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Jacqui Smith To Investigate Porn

Jacqui Smith to investigate porn, surely Mr Smith has a better grip and more hands on experience?

Real life is better by a country mile, than fiction as this story shows, disgraced Parliamentary Expenses Trougher and former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is to investigate pornography for 5 Live.

The Redditch Saddleback had some problems with her expenses, while she was staying in her sisters box room, Mr Smith was home consuming Kleenex by the mile and starching his socks to porn movies, all paid for by the taxpayer.

Smith is to interview film makers and porn stars for the documentary, which could be very entertaining if Smith has to interview any of her husbands favourite salami hiders Read the rest of this entry

David Chaytor Is Sentenced To 18 Months

Disgraced Labour MP David Chaytor

Disgraced Ex-Labour MP David Chaytor is due be sentenced for Parliamentary expenses fraud at 2:15 pm today.

Chaytor who used to represent Bury North submiited forged invoices gaining him over £18,000 of payments, he was not entitled to receive. Read the rest of this entry

Woolas And McCarthy Labour Election Cheats

Phil Woolas illegal practices during election campaign

Another Labour MP caught out with election irregularities, almost a fortnight to the day that the Labour Twitter Czarina and MP for Bristol East Kerry McCarthy offically because a registered election fraudster another Labour invertebrate life form has been caught out: Phil Woolas.

Labour’s institutional contempt for the Democratic process so ably demonstrated by their then leader Gordon Brown and his fear of voters, just wont go away, it’s in Labours genes and DNA.

Dear Leader and his party have always know better than the voters who are either bigots or flat earthers. Read the rest of this entry

Why Buy Tony Blairs Book?

So the orange war criminal is going to give the profits of his book to the British Legion, on the face of it a generous and altruistic gesture but as it with all things from the über spinmeister, nothing of course is what it appears to be.

The grandmaster of smoke and mirrors is at it again. Read the rest of this entry

Tony Blair Lied And Exaggerated Iran’s Role In Iraq

Blair takes a breather from having his nose up Bushs butt

It seems like a different life time ago that Gordon Brown gave evidence lied to the Chilcot Inquiry.

Largely forgotten about with General Elections and Coalition Governments The Iraq Inquiry has rumbled inexorably along, but it only takes the name of former Labour Party Leader and War Criminal Tony Blair to bring the inquiry back into the headlines. Read the rest of this entry

Where Are They Now – Jacqui Smith The Redditch Saddleback

April 2009 and those movies are global news

One minute they are all over the papers and TV, the next minute they are gone without trace, its as if they never existed.

Who are these disappeared ones?

Politicians who lose their seats and then drop off the radar Jacqui Smith being one, another being Bill Brammel. Brammel in case you have forgotten was the slap head rock ape who stood in for Bollocks Bob Ainsworth when Labour lied about how they had failed the armed forces, or needed to smear the daughter of a serving General Officer. Read the rest of this entry

Labour Declare Salford A Marginal Constituency

Hazel Blears has made Salford a Labour marginal seat

Disgraced Labour trougher and serial home flipper Hazel Blears campaign to get elected as MP for Salford is in as much trouble, as that other troughing Blair babe Jacqui Smith’s campaign is in Redditch.

Their abuse of the expenses system has done them and the party they represent lasting damage.

So bad is the damage that Blears has done, that Labour have declared Salford a marginal consituency:

A Labour Party insider tells me that Salford has nowbeen declared “a marginal constituency” for the first time in…well, ages! People say you could stick a red rosette on a donkey and it’d get elected in Salford, but it seems that the Labour Party itself no longer thinks so. … Read the rest of this entry

Tony Blair Turns Out To Support Jacqui Smith In Redditch

Copyright Pool/Getty Images Europe

Accomplished Labour trougher and former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is not having the best of election campaigns, deeply unpopular in her constituency of Redditch since the expenses scandal broke Smith has been relying on fellow Labour expense pigs and Labour Luvvie Eddie Izzard to boost her flagging campaign.

Before continuing Aardvark has noticed that just like Labour election leaflets rarely mention Gordon Brown, so none of the placards being held up by the activists mention the Redditch Saddleback, nor do the Labour placards behind Blair mention Smith. Even Hazel Blears has her name on Labour propaganda in Salford, but then Blears is not defending a flaky majority in  seat No 47 on the Conservative hit list.

Blair is losing his media/voter appeal as there was no mention of this on any of the MSM outlets, and as this picture shows even Blair could not drum up support for Jacqui Smith. Other photographs of the event are mainly a photo opportunity for the orange war criminal, as Smith only features in 2 of the 7 photographs! Read the rest of this entry

General Election Jacqui Smith’s Campaign Supported Labour Expenses Trougher And Eddie Izzard

Jacqui Smith most famous for claiming for those movies - 3 times

Like Hazel Blears, disgraced former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has dropped of the radar since the expenses scandal and those infamous porn movies.

For a reminder of Smith’s troughing and the subsequent rigging of the Parliamentary Standards Committee by Labour click here

You can tell a lot about a PPC’s campaign by the people who come to support their bid to get elected; in this case Baroness Morris of Yardley.

The former education secretary, claimed thousands of pounds to refurbish her London flat in the run-up to the 2005 general election.
After the election, Tony Blair nominated her for a seat in the House of Lords.
More in The Telegraph

Read the rest of this entry

Hazel Blears Uses Illegal Immigrant On Her Campaign Team

How much better can it get?

Bigotgate, McCarthy breaking election laws yesterday, today the disaster that was Labour’s poster accompanied for once by a real, not metaphorical car crash; Aardvark is pleased to hear that no one was seriously hurt in the Golf and dustcart.

Saturday’s dose of joy comes in the form of one malevolent and avaricious house flipping ginger chipmunk also know as Hazel Blears.

Since being disgraced Blears has largely dropped off the national press radar, but thanks to the Salford Star Aardvark has been able to keep an eye on the Blears.

At the start of the campaign the Salford Star has this to say:

At a stormy public Question Time at Salford Arts Theatre last night, Hazel Blears accused the media of lying about her during the expenses scandal. The Salford MP said “There’s an awful lot that’s been reported in the papers that is simply not true.” Read the rest of this entry