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Communicating Climate Change Without The Scary Green Monsters (Oxymoron)

Big Green is wondering again if the stories of scary Green monsters are really working with the public in the developed world. They wondered this before, but there problem is their political agenda is founded on fear.

Big Green is wondering again if the stories of scary Green monsters are really working with the public in the developed world. They have wondered this before, but the problem is their political agenda is founded on fear.

If you cry wolf as the fable goes people listen, if however, you keep crying wolf and the wolf never turns up and eats the sheep then eventually people cease to listen.

Here is the crux of the problem facing the Green propaganda machine, not one of their Green Armageddon scenarios has ever come pass, the Arctic was going to ice free by 2012, when that failed happen the date changed to 2020 and then moved on to 2058.

Our children would not know what snow was, there were 50 days to save the world which eventually evolved into 120 months to save the world.

It was Climategate that did the damage to the Green Dream, and in the years since then, the fear stories have been ramped up, where  every extreme weather event is immediately linked to Anthropogenic Global Warming, by the new Green science of attribution.

Attribution is a simple science that most people can comprehend, it goes like this everything that has ever happened, or will happen in the future is caused by man made climate change.

In reality it is the science of predictive fear, underlined by the hope a major natural disaster will occur, and that the Greens can profit from the ensuing human misery.  Puts a whole new slant on “I told you so.” Read the rest of this entry

IPCC Chief Rajendra Pachauri We Are All Going To Die (Again) But No Armageddon Date This Time

IPCC Chief Rajendra Pachauri predicts we are all going to die again, but this time sensibly does give a year when this will happen.

IPCC Chief Rajendra Pachauri predicts we are all going to die again, but this time sensibly does not give a year when this will happen.

The pre-COP silly season is well underway with all outlets of the Global Warming industry spreading doom, gloom, fear and trying desperately to find non existent heat in the deep oceans.

No run up to a UNFCCC COP meeting would complete without some predictions of Armageddon from the head of the UNFCCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Rajendra Pachauri.

The head of the IPCC is not a climate scientist, nor indeed any form of scientist, Pachauri is by profession a railway engineer and a part time soft core porn novel writer, with a long track record of making failed predictions of when the 4 Green horsemen of Apocalypse will arrive.

Now in Pachauri world it is 5 minutes to Green midnight and the Apocalypse: Read the rest of this entry

Norfolk Police Close Climategate Investigation

Norfolk Police have been investigating Climategate, the leaking of emails from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in November 2009.

Climategate did a huge amount of damage to the warming alarmists and the UN with their Agenda 21.

Now after 3 years Norfolk Police have closed their investigation into the leaking of the CRU emails: Read the rest of this entry

Friends Of The Earth & WWF Recieved Billions From EU To Promote AGW Scam

The EU has paid billions to Green NGOs like Friends of the Earth and WWF so they can promote the self serving AGW scam

The UK Met Office has found itself in a very embarrassing position, an avid promoter of the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam, it has had to admit there has been no warming for the last 15 years.

This is seriously bad news for Climate Religion, to call it climate science is to do a major disservice to the many honest and diligent scientists, who actually practice real science.

At best the warmists could be described as a lobby group, but what do you call it when the Government funds the lobbyists to lobby the Government?

A number of words spring to mind Fraud for example, Global Warming, Climate Change, Green and Environmentalism are also synonyms for fraud: Read the rest of this entry

Polarbeargate – It’s Lie Detector Time

Polarbeargate just another childs fear tale from the Church of Climatology

The first decade of the 21st Century was a heady time for climate scientists the new false prophets of the left leaning liberals, who took Anthropogenic Global Warming to their hearts, it was all Homo sapiens fault, which dovetailed nicely with the global liberal belief in original guilt, which is much like the christian concept of original sin.

There is always something to apologise for or feel guilty about.

