man has been responsible for the extinction of many species, as has climate and freak natural events that did for the dinosaurs. Read the rest of this entry

Fewer Britions Than Ever Believe In Man Made Climate Change

Heathrow in the recent snow, which earlier closed the airport

The Office for National Statistics carried out a survey in August to see how many Britons still believed in the great Anthropogenic Global Warming scam, and the results are bound to cause more distress to the warming alarmists.

An earlier poll for EDF energy in May 2010 was equally depressing for the Church of Climatology, only 62% of Britons are faintly interested in Climate Change.

The ONS poll shows that the number of Climate Realists has doubled in 4 years Read the rest of this entry