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Budget 2010 Wind And Nuclear Power At Heart Of Darling’s Budget

Wind Power at the heart of Darling’s last budget, ignoring the opportunity for jokes, the question is why?

Alistair Darling will place nuclear and wind power today at the heart of efforts to lead Britain into sustained growth as he sets out the choices voters face in the coming election.

The Chancellor will use the Budget to try to “unlock private sector investment” to boost jobs and help to harness the energy sources of the future. He will seek to use government support for private companies as a key election dividing line, portraying Labour as safe custodians of a recovery that is as yet too fragile to trust to the Conservatives More from The Times

Under Labour manufacturing output has fallen every year since 2000, even the so called good times were just smoke and mirrors, our industrial base was shrinking the whole time while Brown was Chancellor as well as, Prime Minister.
The last factory that produced wind turbines in Britain has gone, 98% of all wind turbine components are made abroad. Like the car scrappage scheme where hundreds of millions of pounds left the country, the so called Green Jobs revolution is just another Labour mirage. Read the rest of this entry

Labour’s £11billion Scorched Earth Spending Spree

Having brought this country to the verge of bankruptcy with the biggest spending spree in our history, Gordon Brown and Labour are spending a further £11billion we don’t have on a series of computer projects. These are flagship Labour projects, which are being written with very expensive cancellation clauses, to prevent an incoming Government cancelling any of Labour’s pet projects.

Despite the looming squeeze on public spending, ministers are trying to push through several massive computer contracts before ballot day, which is widely expected on 6 May. The “break clauses” in some deals may make them very expensive to cancel, locking in the new government.

Tory frontbenchers believe that, if they win power, they would discover “poison pills”, making it harder for them to announce the immediate spending cuts they have promised. As well as contracts that are difficult to scrap, the Conservatives fear that Whitehall budgets have been drawn up to protect flagship Labour projects such as housing and children’s services, so that any attempt to find small-scale savings would inflict maximum political damage.

The Independent understands that last-ditch actions planned by the Government this month include:

*approving local supplier contracts for the controversial £12.7bn NHS electronic patient records scheme, the largest computer project in the UK, which the Tories would dismantle;

*signing a £1bn logistics software contract for the Ministry of Defence;

*speeding up a £600m contract to run new personal pension accounts due to start in 2012;

*completing an £800m agreement for communications equipment and services at the Serious Organised Crime Agency;

*starting to print the 30 million forms for the 2011 census, even though the Tories have said they would scale back the £482m project. Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Where Has Al Gore Gone?

Just a few months ago now Al Gore was all over MSM like fleas on a hedgehog, but since Climategate and a brief dalliance in a broom cupboard with Gordon Brown the Pope of the Church of Climatology has dropped off the radar. A couple of less than convincing calls to prayer on Gore’s blog this year, other than that silence has been deafening.

American Thinker floats the idea that Gore has been advised to lie low by legal counsel: Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown Silences Council Dissent On Social Care Plans

A letter criticising Brown’s ill thought out and unfunded election spin social care plans, published in the The Times was signed by 5 Labour controlled councils.

With the swiftness of Stalin responding to a coup, Brown acted and the Labour Councils withdrew their names from a campaign against Brown’s plans.

The row over Gordon Brown’s social care plans intensified last night when it emerged that five Labour councillors were put under pressure to withdraw their names from a campaign against his pledge to help the elderly.

All five Labour authorities that signed a letter to The Times criticising Mr Brown’s free home care idea as flawed and unfunded issued retractions within hours of the Department of Health learning of the existence of the letter. It also emerged that Downing Street knew of the operation to silence the Labour councils. Read the rest of this entry

West Country Likely To Suffer Terrible Disaster As Jonah Brown Arrives

The Toyota factory after Brown's visit

The West Country is bracing itself for a series of terrible disasters as Jonah Brown arrives predicting optimism about the region’s economic future.

The PM’s upbeat message comes as he stages a Cabinet meeting in Exeter, in a move seen as an attempt to bolster Labour’s support in the region.

A series of visits by senior ministers will be held across the South West, including Foreign Secretary David Miliband answering questions on Afghanistan, Justice Secretary Jack Straw meeting young offenders and Schools Secretary Ed Balls taking to pupils in Devon.

But other heavyweights like Business Secretary Lord Mandelson, Chancellor Alistair Darling and Environment Secretary Hilary Benn will not be attending.

The event was due to be staged in Exeter last month, but dramatic snowfall led to Downing Street calling it off.

Deftly switching tack to Anthropogenic Global Warming the lack of Green evangelists like Ed Miliband, former CND moon barker Joan Ruddock and Hiliary Benn from Brown’s tours seems to indicate that Labour dont think that Climate Change scams and taxes are a vote winner.

Gordon Brown – 50% Income Tax The Politics Of Envy Backfires

The Politics Of Envy - the core creed of Labour

Global saviour and eco warrior Gordon Brown took great delight in announcing the 50% income tax on high earners, Brown bragged long and loud about the £3 billion tax revenues and how it was fair to bleed people dry with still more taxes. There was much disagreement about exactly how much money this tax measure would raise, most estimates from sources other than a Labour asshole mouth piece predicted no more than £750 million would be raised, yet Labour boasted billions would be raised by milking achievers and risk takers.

Lord Myners the City Minister famous for making assumptions on banking has admitted that the Treasury has significantly reduced it’s estimate of the revenue to be raised by this new level of extortion taxation:

He said that he believed that the new top rate, due to come into force this April, would still generate extra income from the wealthiest 2 per cent in the national workforce. But he cast doubt on whether the Treasury would pocket the £1.13 billion it has earmarked for 2010, and the £2.5 billion it hopes to raise in 2011. “We still believe it will be beneficial,” he said.

