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Wind Power – Golden Eagles Are Expendable

Green hypocrisy it is OK to kill protected species providing it's done by Green renewable energy

Today’s Guest Post is from @AmbushPredator

He clasps the crag with crooked hands; close to the sun in lonely lands…

And now it’s legal to kill him with our fans!* Read the rest of this entry


COP17 The Ecomentalists Like To Get Them Young

Today’s Guest Post is from @AmbushPredator

Youngsters in Welling are making their school a greener place by launching an ‘eco-committee.’


The committee recently supported EDF energy’s ‘switch-off fortnight,’ where every member was responsible for saving energy around the school.

Oh, great!

Pupils switched off lights in classrooms, closed doors and turned off un-used computers.

Now, maybe it’s me, but…shouldn’t they be doing this anyway? Read the rest of this entry

Guest Post – Hope They Sweep It For Polar Bears First…

Today’s Guest Post is from @AmbushPredator

Polar bears at the Von Post Glacier on Svalbard, Norway

Artist Alex Hartley and 18 volunteers excavated about six tonnes of material from an island exposed by a retreating glacier on the Svalbard peninsula in Norway.

The material will be sculpted into a piece of art called Nowhere Island and floated along the South West coast for the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

It is one of 12 arts projects funded by the Arts Council to represent each of the UK regions as part of the Cultural Olympiad to run alongside the sporting events in 2012.

In other words, we’re paying. All £500,000 of it. Read the rest of this entry

Guest Post – The RSPB Sells Out To The Enviroloons

Today’s Guest Post is from @AmbushPredator

The planned wind turbine next to Rushall Canal is for the greater good. So, all you bird-lovers who spend millions on donations to the RSPB, how do you feel now?

A leading conservation group has told Walsall residents that a wind turbine proposed to be built near their homes will not harm birds in the area.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has said the planned turbine next to Rushall Canal is for the greater good.

So, all you bird-lovers who spend millions on donations to the RSPB, how do you feel now? Read the rest of this entry

Yes, It Really Is A Religion…

Today’s Guest Post is from @AmbushPredator

Croydon Council under pressure for failing to meet landfill targets

Croydon Council is moving to a fortnightly bin collection service from October to save money on landfill tax; because god forbid it has to sack a few diversity co-ordinators instead… It will now recycle food on a weekly basis and alternate weekly collections for cardboard, paper and textiles in one collection and the next week collect glass bottles, cans and plastics.

But refuse collections will only be made every two weeks.

Hey, wait a minutes! Didn’t Pickles say that…

Ah. Yes, he did!

The move comes as the Government is expected to launch a £100k incentive scheme to get all local councils to revert to weekly collections. This has been prompted by complaints that reduced collections lead to a rise in fly tipping and concerns over vermin. Read the rest of this entry

Guest Post @angelneptustar “Nick Clegg Cannot Be Believed”

Todays Guest Blogger is @angelneptustar

Nick Clegg insisted on ITN News that the Liberals would not merge with the Tories and he said the coalition is a temporary arrangement.

Pull the other one, Nick, we can never believe a word you say again.

You are now so unpopular that metaphorically, the hum of your life support machine would be music to the ears of the nation.

Nick Clegg said:

The Liberal Democrats will fight the next election as we did the last – as an independent political party in every constituency in the country,”  Insisting the Coalition deal was a temporary arrangement, he added: “This is the right government for right now.”

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Guest Post EU “Economic Recovery Threatens Church of Climatology”

Abandon economic recovery; a glimpse of our future as seen by the EUSSR welcome to pre Agricultural Revolution Britain

Todays Guest Blogger is @Toy_Tory

After a glorious night’s sleep I woke up this morning on a high. I switched on the telly to catch up on
the world’s news after substantial distractions yesterday made me miss everything. There on BBC1
Breakfast was an item that really blasted my serenity to pieces.

A Wonder Warming Woman was informing the nation that due to the polar ice caps melting, we will
be having a couple of years of colder weather to endure before we get all damp wet and warm.

I wish they would make their minds up… As a wise man said to me “If it is hot, it’s Global Warming, if
it is cold, it’s Global Warming – I call it Weather, or is that Climate the warming alarmists cant tell the difference Read the rest of this entry