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Gordon Brown Silences Council Dissent On Social Care Plans

A letter criticising Brown’s ill thought out and unfunded election spin social care plans, published in the The Times was signed by 5 Labour controlled councils.

With the swiftness of Stalin responding to a coup, Brown acted and the Labour Councils withdrew their names from a campaign against Brown’s plans.

The row over Gordon Brown’s social care plans intensified last night when it emerged that five Labour councillors were put under pressure to withdraw their names from a campaign against his pledge to help the elderly.

All five Labour authorities that signed a letter to The Times criticising Mr Brown’s free home care idea as flawed and unfunded issued retractions within hours of the Department of Health learning of the existence of the letter. It also emerged that Downing Street knew of the operation to silence the Labour councils. Read the rest of this entry

Latest Conservative Poster Upsets Labour Luvvies At Sky News

The latest Conservative campaign poster has upset the Labour luvvies at Sky News.

When Adam Boulton got married, the guest list read like a who’s who of the New Labour elite, so it’s no big surprise to find like minded Labour propaganda being spouted by Boulton’s team, in this case Miranda Richardson:

Gone is the controversially smooth forehead of the Tory leader and in its place a wilting Labour rose and a tombstone.

CCHQ must be hoping this latest offering will put an end to the ridicule of their last poster, but at Boulton & Co towers, we’re unsure they’ll succeed.

With the BBC we have no choice we have to fund their left wing pro Labour propaganda by law, but with Sky we have a choice to pay or not to pay.

This sort of pro Labour reporting extends on to Sky’s so called discussion forums where anything anti Gordon Brown, Labour or Climate Change is immediately deleted by the censors.

Broken Britain The Shame Of Gordon Brown And Labour

After 13 years of the New Labour experiment 70% of voters believe that British society is now broken and heading in the wrong direction, Gordon Brown will naturally deny this, call the voters flat earthers and recite tractor production stats in his governments defence.

The left will blame Maggie Thatcher as usual, conveniently forgetting in their diatribe that Britain has been ruled by Labour for 13 years, but then it is always someone else’s fault.

Nearly three fifths of voters say that they hardly recognise the country they are living in, while 42 per cent say they would emigrate if they could.

Women, working-class people and Tory voters were more likely to say that they hardly recognise their own country.

Overall, 64 per cent think that Britain is going in the wrong direction and just 31 per cent believe it is on the right track.

Voters’ main fire is directed at political institutions: 73 per cent say politics is broken in Britain and 77 per cent say there are far fewer people in public life that they admire than there used to be.

Gordon Brown’s Shameful Failure To Properly Fund UK Armed Forces

How does Brown have the nerve to go Afghanistan?

The issue of Gordon Brown and funding for the UK Armed forces is back in the spotlight again today, with Brown denying at PMQ’s that he had denied funds to the forces with the unconvincing “Military spending rose every year” and will “increase in the next financial year”.

More lies, spin and deceit, unless the Military spending rose to meet the immediate need, which we know it did not, then Brown is once again being disengenous and it could be reasonbly argued has blood on his hands.

On January 10th Aardvark blogged: “Gordon Brown Repeatedly Blocked Purchase Of Life Saving Equipment For Our Troops“:

The leaked letters show Brown personally overturned earlier Treasury assurances that the Ministry of Defence would be free to spend extra cash on troop-carrying helicopters for Iraq and Afghanistan.

In one letter sent in 2004, Hoon warned that, if Brown refused to back down, “We would have to scale back on major equipment programmes.” He went on to claim that the helicopter programme in particular would suffer.

In addition to Hoon at Chilcot, there were also leaked letters from the MOD Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown – 50% Income Tax The Politics Of Envy Backfires

The Politics Of Envy - the core creed of Labour

Global saviour and eco warrior Gordon Brown took great delight in announcing the 50% income tax on high earners, Brown bragged long and loud about the £3 billion tax revenues and how it was fair to bleed people dry with still more taxes. There was much disagreement about exactly how much money this tax measure would raise, most estimates from sources other than a Labour asshole mouth piece predicted no more than £750 million would be raised, yet Labour boasted billions would be raised by milking achievers and risk takers.

