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The Great Climate Change Scam – The Decline In A Month Is Incredible

Our children will not know what a wind turbine was

Our children will not know what a wind turbine was

Having had a month off blogging and really taking no  interest, in the news or the warming alarmists due to being very busy relocating, the decline of the AGW scam is quite amazing, when you read loads of new stories everyday you tend not to particularly notice the gradual decline, until some major event like Climategate or another UNFCC COP failure happens.

The old saying goes that a week in politics is a long time, well a month in the Anthropogenic Global Warming industry equates to several years of decline, as the move away from Green foolishness and stupidity accelerates in the last bastion of the Church of Climatology, Europe.

David Cameron and his “Greenest Government Ever” in Britain are being told to listen to Climate Change Skeptics, by none other than George Eustice MP, Dave’s very own Climate Change Adviser:

He said: “I am personally persuaded that there is a link between carbon emissions and climate change but it is essential that all perspectives in this argument are heard.

“I don’t like the way that legitimate, yet contrarian scientific opinion on the issue has been rubbished or ridiculed. Sometimes those who believe in climate change have foolishly undermined their own case.”

Eustice is like all the politicians, still hedging their political bets by saying they are personally persuaded in the existence of the big bad CO2 wolf that is so often summoned, yet never comes, while preparing to advise the British Government to implement policies that go directly against their personal persuasions, Read the rest of this entry

Is This The End For Hedegaard And The EU Emissions Trading Scheme

Comrade Connie gets it wrong again by jumping on the warming alarmist event attribution bandwagon

Things are starting to slide for unelected EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard, the rot set in prior to COP18 with EU officials saying that Hedegaards pushing for emissions cuts of 30% as fanciful thinking, next Hedegaard and her opposition to shale gas was ignored and now her plan to save the EU ETS has failed.

The European Unions climate change policy is at the point of collapse, the carbon floor price has crashed through the floor to an all time low of €2.63 a metric ton, after MEPs voted against “backloading” the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

The EU ETS has been in crisis for years, there was a huge €5bn VAT fraud, then the computer systems were hacked and down for weeks, the price of carbon globally has been in free fall and backloading was the last ditch attempt to save the ETS.

Backloading is essentially withholding from sale 900 million carbon permits in an attempt to drive up the price of carbon which continues to fall due to the economic problems and decline in manufacturing in the EU.

Commissar Connie described backloading as “no brainer”, ignoring the obvious irony of such a statement, Hedegaard had put her all her political clout behind backloading, the rejection by the EU Parliament is a decisive blow to Hedegaard and the Green Agenda she relentlessly pushes. Read the rest of this entry

Ed Davey “Climate Change Science Is Irrefutable”

Liberal Democrat Climate Fool Ed Davey believes that Climate Science if irrefutable.

Liberal Democrat Climate Fool Ed Davey believes that Climate Science is irrefutable.

This would be funny, or possibly just plain boring if it were one of the usual Green suspects like Ban Ki-Moon, Connie Hedegaard, Christiana Figueres or one the banshee wailing NGO’s, instead it is a British Government minister who has a very big say in the energy mix and energy security of Britain.

Ed Davey is the replacement Liberal Democrat Climate Change secretary in the lack lustre coalition government that is currently compounding the damage done to the country by the previous Labour Regime of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Davey’s predecessor as Climate Change secretary, Liberal Democrat Chris Huhne has gone, guilty of the serious crime of Perverting the Course of Justice, Huhne is currently awaiting what is most likely a custodial prison sentence.

Huhne in his day was a formidable politician, a devout member of the Church of Climatology, at the annual UN Climate Circus meetings Huhne could usually be found with his nose up Connie Hedegaard’s butt, busily trying to give away more money that Britain did not have.

Davey by comparison to Huhne is a glove puppet, more akin to one operated by a limp wristed puppeteer come to think of it, Davey is a political lightweight so it is not surprising he should choose to make his irrefutable science claims to an audience of the converted: Read the rest of this entry

EU Needs To Cut Emissions 40% By 2020 To Provide Climate Leadership

EU Commission President  Jose Manual Barroso wants Europe to lead the way in committing economic suicide.

EU Commission President Jose Manual Barroso wants Europe to lead the way in committing economic suicide by 2030.

Different day, same tired old Green propaganda being pushed relentlessly by another unelected European Official, this time EU Commission President Jose Manual Barroso.

Barroso like other EU and Liberal Socialist politicians is still locked into the Green bubble, inconvenient truths like no warming for 16 years, the repetitive failure of UNFCCC cop meetings, the death of the one and only climate treaty, the Kyoto Protocol, the lack of a successor to Kyoto, the lack of populist support for bold climate measures are all ignored as the Green elite repeat their meaningless sound bites of Green drivel.

On this occasion the climate robot had a USB memory stick inserted with the sound bites: 2°C Warming, Green economy, Green jobs, emissions cut, 40%, control the weather (constrain warming) preloaded and then suitably prefixed with approved Greenspeak: Read the rest of this entry

Climategate University – Flying Has Less Environmental Impact Than Road Travel

Air Travel is better for the environment that travel by bus, according to Climategate University

Air Travel is better for the environment that travel by bus, according to Climategate University

Once upon a time in the not so dim and distant past the Greens, environmentalists and other stalwarts of the Church of Climatology decreed that flying was one of the greatest crimes against Gaia, so great a crime that only those dedicated to saving the world at UNFCCC Climate Circus Meetings, and Leonardo Di Caprio could fly with Gaia’s approval.

Now the Green meme on flying has changed, according to a new study by the University at the heart of the Climategate, the University of East Anglia: Read the rest of this entry

Save The Planet Smoke A Camel

Time of cash in on carbon credits smoke a camel

Time to cash in on carbon credits smoke a camel

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” were the words of Napoleon the pig in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, an allegorical story about Stalin and communism, equally applicable to today’s Greens and environmentalists.

Some animals are politically correct and fit the Green fantasy Disney stereotype of how nature should be, others need to be eradicated because they kill other animals or because of the their carbon paw print.

The Green in environmentalism has always been about the color of money, if you need further proof just look at the huge subsidies that renewables like wind and solar receive globally, in Britain solar energy companies are suing the Government for cutting subsidies for having solar panels installed, in the US the wailing from wind farm operators when the PTC was delayed was deafening.

In Australia another Green profiteer  has seen an opportunity to cash in on saving the planet killing an animal that does not fit the Green model: Read the rest of this entry