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Connie Hedegaard – Wrong Again This Time On Extreme Weather

Comrade Connie gets it wrong again by jumping on the warming alarmist event attribution bandwagon

The EU’s unelected Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard is at it again, pushing fear stories of extreme weather events, naturally caused by Anthropogenic Global Warming of course.

This is the Green silly season, the run up to a UN COP meeting which always sees a massive increase of Green doom and gloom predictions, historically none of which have ever come true thus far.

Hedegaard it is worth remembering was responsible for hosting and preparing COP Climategate 15 before being appointed EU Climate Commissar, so she is hardly impartial when it comes to pushing the Global Agrarian Society.

In warming alarmist reality, Global Warming is the cause for just about everything that has ever happened or will ever happen, event attribution to give it’s name and it is a very popular tool in promoting the political science of Climate Change.

Event Attribution makes even IPCC lead authors despair, IPCC Lead Author Myles Allen had this to say about Al Gore and event attribution: Read the rest of this entry

Arctic Sea Ice Hysteria – What Does Ice Free Really Mean?

Arctic will be ice free within 4 years according to Professor Peter Wadhams

This years record Arctic sea ice melt has got the warming alarmist doom sayers all fired up and predicting more environmental Armageddon in the Arctic, even though the warming alarmist propaganda machine had already predicted that the Arctic would be ice free by the summer of 2012.

Of course this is the start of the silly season for Big Green, the run up to COP18 in Doha, the same cycle that happens every year in preparation for the annually declining attendance at UN COP meetings.

This year the fear theme is Arctic Sea Ice, and this time the Arctic will be ice free in just 4 years according to Professor Peter Wadhams: Read the rest of this entry

The Fad Of Climate Religion Is Ending

The Church of Climatology, a faddish religion at the end of its life

The complete and abject failure of Rio+20 has signalled the end of the great man made global warming scam, a last ditch attempt at changing the name of the scare again, this time to “sustainable development” made no difference, Rio+20 was the definitive failure.

The pre Rio+20 hoopla boasted of 50,000 delegates attending, the reality was that along with most of the important world leaders, 40,000 of the projected 50,000 attendees had something better to do that week, like watching paint dry.

The pews at the Church of Climatology in Rio were mostly empty, if there were ever a time when the converted were preaching to the converted Rio+20 was it. Read the rest of this entry

Rio+20 & What Sustainable Development Really Means

The future for Britain and the industrialised world as "sustainable development" enforced by a one world UN government takes hold. Picture by Jo Turner

The new name for the objectives of what was once called Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate Disruption, Weather Weirding is sustainable development.

Sustainable development is not a new idea, it first featured in Agenda 21 the UN plan for one world government in the 21st Century, which was the outcome of the Rio Earth Summit in 1992.

Now 20 years on the Rio+20 Earth Summit in June has dropped Anthropogenic Global Warming as the driver for its crusade and resuscitated sustainable development, with the added extras of guardians of the future and a new crime of ecocide.

Sustainable development on the face of it sounds a friendly enough idea, and conjures up visions, as it is supposed to do of people replacing trees that are cut down with new trees, but,  and this is the big but of all time, sustainable development means different things to different people.

At the opening of the Rio Earth Summit in 1992: Read the rest of this entry

Why Are Environmentalists Never Satisfied?

The Mekong River in Laos plans to build a dam have naturally upset environmentalists

The Green NGOs are virtually impossible to keep happy when it comes to energy generation, fossil fueled power stations are evil because they emit CO2 and nuclear is evil, because it is nuclear.

Which leaves renewable energy like wind, solar and the long established hydroelectricity, none of which emit CO2 during energy generation, well that is the theory, the practice is somewhat different.

Wind Farms off the coast of Heligoland hum to the sound of diesel engines keeping the wind turbines turning over as someone forgot the necessary infrastructure to connect the wind farm to the German grid. In China a lake of toxic waste from wind turbine magnet production surrounds the town of Batou, while in Sudbury, Ontario nickel used in the production of the Green Toyota Prius has created a dead wasteland for many miles around, which NASA use for testing moon rovers.

Strangely neither of these desecrations of Gaia have upset the ecomentalists.

You would be forgiven for thinking that when a developing nation like Laos, or Chile wanted to build a dam for a hydroelectric scheme that would provide 20% of the country’s electricty needs the Greepeaces, WWFs and FoEs of this world would be happy as the proverbial pig: Read the rest of this entry

More Green Failure And Lies In Europe

The truth about the real cost of Green taxation for wind and solar on Britain’s energy bills is out, Green subsidy adds 15% to electricity bills.

The Global Trade War over the EU’s Green flying tax took a step closer to reality this week, and out of  the blue Germany is now cutting subsidies earlier than planned for solar; within 5 years the Green taxation for solar will be no more.

The cost of Green subsidy on Britain’s energy bills has been hotly debated with the Greens maintaining that the cost of subsidy is only £20 per year: Read the rest of this entry

Global Climate Deal Hinges On Obama Being Re-Elected

If Obama loses in 2012 then that's it for the Great Global Warming Scam

Barack Obama is widely tipped to be a one term president as America’s experiment with the big government of socialism has proved to be an economic and social disaster.

From the outset Obama was into Climate Religion, a man for whom science can be setteled for all time, above all a politician as his Presidential Approval Ratings hit an all time low, Obama became quitely less Green.

Cap and Trade failed to pass into law so Obama used the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to try and implement Cap and Trade by the backdoor.

The warming alarmists have started to prepare themselves for the very real possibility of a Climate Skeptic in the White House.

Now according to banking giant HSBC a Republican in the White House will kill the Great Global Warming Scam stone dead. Read the rest of this entry

German Wind Farm Fiasco

German offshore wind farm has nothing to connect to

Another story of epic failure from the renewables industry, this time from the normally meticulous Germans who have built a large wind farm 20 miles off the coast of Heligoland, in the North Sea.

Once finished the wind farm will start generating electricity immediately, er no, seems there is no infrastructure in place to connect the wind farm to Germany’s electrical grid, and there will not be for at least 12 months.

It gets better soon the area will be full of diesel fumes as fossil fuel powered generators will be used to keep the turbines, turning: Read the rest of this entry

Why Wind Turbines Explode

During the recent storms that hit Scotland a £2 million 328 foot tall wind turbine exploded and rained shrapnel and fire on the surrounding area, all caused by  a 50mph wind.

As usual the so called “Renewable Energy” experts are calling it a freak accident with only a 1% chance of the accident happening.

There are 2 serious problems that afflict wind turbines, blade failure and gearbox failure, the latter failure usually results in the wind turbine catching fire; it is a problem that the renewables industry has long been  aware of: Read the rest of this entry

COP17 A Win For Big Oil

COP17 achieves nothing but the agreement to keep talking

The Durban Climate Synod is over and for the third year in a row nothing has been achieved other than bucket loads of CO2 have been emitted, ironically by those that most fear an inert trace gas and there is some sort of vague agreement to meet next year, and achieve nothing, again.

There was one winner in Durban, those dirty words Big Oil when the United Arab Emirates pulled an absolute blinder on the Green eco sheep who will sign anything, without question: Read the rest of this entry