Lord Myners the City Minister famous for making assumptions on banking has admitted that the Treasury has significantly reduced it’s estimate of the revenue to be raised by this new level of extortion taxation:

He said that he believed that the new top rate, due to come into force this April, would still generate extra income from the wealthiest 2 per cent in the national workforce. But he cast doubt on whether the Treasury would pocket the £1.13 billion it has earmarked for 2010, and the £2.5 billion it hopes to raise in 2011. “We still believe it will be beneficial,” he said.

Which can be translated as: The Country is so broke we would go ahead even if we only raised an extra £10 in tax revenues and we could get some pure envy votes from our benefits scroungers core voting base.

Mike Warburton, senior tax adviser at Grant Thornton, one of Britain’s biggest accounting firms, said that clients were pursuing four main ways to avoid paying half their salary in tax: bumping up this year’s pay; storing up pay in their company firm, to be drawn down at a later date; leaving the country; or choosing to pay it to charity rather than the taxman.

“People are taking obvious avoidance measures because they are not prepared to pay 50 per cent tax,” Mr Warburton said. Read the rest of this entry

Labour Lies And Smears Machine In Full Swing Again

Adeela Shafi smeared by the Labour Machine

After an absence of a few months Gordon Brown and Labour’s smears and lies machine is in full mobilisation again, and as usual the target is a woman, in this case Conservative PPC Adeela Shafi.

A reasonable person would be forgiven for thinking that following on from Smeargate and the legal action against Gordon Brown’s personally hired pit viper Damian McBride, Labour would have learnt it’s lesson about making unfounded allegations.

During the Labour Party Conference there was speculation about the “Glorious return of Damian McBride“, though the use of glorious and McBride is the same sentence does smack of the oxymoron.

Consider the evidence: Conservative female politician, unfounded lies and smears, a well orchestrated campaign, there is a distinct whiff of grubby pit living here.

Gordon Brown and the Labour Party’s latest lies and smears campaign is being spearheaded by the Daily Mirror who in another display of the worst form of journalism have printed half truths and unresearched lies about Adeela Shafi.

Firstly the Mirror was tipped off by Labour HQ’s opposition research bods, Labour can’t afford much but they sure as hell are bringing in the dark artists. Labour bloggers and twitter users have confirmed to TB that they were tipped off by Victoria Street and asked to heavily promote the story. Cough. The whole day will then end in a phonebanking session for Kerry run directly out of Labour’s Victoria Street HQ.

The Mirror piece is an extremely lazy piece of journalism.

So here’s the problem – at this point there’s no evidence that Adeela Shafi owes a penny, but there’s a very clear implication from the Mirror that she owes £324,272. I’ve set out above why I think all the Mirror has is a CCJ register search – which can’t support that implication. You can defame by implication, of course, and an implication that someone has failed to pay a substantial amount despite a judgement is plainly defamatory.

Hat tip to Tory Bear

Church of Climatology – Ed Miliband Declares War On Climate Change Sceptics

For the first time since Copenhagen ended in failure Ed Miliband has the left the safety of the Church of Climatology to announce a holy war against the heretical non believers in ManBearPig.

Miliband is worried that there will be a public backlash against man made Climate Change because bloggers and a few MSM journalists with integrity keep finding more evidence of lies, fraud, deceit and total abandonment of scientific standards and principles.

In an exclusive interview for the Observer:

But in the government’s first high-level recognition of the growing pressure on public opinion, Miliband declared a “battle” against the “siren voices” who denied global warming was real or caused by humans, or that there was a need to cut carbon emissions to tackle it.

