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COP19 And The Climate Of Blame, Connie Hedegaard Damaged COP15 And COP19

EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard ""I hope to hear from the blamed for failures at COP15 and COP19

EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard  blamed for failures at COP15 and COP19

One of the joys of the failure of any socialist scheme is the apportionment of blame for the failure, every scheme needs a Stalin style scapegoat for when it all goes to hell in a handcart.

Enter the new Green scapegoat blamed not only for the failure of COP19, but COP15 as well, the one and only EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard.

In an amusing and ironical twist Comrade Connie, a great exponent of the junk science of attribution where by everything that has ever happened, might happen or will happen is attributed to Anthropogenic Global Warming, is now having the same attribution logic applied to her.

Only in this case it is a brand new branch of Green science that evolved during the latter stages of COP19, the attribution of COP failure: Read the rest of this entry

COP19 – Green NGOs To Walk Out Of The Climate Circus

Green NGOs are set to walk out of COP19 talks due to lack to progress in wealth redistribution.

Green NGOs are set to walk out of COP19 talks due to lack to progress in wealth redistribution.

After years of having a hysterical mainstream media pushing the Green fear meme, having politicians desperate to placate their shrill demands the Green NGOs like Greenpeace, WWF, FoE et al are having a tough time adapting to the new reality.

The writing first appeared on the wall at COP18 for the Green NGOs, when their interruptions to the climate talks was for the first time limited to just 30 seconds. A year later and the reality has still not sunk in, Green NGOs are now irrelevant to the COP negotiating process, despite still weaving their Green propaganda and junk science into IPCC Assessment Reports.

COP19 was always going to deliver absolutely nothing,even before the Boy King Obama killed off wealth redistribution loss and damage which effectively delivered the coup de grâce. Read the rest of this entry

COP19 – Aussies In T Shirts Blamed For Loss And Damage Walkout

Aussies in T shirts like Brad and Dan are the reason that COP19 failed.

Casually dressed Aussies like Brad and Dan are the reason that COP19 failed.

As the warming alarmists and UN wealth re-distributors thrash around desperately seeking someone to blame for the 5th Successive COP meeting failure in a row, some incredibly silly and pathetic reasons will be forthcoming.

Like Aussies in T shirts for example.

The Greens have it in for Australia, following Tony Abbott’s crushing defeat of Julia Gillard’s Labor government and her Green allies in the September General Election, the rollback of Green stupidity down under has begun.

Tony Abbott chose not send Environment Minister Greg Hunt to Warsaw, having him instead stay in Australia to begin the process of removing Gillard’s Carbon Tax. Read the rest of this entry

Greenpeace In Russia: The Criminal Charges Pile Up For The Arctic 30

Excellent video from CBC News showing the detention at gun point of the Greenpeace activists in their Zodiacs while the Russian Coast Guard ship pursues the Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise, and then opens fire with several warning shots.

Right up to the point where the Russians open fire, Greenpeace really do not have any comprehension of where this is going, or just how much brown smelly stuff they are just about to step into.

In another video clip shot er sorry, filmed, on the bridge of the Arctic Sunrise the Captain of the Russian Coastguard ship can be clearly heard saying “if you do not stop your vessel we will use weapons“.

The response from Greenpeace is typically smug and very naive, because Greenpeace have a monopoly on deciding what is politically correct for Gaia, and more importantly how we should all live our lives.

Greenpeace:”We are here in order to make the world a better place and in response you are threatening to open fire on our ship“.

In reply the Russian Coastguard fires warning shots, the Arctic Sunrise finally stops, the Russians board the ship and tow it to Murmansk where all 30 people on board are charged with piracy. Read the rest of this entry

The Arctic 30 Green Cashcows For Greenpeace, Scapegoats For The Russians

The 30 Green sacrificial lambs being used as a cash cow by cynical Greenpeace.

Some of the Arctic 30,  Green sacrificial lambs being used as a cash cow by a cynical  Greenpeace.

Free the Arctic 30. Donate, donate, donate, donate till ya drop.

Try as they might the combined forces of Greenpeace and The Guardian just cannot motivate the civil society they claim to represent to be outraged and indignant, in the Liberal Green way they should be, because 30 self appointed guardians of the Arctic are in assorted Russian prisons.

The lack of support in the now 4 current articles in the Guardian Environment section shows how out of touch Greenpeace are with public opinion here in the west, as well as in Russia.

An opinion poll in Russia on the actions of the Russian authorities gives 66% support for the way the Greenpeace employees were dealt with, though 17% thought the charges were too harsh and 8% deplored them as too lenient. There is a very big message that all the Green NGO’s would be well advised to hear loud and clear in this poll from the Russian people:

Two in three respondents said the government should curb any attempt of foreign-based environmental organizations to stop Russia from developing the Arctic basin.

Read the rest of this entry

The Global Warming Boondoggle Pantomime To Tragedy

It was all so rosy in 1988 for the Agrarian Society lovers, however 25 years of symbolic politics has ended in Tragedy for Gaia.

It was all so rosy in 1988 for the Agrarian Society lovers, however 25 years of symbolic politics has ended in Tragedy for Gaia.

The warming alarmists, Greens and Liberals are in a mixed state of consternation and incredulity that the world has not stopped turning since the release of the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report (AR5).