As the science became not only settled, but also politically correct, so the amount of money on offer to support the man made Climate Change theory increased, all political systems need a bogeyman, the USSR bogeyman had finally come apart as Marxism ultimately does not work, so a new something to be feared was needed, enter the CO2 Wolf. Read the rest of this entry

Climate Change – Now Animals Are Shrinking

Polar Bears are shrinking due to Climate Change

Poor old Ursus maritimus is allegedly suffering again from the effects of Man Made Global Warming,  now polar bears are shrinking in size.

The Polar bear has almost become the doomed mascot of the Church of Climatology, the ecomentalist’s Christ on Cross who has suffered for our sins, well, according to the religious teachings of Al Gore, Greenpeace, WWF and FoE the ploar bear has.

The drowning polar bears, resurfaced as Polarbeargate and just like so many more Green and Environmentalist lies, the declining Arctic sea ice was in fact increasing at the rate of an area the size of Manhattan every 3 minutes, now in the latest effort to keep belief in Anthropogenic Global Warming alive, the polar bear and other species are supposedly shrinking in size: Read the rest of this entry

IPCC Lead Author – Al Gore Is Doing A Disservice To Science

Al Gore's Climate Reality Project is a disservice to science

Al Gore’s 24 hours of Reality Goregasm was not the success Gore had hoped for.

Mocked by Climate Skeptics for the junk science and the linking of everything that has ever happened to man made climate change, and greeted with despair by warming alarmists for exactly the same reasons as the skeptics, Gore claims 8.6 millions hits on the Climate Reality web site, but there are significant doubts due to the inconvenient truth of the real hit rate on the site.

Gore is rapidly becoming an serious embarrassment to the warming alarmist industry Read the rest of this entry

Britain The Political Consensus On Global Warming Is Dead

No longer believed by Dave because votes are at stake

The Conservative Party Conference this week has been a major turning point in the decline of Climate Religion in Britain, with Chancellor George Osborne talking complete sense about the stupidity of Britain going it alone and committing economic suicide so Britain can lead by the example, in the fight against an inert trace gas that is essential for plant life.

In the cosy world of Climate Religion belief, the Liberal Elite believed that a barrage of fear stories, grey propaganda loyally regurgitated by Main Stream Media and hijacking the IPCC would be sufficient to force their brave new Green world on everyone else, now the Southsea Green bubble has burst, the eco mentalists are hurt, shocked and trying to spin a damage limitation exercise.

So here’s a green keyword count for the prime minister’s speech today at the Conservative party conference: Green: 2. Climate: 0. Environment: 0. Carbon: 0.

Damian Carrington at the Guardian whose dreams of pre Agricultural Revolution Britain where the self appointed Carrington knows best, are in ruins: which does tempt Aardvark to paraphrase Colonel Kilgore “I love the smell of shale gas in the morning, it smells like a victory for common sense over religious dogmaRead the rest of this entry

Global Warming Has Fallen Off The Political Radar

Warmist blog "How The Climate Change Deniers Won"

The first of the influential US warming alarmist blogs is conceding defeat with a post entitled: “How the Climate Change Deniers Won”, they then go on with aid of a diagram to show how common sense prevailed over junk science.

Time and time again the warming alarmists crowed about all the governments of the world believing in their Climate Religion, if this were indeed the case then how could Global Warming have dropped of the political radar?

The problem with warming alarmist facts and figures is they, like the science are founded in fantasy, take for example the 97% consensus lie, in reality 99% of climate scientists disagree with Climate Religion.

Then there were the scary fear stories about environmental holocaust, which failed to scare anyone after the CO2 wolf repeatedly failed to materialise when summoned. Read the rest of this entry

Guardian Tries To Spin Decline In Climate Religion Belief

Eco mentalists like to try and spin numbers normally by cherry picking selected numbers out of context and then interpreting them as positive to their evangelistic crusade against an inert trace gas that is essential to plant life on this planet.

Michael Mann set the precedent for warming alarmist number crunchers with his rigged program that would produce a hockey stick out of any number series, more recently a Greenpeace/IPCC report used spin to make a fantasy claim about renewable energy, so no surprises that Damian Carrington in the Guardian is trying to convince himself that globally overall, all is well for his Climate Religion: Read the rest of this entry