“It’s right that there’s rigour applied to all the reports about climate change, but I think it would be wrong that when a mistake is made it’s somehow used to undermine the overwhelming picture that’s there,” he said.

“We know there’s a physical effect of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leading to higher temperatures, that’s a question of physics; we know CO2 concentrations are at their highest for 6,000 years; we know there are observed increases in temperatures; and we know there are observed effects that point to the existence of human-made climate change. That’s what the vast majority of scientists tell us.”

Business as usual, like Blair Miliband says press on regardless, even if the science is wrong.

The danger of climate scepticism was that it would undermine public support for unpopular decisions needed to curb carbon emissions, including the likelihood of higher energy bills for households, and issues such as the visual impact of wind turbines, said Miliband, who is also energy secretary.

Always a major worry for any leftwing socialist Labour politician, a new tax being rumbled by the victims before it can be slid stealthily in to law.

The Copenhagen conference in December ended with no formal agreement to make deep cuts in global emissions, or even set a timetable, but Miliband warned activists against “despair”.

Keep the faith oh dwindling band of followers, Osama Bin Laden has joined our crusade to screw the western world over for ever.

On little Eddy the MP’s own web site there is a poll on the left hand side bar:

Do you agree with the Government’s policy on coal and carbon capture and storage?

When Aardvark voted the current support was 28% for 64% against Gordon Brown and Miliband’s policies.

For all Climategate posts click here

Gordon Brown Makes Cynical And Desperate Appeal To Middle England

An increasingly worried and desperate Gordon Brown is back trying to woo the votes of Middle England with a speech at the left-wing Fabian Society.

In what amounts to a campaign U turn Brown is now abandoning class warfare and returning to the values of New Labour, gone is the rhetoric of the 50p Tax Rate and class war slogans of the Labour Party conference; Mandelson has said the 50p Tax Rate must go as soon as possible so that is now Brown’s policy.

Brown opened his speech with:

“It is quite clear that our opponents do not understand the needs and worries of middle income Britain.

“Because they have rejected the very economic policy that is the key to creating the middle class jobs of the future.

The so called middle class jobs are another lie like British Jobs For British Workers, Brown knew when he said that it was illegal under the rules of his beloved EU; just as British Jobs was a lie so is the Green Jobs revolution also a lie.

Finally, following Mr Brown’s earlier boast that his “green revolution” will create “400,000 green jobs”, there was the revelation that more than 90 per cent of the £2 billion cost of Britain’s largest offshore wind farm project to date, the Thames Array, will go to companies abroad, because Britain has virtually no manufacturing capacity.

After ignoring the so called middle classes for 13 years Labour now suddenly are going to be the party of Middle England

“They have said that if you are middle class you should not expect that children’s centres will be available to you, that if you are middle class child tax credits should not be available to you, that if you are middle class there will be no child trust fund available to you.

”They’ve said there’ll be no cancer guarantee for you, no check up guarantee, no waiting time guarantee, no GP guarantee, no tuition guarantee, no school standards guarantee, no skills guarantee.

”And they have said they will erode many of the universal services which gives us something beyond price – a sense of community.”

Actually what the Conservatives have said is that is you earn £50k or more a year, why should you get tax credits and other benefits? What is unreasonable about being on twice the national average salary and not getting state hand outs?

“I believe the defining mission of New Labour in the coming decade should be nothing less than to unleash a wave of social mobility not seen in this country since the immediate aftermath of the Second World War.

“I believe in an aspirational Britain. Opportunity and reward cannot be hoarded at the top, and it is not enough just to protect people at the bottom. I want to see the talents and potential of all the British people fulfilled: social mobility for the majority. ”

If a week is a long time in politics then 13 years of Labour is an eternity and Brown is more than usually deluded if he thinks that the middle classes have forgotten the raids on their pension funds, huge tax increases and a reduction in social mobility. Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown Repeatedly Blocked Purchase Of Life Saving Equipment For Our Troops

Gordon Brown repeatedly blocked life saving equipment for our Forces

Aardvark’s faith in the natural balance and the order of things was restored in part, by the leaking of the Climategate files. The timing was superb and finally someone with morals and principals who could no longer stomach the lies and hidden agenda of Michael Mann, Phil Jones and the IPCC acted. The Church of Climatology and the ManBearPig believers will say that the CRU server was hacked, the specific content of what was leaked calls the hacking theory into question, unless the hacker was able to spend hours in the CRU network this is unlikely.

