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Brown And Labour Still Digging Their Jobs Tax Hole

Gordon Brown and Labours use of the d word (deceived) was both typical of Labour and at the same crass stupidity.

Brown spent a lot of time yesterday trying to spin what deceived meant, in the context of the semantic construction of his sentence and its implications (makes about as much sense as what Cyclops was saying). Its not what you say, so much as how people interpret it.

Unfortunately for Labour the business leaders have taken Browns words to mean that they are stupid, naive and easily led, and not surprsingly have reacted vigourously to refute this.

So the big question is why is Labour still digging an even deeper hole for itself? Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown Tories Have Deceived Big Business

Leader knows best and smiles benevolently on his children

Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson’s arrogant statements that the Conservatives had deceived Big Business with their plans to scrap Brown’s tax on jobs, started a storm last week which is continuing unabated.

Last week 37 FTSE business leaders openly stated their support for George Osborne’s plans to scrap Labours Job Tax increase in NI contributions, today a further 30 have openly declared their support for Conservative plans.

The supremely inept and inaptly named Lord Adonis was left struggling trying to name a single FTSE company director that supported Labours tax on jobs. Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown To Call General Election – A Few Things To Remember

Gordon Brown and calling an election, like military intelligence and political integrity you never expect to find them in the same sentence.

Finally Dear Leader has almost run out of time to be Dear Leader much longer.

Hanging on to power until almost the last moment, his hand forced by the Local Council elections on May 6th Brown must know the job he wanted so badly and was so monumentally useless at, is slipping away. Each minute that much closer to the end of Browns failed dream that has cost, and will cost the country dear for at least a generation.

The end of the New Labour experiment is in sight. Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – The Guardian Exposes The AGW Scam By Mistake

On April 1st Joss Garman wrote an article in the Guardian about South Africa becoming a high carbon zone to attract foreign investment.

Written from his ivory office in Monbiot towers Garman is upset at what he sees as the betrayal of the Church of Climatology, not for one moment would he consider that the real “crime” here is not the betrayal of his dubious religion, but the blatant wealth redistribution and subsequent job loses and energy poverty that they want to inflict on the people of Britain.

Ever since the deeply flawed IPCC 2007 report appeared we have been brainwashed that the man has changed the climate, and that unless we reduce global carbon emissions we are doomed.

Bearing the above statement in mind, Garman’s story is extraordinary for exposing exactly what is likely to happen:

With its sky-high poverty levels and average life expectancy of just 51 years, South Africa is not a country we generally associate with extravagant binge-flying lifestyles, turbo-consumerism, and shopping trips to New York. How bizarre then that per capita carbon emissions in South Africa are now higher than in many European countries. While most South Africans are unlikely to ever own a plasma screen TV or Hummer, their carbon footprints still appear to be only slightly less than your average Japanese, and their national carbon emissions are now greater than those of France.

The situation becomes more comprehensible when you look at South Africa’s industrial base, with 60% of South Africa’s electricity being guzzled by heavy industry, and most of that comes from dirty coal. Now this key global climate player wants another coal station that would pollute as much as the two dirtiest plants in Britain put together, and cause a further surge in its national emissions – and they want you to pay for it.

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More Shame On Labour Kevan Jones Apologises To Joanna Lumley

Gordon Brown and Labour’s record with our armed forces has been nothing short of disgusting.

At Chilcot Brown lied about defence spending, Labour Ministers have conducted smears and lies campaigns against serving General Officers and members of the their families, repeated Freedom Of Information requests have been filed about expense claims for officers by some of the worst Labour troughers in the MPs Expenses scandal.

Then there was shameful case of the Gurkhas and the campaign by Joanna Lumley that caused a U turn by Gordon Brown and much seething resentment and a desire for payback against Joanna Lumley.

Sky News reports today:

The actress hit back at Defence Minister Kevan Jones, who accused her of “deathly silence” over allegations UK-bound Gurkhas were being forced to pay hundreds of pounds in legal advice in Nepal.

Mr Jones apologised to Ms Lumley’s in a statement saying:

“I am sorry if any offence was caused – this was not intended.” Read the rest of this entry

Labour Government Advert Is Banned By The ASA Which Undermines Brown’s Policing Pledge

Another Labour Government department has had it’s adverts banned by the Advertising Standards Authority according to Sky News.

This is another blow for the Government propaganda machine that they are wasting tax payers money on, for what are in effect, no more than party political broadcasts for Unite Labour.

A matter of days ago Ed Milibands Church of Climatology department had two adverts banned by the ASA becuase of flawed science and scare mongering about AGW.

The Home Office is the culprit this time, for an advertisment designed to mislead about the amount of time that police officers spend in local communities.

