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Greenpeace Co-Founder Tells US Senate Earth’s Geologic History Fundamentally Contradicts CO2 Climate Fears


Dr Patrick Moore was one of the co-founders of Green NGO, Greenpeace, for several years Moore was chairman of Greenpeace in Canada, until he became concerned at the political direction Greenpeace was taking, and left the NGO.

Moore is far from popular with his former NGO and other Greens, in January 2012 he spoke about the Green folly of wind power describing it as “a destroyer of wealth and negative to the economy.”

Then in July 2012 Moore caused more Green outrage and upset when he attacked the warming alarmists for their attempts to cover up the lack of warming for what was then 15 years.  “These people are either completely naive about the relationship between CO2 and plants or they are making this up as a way of  deflecting attention from the lack of warming for the past 15 years”, said Moore.

In August that year Moore gave an interview to the Washington Times:

Ideology is negative in so far as it tends to divide people into warring camps with no possible resolution. My late Greenpeace friend Bob Hunter suggested early on that in order for environmentalism to become a mass movement, it would have to be based on ideology, or as he called it “popular mythology,” because “not everybody can be a Ph.D. ecologist.”

On February 25th 2014 Moore appeared before the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, his former NGO really will not like what he had to say: Read the rest of this entry

The Green Madness Of Connie Hedegaard – Make Your Own Climate

A world you like. With a climate you like, according to Commissar Connie and her dwindling band of Green followers the human race can pick and choose the weather by simply believing in climate religion.

A world you like. With a climate you like, according to unelected EU Climate Commissar Connie and her dwindling band of Green followers the human race can pick and choose the climate by simply believing in climate religion .

The ongoing decline of Green climate religion is creating some absurd scenarios that are continuing to cost the citizens of EU prosperity, affordable energy and jobs as the Green boondoggle comes apart, the most absurd is not actually the notion that the human race can selectively pick the weather of its own choosing, and ultimately the climate, but, the massive policy confusion inside the EU Commissariat on Climate Change.

The dawn of realisation that nobly leading the way to a Green economic disaster is not an example the rest of the world has any intention of following has dawned on finance ministers in the Brussels Kremlin, but has been missed completely ignored by Comrade Connie and her new friend, Britain’s Climate Change Fool Ed Davey, for whom every day is Groundhog day 2008, with a prosperous Green economy, zillions of Green jobs, electric cars, and a European landscape covered with Green religious symbols monuments to Green folly aka wind turbines.

In the run up to COP18 last November, Hedegaard was pushing fear stories of global climatic apocalypse using the much beloved and completely erroneous, warmist science of event attribution and muttering darkly about the human race being able to select the climate of its own choosing.

Well today sees the launch of an EU campaign, doubtless costing untold millions, called #worldulike the campaign slogan being “A world you like with a climate you like“, there is no mention yet on the web site of turning base metals into gold, but it can only be a question of time: Read the rest of this entry

COP18 Fallout Russia Blocks UN Climate Talks

Flashback to dying moments of COP and Russian climate change  negotiator Oleg Shamanov trying to get the COP18 President's attention

Flashback to the dying moments of COP and Russian climate change negotiator Oleg Shamanov trying to get the COP18 President’s attention

Just about 6 months ago the latest UN Climate Circus meeting, COP18 in Doha finished, just like it’s predecessors from COP15 onwards, COP18 was an unmitigated failure.

From the start COP18 was doomed, the plummeting attendance levels seen at COP17 continued with COP18, the conference being less well attended then even COP17 was.

What really made COP18 a spectacular failure was the conduct of the COP18 President Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah during the closing stages of the conference, where desperate to find a successor to the failed Kyoto Protocol that expired on December 31st 2012, Al-Attiyah effectively forced through new non binding Kyoto texts.

The Kyoto amendment was tabled by the grasping hands of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) who will stop at nothing to get their Climate Justice money, the money they were promised for playing along with the AGW scam and perpetuating the lie that their islands are under threat from sea levels that are not rising, naturally the amendment was backed by those strongholds of Green foolishness Europe and Australia.

When COP18 finished the Russians were far from happy about COP18 and Oleg Shamanov being ignored: Read the rest of this entry

COP18 Day 4 Mistrust And Divides Continue To Grow

Chinese lead negotiator Su Wei “failure in the Long term Cooperative Action is bad news for a longer term deal”

Day 4 and COP18 struggles on in an ever growing climate of mistrust about the host nations position on climate change, accusations of delaying and stalling tactics by some countries and anger regarding the choice of the COP19 host nation, Poland.

The current impasse revolves around the Long term Cooperative Action (LCA) and the need for an agreement, without this agreement the 2015 plan to reduce emissions will not happen.

