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Greenhouse Gas Theory Trashed In Ground Breaking Experiment

Professor Robert W Wood disproved the Greenhouse Gas Theory in 1909

Over a 100 years ago a professor at John Hopkins University conducted a series of experiments that disproved the Greenhouse Gas and Global Warming theories.

Others followed Robert W. Wood and came to the same conclusions.

In more recent times the warming alarmists have rerun Woods experiment and claimed that Wood was wrong, this should be taken with a massive dose of reality check as the scientist concerned is a mathematician specialising in computers, he is not a Climate Scientist or Meteorologist, but as usual this has been airbrushed over.

Now Wood’s experiment has been rerun by a climate researcher and his findings support Wood’s experiment from 1909: Read the rest of this entry

Wind Turbines – What Chris Huhne Does Not Want You To Know

This short video compilation exposes shocking images of death and destruction that is the hidden price of wind farms.

Blighted communities campaign to stop green lunacy, the toll on birds continues to mount, the environmental damage from wind turbine production in China is kept hidden Read the rest of this entry

Climate Models Fail To Predict Past Catastrophes

Current computer models cannot predict Climate events of the past with known data

The Climate Models at the heart of warming alarmist religion are not nearly as accurate as the Church of Climatology would have us all believe.

If these computer models cant get the past correct, with known data then what value are their future predictions where there are huge unknowns? Read the rest of this entry

Why The Global Warming Agenda of Chris Huhne And The EU Is Wrong

This video by Dr. Roy Spencer, a Climate Change skeptic and meterologist explains in a neat and concise way what is wrong with the argument used by the warming alarmists that everything man does is directly responsible for every change in weather or natural disaster Read the rest of this entry

Al Gore Annouces New Climate Of Fear Campaign

Al Gore is back, with a new campaign that Gore hopes will reignite Global Warming Climate Disruption hysteria from the ironically renamed The Climate Reality Project (formerly the Alliance for Climate Protection), nothing like a good renaming to try and resell the same tired old lies. Read the rest of this entry

No The Arctic Wont Now Be Ice Free In 2012 But It Might Be By 2030

The map of predictions and what might happen though on current prediction accuracy not likely

Just a few short years ago the Arctic was going to be largely ice free in the summer months by 2012.

Now because global warming is increasing the Arctic could be ice free in the summer from 2030.

The story the world was fed by Obama, Brown, the EU and the UN was imminent Climate Armageddon, so in the true style of warming alarmist junk science the previous erroneous prediction for 12 months time must be ignored Read the rest of this entry

Green Energy Bill Shelved – Another Defeat For Chris Huhne

Green Energy Bill Shelved a personal failure for Chris Huhne

June 22nd 2011 was a black day for the Church of Climatology in Europe when Poland put a stop to the EU’s economic suicide plan for the 2050 energy road map, then on July 5th 2011 the EU Parliament voted against increasing carbon emissions cuts to 30% from 1990 levels.

While for Chris Hune June 22nd was a “Dark day for Europe“, Huhne has subsequently dropped off the radar since Essex Police raided his ex-wife’s home and took away his sons mobile phone.

Today the Green Energy Bill has been shelved, legislation that Huhne has staked his personal reputation on: Read the rest of this entry

EU Votes Against 30% Carbon Emissions Cut

A failed attempt by the EU to spread Climate Change fear with vague predictions

The European Parliament has voted No to the planned increase in carbon emissions cuts from 20% to 30% by 2020, from the 1990 levels of emissions.

The European Leaders of the Church of Climatology Chris Huhne and the unelected Connie Hedegaard had been pushing for the reduction in emissions and trumpeting loudly that all the EU states were behind their plan for EU economic ruin.

The Guardian and Independent carried stories about Tory MEPs going to cause the end of civilisation by voting against the cuts, David Cameron got involved, the Tory MEPs ignored Cameron and a voted against the cuts, but, their votes were not decisive: Read the rest of this entry

Climategate Fallout Hits University Of East Anglia

Phil Jones and UEA ordered to hand over their temperature records

Phil Jones and the University of East Anglia have been ordered by the information commissioner to handover 4000 temperature records collected jointly with the UK Met Office, previously Jones and UEA had been more than obstructive with Freedom of Information requests.

UEA held a whitewash inquiry with a pre-determined outcome, though the inquiry did tell Jones he was a naughty boy for not answering those FoI’s.

The ruling by information commissioner, Christopher Graham is a landmark in the fight to get at truth behind the great Climate Change scam and best of all, this ruling puts Phil Jones back in the frame.

In the US, UEA’s co-conspirator the University of Virgina has been ordered to hand over Michael Mann’s climate change data under an FoI.

Curious the way both universities have strenuously resisted all FoI requests, a cynic would think they had something to hide: Read the rest of this entry

Church Of England Adopts Climate Religion And Sun Worship

Coventry Cathedral soon to be smothered with solar panels

It had to happen the Church of England is abandoning God and adopting Climate Religion and Sun Worship, leading the conversion is Coventry Cathedral soon to be clad in those symbols of uber greenness the solar panel. Read the rest of this entry