Which can be translated as: The Country is so broke we would go ahead even if we only raised an extra £10 in tax revenues and we could get some pure envy votes from our benefits scroungers core voting base.

Mike Warburton, senior tax adviser at Grant Thornton, one of Britain’s biggest accounting firms, said that clients were pursuing four main ways to avoid paying half their salary in tax: bumping up this year’s pay; storing up pay in their company firm, to be drawn down at a later date; leaving the country; or choosing to pay it to charity rather than the taxman.

“People are taking obvious avoidance measures because they are not prepared to pay 50 per cent tax,” Mr Warburton said. Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown Makes Cynical And Desperate Appeal To Middle England

An increasingly worried and desperate Gordon Brown is back trying to woo the votes of Middle England with a speech at the left-wing Fabian Society.

In what amounts to a campaign U turn Brown is now abandoning class warfare and returning to the values of New Labour, gone is the rhetoric of the 50p Tax Rate and class war slogans of the Labour Party conference; Mandelson has said the 50p Tax Rate must go as soon as possible so that is now Brown’s policy.

Brown opened his speech with:

“It is quite clear that our opponents do not understand the needs and worries of middle income Britain.

“Because they have rejected the very economic policy that is the key to creating the middle class jobs of the future.

The so called middle class jobs are another lie like British Jobs For British Workers, Brown knew when he said that it was illegal under the rules of his beloved EU; just as British Jobs was a lie so is the Green Jobs revolution also a lie.

Finally, following Mr Brown’s earlier boast that his “green revolution” will create “400,000 green jobs”, there was the revelation that more than 90 per cent of the £2 billion cost of Britain’s largest offshore wind farm project to date, the Thames Array, will go to companies abroad, because Britain has virtually no manufacturing capacity.

After ignoring the so called middle classes for 13 years Labour now suddenly are going to be the party of Middle England

“They have said that if you are middle class you should not expect that children’s centres will be available to you, that if you are middle class child tax credits should not be available to you, that if you are middle class there will be no child trust fund available to you.

”They’ve said there’ll be no cancer guarantee for you, no check up guarantee, no waiting time guarantee, no GP guarantee, no tuition guarantee, no school standards guarantee, no skills guarantee.

”And they have said they will erode many of the universal services which gives us something beyond price – a sense of community.”

Actually what the Conservatives have said is that is you earn £50k or more a year, why should you get tax credits and other benefits? What is unreasonable about being on twice the national average salary and not getting state hand outs?

“I believe the defining mission of New Labour in the coming decade should be nothing less than to unleash a wave of social mobility not seen in this country since the immediate aftermath of the Second World War.

“I believe in an aspirational Britain. Opportunity and reward cannot be hoarded at the top, and it is not enough just to protect people at the bottom. I want to see the talents and potential of all the British people fulfilled: social mobility for the majority. ”

If a week is a long time in politics then 13 years of Labour is an eternity and Brown is more than usually deluded if he thinks that the middle classes have forgotten the raids on their pension funds, huge tax increases and a reduction in social mobility. Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown’s 2010 General Election Pledges

Hat tip to Ollie Cromwell at The Red Rag for this and some other amusing and creative election posters.

Climategate – Gordon Brown Is The Biggest Danger Britain Faces Today

Climate Change is real Fuhrer Brown saviour of the world says this is so

The Prime Minster of Britain, Gordon Brown is the greatest danger facing this country because of his reckless spending and his total adherence to the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam.

Brown is another socialist leader using the AGW lie to cover his and other left-wing leaders bid for a one world global socialist government, they know it is their last chance to defeat capitalism.

The Prime Mentalist attempted to set the agenda for Copenhagen with his comical 50 days to save the world speech, he flew to Copenhagen 2 days early to try and broker the deal, fortunately as usual Brown failed.

The majority of UK voters post Climategate are not convinced by AGW, Brown then attempted to belittle anyone who does believe in Climate Change as flat earthers. So desperate to force through his hidden agenda and be perceived as a world statesman Brown then pledges the most money of any EU member state to give away to developing nations.

The arrogance and self righteous importance of Brown was shown in an interview with Sky News :“There are many outstanding issues, which I’m here to resolve.

Immediately on arrival Brown launched into the typical politics and science of fear, while offering bribes to developing nations in equal doses.

Undeterred by UK public opinion and ignoring Climategate Brown then addressed the Copenhagen summit while adhering totally to the gospel according to Michael Mann, Phil Jones and Al Gore.

The smoke began to disperse and the mirrors crack when Chavez suggested that Capitalism was cause of everything evil including AGW, the resulting group orgasm for the assembled delegates left more than a few knees trembling. Then Ethiopia suggested that the answer to Climate Change was global socialism, Brown and Sarkozy lost all control and leapt to their feet in total ecstasy to support the idea.

All pretence was now gone the real agenda was always wealth redistribution and one world government, Climategate was the silent and terrible ghost in Copenhagen that started to apply the brakes to the warming alarmists plan.

Upon his return from Copenhagen Brown suddenly found that Climategate has escaped Read the rest of this entry

Latest Latest Gordon Brown Podcast From The Bunker In Never Never Land

More delusional ramblings from the bunker including a commitment to the AGW scam which if god forbid he could carry through would cut our GDP by £530 billion. It’s official the Prime Mentalist has given up with that nasty reality business and now lives in world he saved from financial disaster, while Al Gore will save him from the evil carbon monkey that lives in his closet.

Since the really scary Youtube video Labour now go for the podcast with a single picture of Gordon Brown with a thousand yard stare; as the thing that Cyclops fears most in the world looms ever larger on his event horizon: The General Election. You can see the trauma in his eyes people will cast judgement on him, and just maybe their view of his record will not be the same as his.