The Green scammers were over the moon with the PR for the report, which says something completely different to the findings, so the IPCC released the bad news first so that the Green propaganda machine could go into overdrive with the fear message, yet again.

We are over the peak. Years late, the IPCC concedes some territory and wears headlines they must hate (“Global warming is just HALF what we said“, “We got it wrong on warming“), but PR still rules, and in the big game, this will quickly spin to a minor bump. It’s a classic technique to release “the bad news” before the main report, to clear the air for the messages the agents want to stick.

The trouble is there has not been a lot PR message sticking, world leaders have mostly ignored the report, unless of course they stand to get their grasping hands on some climate justice money.

The stark naked reality of the situation has not been lost on warming alarmist Dr Christopher Shaw, who has impeccable warmist credentials like the Grantham Institute and the Climate Crunch project: Read the rest of this entry

The Guardian Trys To Bolster Support For Greenpeace Pirates And Fails

Greenpeace protestor outside the Russian Embassy in London. Then Green equivalent of the 19th Century British Army's Forlone Hope.

Greenpeace protestor outside the Russian Embassy in London. The Green equivalent of the 19th Century British Army’s Forlorn Hope.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Greenpeace pirates story is the deafening silence from the embassy’s of the foreign nationals currently under arrest in Murmansk. Apart from some muted comments from the Dutch about the Arctic Sunrise being a Dutch registered vessel and a faint mumbling from the Finns about one of their nationals, nobody seems bothered about a bunch of Green activists being in prison.

This must have come as a surprise to Greenpeace who are used to Politicians in the West hanging on their every word and being terrified of upsetting Greenpeace on its self appointed mission to destroy industrialized society.

So when Greenpeace director John Sauven wrote this piece in The Guardian in today they would have been expecting unwavering support from the Green Guardianistas who would of course be suitably outraged that these people were arrested for following their conscience, one of the most noble Liberal acts anyone can do, and which, should of course, make you immune from any sort of punishment. Read the rest of this entry

Russians Start Charging Greenpeace Activists With Piracy

The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise anchored near Murmansk with a Russian Coastguard  gunboat and tug.

The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise anchored near Murmansk with a Russian Coastguard gunboat and tug, indications are that Greenpeace are going to need a new crew, assuming the Russians let them have Arctic Sunrise back.

The world now knows, the Russians are playing hardball with the self appointed Green Guardians of Gaia, and not before time it must be said, for too long now insidious Green NGO’s have had the ear of governments, contributed to the junk science of the IPCC and feel they can interfere with legal operations of any country, if they, Greenpeace do not agree with it.

There would be at least some credibility if the position Greenpeace adopted was based on sound observed science, instead according to Dr Patrick Moore one of the founders of Greenpeace, who has since parted company with the NGO:


The speaker was also highly critical of the organization he co-founded, claiming it’s counter-productive today from an environmental standpoint.

“The organization should at least base its positions on science,” he said.

Read the rest of this entry

COP19 Hosts Poland And The Green Standoff With The EU

COP19 hosts Poland are still refusing to take notice of pointless EU leading the way environmental legislation.

COP19 hosts Poland are still refusing to take notice of pointless EU leading the way Green economic suicide legislation

In the late 1940’s and early 1950’s there was a particularly  cringe making  genre of film called the Musical Western, these movies for a while were very popular, but eventually the camp clothing, the ludicrous plot lines proved too much for audiences, who drifted away from the fad.

Sounds familiar?

Well it should, in the last decade of the 20th Century and the first decade of the 21st Century there was a fad for Climate Religion where the same hair shirt clothing and ludicrous plot lines proved too much for the audience, who drifted away from the fad.

At least the Musical Western had the decency to just fade away from the screens, unlike the UN Climate Process which annually makes a spectacle of its continuing and agonizing death throes, last years event Fear and Loathing in Doha was one of the best Green disaster movies of all time, this year’s event in Poland is set to trump Doha in spades.

When Poland was chosen as COP19 hosts, at COP18 the wailing and whingeing from the Greens started and has continued unabated ever since. The Greens are less than impressed with the COP19 website which is neither Green nor extreme enough for them, Poland has a history of being obstructive to Green plans for economic suicide and most ironically for the Greens, the political consensus on the stupidity of Green measures is shared by both the Left and the Right. Read the rest of this entry

UNFCCC – The World Will Never Reach A Climate Deal

Halldor Thorgeirsson "I don’t think that an international treaty will ever be the primary driver for the difficult decisions to be made"

The structure of the UNFCCC Climate Change scam

The Anthropogenic Global Warming industry and it’s scammers and rent seekers are in serious trouble, and what is more even they can now smell the coffee.

The IPCC will be publishing its fifth assessment report (AR5) on September 27th and the report is going to do more damage to the warmists claims of impending environmental Armageddon. Damage limitation exercises are underway with Green propaganda outlets like the Guardian running stories about the 5 stages of Climate Denial and ad hominem attacks on journalists in the Telegraph and Daily Mail.

EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard is spouting the meme that even if the science is wrong then it should still be business as usual for the Big Green money making machine. Comrade Connie pragmatically thinks that wasting £174 billion every year for a problem that does not exist makes complete sense.

Now the dawn of realisation that the scam is over has hit the UNFCCC, Halldor Thorgeirsson a senior director: Read the rest of this entry