The latest leak to do damage to a prolonged and orchestrated lie concerns Gordon Brown; Brown’s whole political reputation has been built on and by lies, deceit, smears and bullying.

All through 2009 arguments raged as stories of equipment shortages especially helicopters, made the headlines. Brown, the Cabinet and Labour supporters all denied the shortage of equipment, launched into a campaign of smears and lies against General Officers and in one instance a family member. The smears and lies got so bad that Bob Ainsworth issued an order to his ministers to stop smearing General Officers.

Just like Climategate and MP’s expenses another person has had enough of the lies and leaked letters where Gordon Brown, as Chancellor repeatedly prevented then defence minister Geoff Hoon from ordering equipment that would have saved lives on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The leaked letters show Brown personally overturned earlier Treasury assurances that the Ministry of Defence would be free to spend extra cash on troop-carrying helicopters for Iraq and Afghanistan.

In one letter sent in 2004, Hoon warned that, if Brown refused to back down, “We would have to scale back on major equipment programmes.” He went on to claim that the helicopter programme in particular would suffer.

The leaked letters show how Brown’s actions during the crucial period of 2002 to 2004 meant that military chiefs were unable to buy new helicopters which could now be in service in Afghanistan.

The lack of air support has forced British troops to take dangerous journeys by road, exposing them to deadly Taliban bombs.

Military chiefs have long complained that the Treasury under Brown starved them of resources. Only now, however, can Brown’s personal involvement in the battles with the MoD be disclosed.

Once again Gordon Brown and Labour have lied and sold our Armed Forces short, there is a General Election coming up and if you care for the lives of our service people then voting Labour is not really an option.

Twitter Wars #KerryMP #KerryOut

Kerry McCarthy Labour's Twitter Tsar

2010 is being widely predicted as the year of the blogger and for the first time a significant part of the General Election Campaign will fought on the Internet.

Labour’s self appointed ‘Twitter Tsar’, Kerry McCarthy, believes in the power of online media, so much so that following the Sun’s endorsement of David Cameron she tweeted “Labour doesn’t need the Sun – we’ve got Twitter!”

The Bristol East MP may have fully embraced social media, but it could be the very same platforms that she uses to assist in the propping up of Gordon Brown that could bring her down.

It’s true that that mainstream media still has deeper penetration into the electorate than any social media platform, such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, but nothing beats effective online campaigning.

Tomorrow will see the launch of the #KerryOut campaign, which is being coordinated by some of the top Tory bloggers, and is designed to support Conservative PPC, Adeela Shafi, in her battle to unseat the disgraced MP.

It appears that Kerry McCarthy is feeling the pressure from a growing online campaign to oust her for Parliament, a campaign that has not even being officially launched as yet.

Following the publication of a story earlier this evening about tomorrow’s launch of the #KerryOut campaign I got a friendly Twitter Direct Message from Kerry saying that, if I did not remove a reference to her in which I say she is a “disgraced MP” she would sent in the lawyers:

Tomorrow sees the launch of a brilliantly conceived grassroots campaign to get Kerry out – named, simply enough, #kerryout. Aimed at supporting a campaign for Adeela, and coordinated by some of the sharpest Tory bloggers on the net, it’s going to be a great – and groundbreaking – campaign.

Naturally all of us a TAB will be taking part in what promises to be an interesting extension to previous political campaigning.

Kerryout site has all the latest information and real time Twitter feeds