The negotiators are rushing to complete a draft before the Ministers fly in to Doha on Monday: Read the rest of this entry

The EU’s Doomed Flight Of Carbon Taxation

The EU’s Carbon tax on flying, more doomed than this pick up line

We live in a world where increasingly, as Martin Sheen’s character in Apocalypse Now observed, “the clowns have taken over the circus“.

The EU is a case in point, almost bankrupt as the single currency implodes explodes disintergrates, the EU still clings to Climate Religion and CO2 emissions limits, left behind by a world that has moved on from the Great Man Made Global Warming Scam.

From January 1st 2012 the EU will levy a Green tax on flying, opposed by the US, China, India and 40 other countries and despite the very real risk of a global trade war nothing can dissuade those blinded by the light of Green socialism and wealth redistribution from their course.

The damage caused by this pointless Green tax, which is heaped upon the myriad number of other Green taxes EU citizens already get stung for, will be far more damaging than the increase in costs for flying and transportation that will inevitably follow. Read the rest of this entry

Global Climate Deal Hinges On Obama Being Re-Elected

If Obama loses in 2012 then that's it for the Great Global Warming Scam

Barack Obama is widely tipped to be a one term president as America’s experiment with the big government of socialism has proved to be an economic and social disaster.

From the outset Obama was into Climate Religion, a man for whom science can be setteled for all time, above all a politician as his Presidential Approval Ratings hit an all time low, Obama became quitely less Green.

Cap and Trade failed to pass into law so Obama used the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to try and implement Cap and Trade by the backdoor.

The warming alarmists have started to prepare themselves for the very real possibility of a Climate Skeptic in the White House.

Now according to banking giant HSBC a Republican in the White House will kill the Great Global Warming Scam stone dead. Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown – The Delusional Exploding Fuckwit

As Britain struggles under the weight of debt from the profligate spending of the worst Chancellor of the Exchequer and the worst Prime Minister in 300 years Gordon Brown, a new book says that Brown has been stewing in a pot of righteous indignation garnished with delusional thoughts of him saving the world, again.

Brown slithered out from underneath his rock in August to launch a diatribe of lies against News International and to let everyone know that he, Gordon Brown was right about everything and everyone else was wrong.

The world looked on and said “Sorry Gordon you have us confused with someone who gives a shit about you

Now a new book Brown at Number 10 by Anthony Seldon and Guy Lodge reveals more about the most damaged personality to become PM since the end of World War 2: Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne A Dangerous Liability For Britain, The Proof

Chris Huhne branded a Dangerous Liability

Chris Huhne is a dangerous liability says Dr Benny Peiser, Director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation in an interview with Energy Live News:

“Chris Huhne has become a dangerous liability for the government. His unpopular green energy policy is adding to rising energy bills, which represent a serious problem for the government.

“If Chris Huhne has his way, Britons will be forced to subsidise renewable energy by approximately £120billion in the next 20 years. Electricity prices are likely to double as a direct result. As a result, many manufacturing firms will either go bankrupt or relocate.

“This is politically and economically unsustainable. It is no surprise that a recently leaked letter by David Cameron’s energy advisers described Huhne’s analysis as “unconvincing” and warned that his green obsession will hit consumers hard.”

With the UN COP17 Climate Religion synod due to start in just over 2 months, now is a good time to review what Attila the Huhnatic has been up to since COP16 ended in failure: Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown “I Was Right As Always And You Were All Wrong As Always”

The man who created the GOAT cabinet, screwed the British economy tells everyone he was right about everything, as always

Gordon Brown the worst PM Britain has had in, well almost forever has reappeared to tell anyone, who will actually listen that as usual Brown the Infallible was right about the US debt and Euro zone crisis and everyone else was wrong, as usual.

When the phone hacking scandal broke Brown immediately said his phone had been hacked and his family’s medical records had been accessed. Brown then followed this in a petulant hate filled diatribe in the House of Commons where the spoilt brat had a go at the Press that turned against him during his disastrous Prime Ministership.

It was priceless to watch the looks on the Labour MP’s faces as Brown vented his spleen, the looks that said “Was this asshole really our Leader“?

Yes guys he was your Leader, because none of you had the balls to take Dear Leader on: Read the rest of this entry

Now Gordon Brown Claims His Phone Was Hacked – Does Anyone Care?

The worst PM in 2 centuries now claims his phone was hacked

Its really difficult not burst out laughing at this feeble attempt from the worst British Prime Minister in 2 centuries, to generate either publicity, or sympathy because his phone was allegedly hacked and his personal bank account accessed.

These days it is difficult not to find any wannabe celebrity, failed politician or other Z lister whose phone has not been hacked. Read the rest of this entry