The Home Office’s “policing pledge” campaign says communities can expect their neighbourhood officers to be “on the beat” 80% of the time.

But the Advertising Standards Authority is expected to say it does not make clear that this time includes a range of duties and not just patrolling local streets. Read the rest of this entry

Alistair Darling Labour Will Have To Make Deeper Cuts Than Thatcher

Only a few months ago Gordon Brown was harping on about “Labour Investment vs Tory Cuts”, then the message was “Nice fluffy warm Labour cuts vs Nasty Tory cuts” and now the Chancellor has said that if elected Labour’s cuts would deeper than those Margaret Thatcher was forced to make after Labour screwed up the economy last time their government was over.

Two very different messages from the Prime Minister and his Chancellor.

Asked by the BBC’s Political Editor Nick Robinson to accept the Treasury’s own figures suggest deeper, tougher cuts than those implemented by the Thatcher government in the 1980s, Mr Darling replied: “They will be deeper and tougher – where we make the precise comparison I think is secondary to fact is an acknowledgement that these reductions will be tough”.

He added: “There may be things that we don’t do, that we cut in the future. We will have to decide what precisely we can do within the [spending] envelope I set.”

Shadow Chancellor George Osborne:

“Gordon Brown is basing his election campaign on the claim that Labour can go on spending. That is completely blown apart by Alistair Darling’s admission, under pressure, that Labour’s own Budget numbers imply deep cuts. But why didn’t he admit that yesterday? Twenty four hours on this empty Budget has completely unravelled and Labour’s failure to act will hit families hard.”

Climategate – Labour Government Response To ePetition To Suspend The CRU

This is the epetiton to suspend the CRU:

The Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia is a “leading centre” for the investigation of “manmade global warming” and government policy relies on the integrity of these statistics. Several claims have been made: that data was “cherry picked” to make the 20th century temperature rise look exceptional in historical terms; emails suggest the unit has colluded in “tricks” to “hide the decline” in a high profile scientific journal, and this unit has colluded in active, secret and highly political campaigning through the website “realclimate”.

The preparation of climate statistics require many judgements: stations move & sites become surrounded by urban sprawl (urban heating) & a judgement must be made of the size of the offset to apply to the global temperature record. The University accepts most emails are genuine so it appears the Unit has been acting in a highly partisan way incompatible with that of a neutral body preparing and interpreting government data. We call on the PM to suspend all further use of the climate research unit until all pertinent allegations have been investigated and any action (if any) has been taken.

The response from the Government is classic nothing to see here, move along now, Monty Python meets warming alarmist.

Climategate, Glaciergate, the deeply flawed IPCC 2007 report and the other lies that have been found out, have never happended for Gordon Brown and David Miliband. Read the rest of this entry

Byers, Hoon and Hewitt Suspended We See

Anyone who saw the Channel 4 Dispatches program cannot fail to have been disgusted at the MPs behaviour, arrogance and the blatant lies they used to oversell their influence and importance.

From the delusional Margaret Moron who is too ill to take calls from constituents but looked fit and well at her interview, to Stephen Byers with his For Hire sign brightly lit and the two failed coup conspirators Hoon and Hewitt, as one they came across as grasping avaricious pigs who would stop at nothing to profit from their contacts and inside knowledge.

Yesterday Gordon Brown said there was no need for an inquiry, now this evening the BBC are reporting that Byers, Hoon and Hewitt have been suspended from the Labour Party.

Because this might be the last chance ever to say it “What a Hoon”

Bought And Paid For By Unite Gordon Brown Cant Do Ba About The BA Strike

Charlie Wheelan's bought and paid for Prime Minister

The most stupid  strike in recent years  is now into it’s first day.

British Airways are claiming that sufficient cabin crew have turned up for them to operate the published service, while Labour’s paymasters Unite are claiming well populated picket lines; nothing unusual in the rhetoric.

The strike has caused a storm in politics, but nowhere more so than in the Labour Party. Last weekend the Transport Secretary Lord Adonis had the temerity to blame Unite for the strike, the fallout was almost instantaneous with Labour’s paymasters calling Downing Street and telling them to muzzle Lord Adonis and that Unite should NOT BE BLAMED for the strike.

On Monday Gordon Brown was on the BBC Radio 4 program Womans Hour where he manged to utter a few words like “deplorable”, “wrong time”, “unjustified” but could go no further for fear of having the purse strings cut by Charlie Wheelan.

BA and many other airlines are in a very weakened state financially because of the recession, ever increasing Green taxes for the non existent AGW threat and the price of aviation fuel. Read the rest of this entry