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Gordon Brown “I Was Right As Always And You Were All Wrong As Always”

The man who created the GOAT cabinet, screwed the British economy tells everyone he was right about everything, as always

Gordon Brown the worst PM Britain has had in, well almost forever has reappeared to tell anyone, who will actually listen that as usual Brown the Infallible was right about the US debt and Euro zone crisis and everyone else was wrong, as usual.

When the phone hacking scandal broke Brown immediately said his phone had been hacked and his family’s medical records had been accessed. Brown then followed this in a petulant hate filled diatribe in the House of Commons where the spoilt brat had a go at the Press that turned against him during his disastrous Prime Ministership.

It was priceless to watch the looks on the Labour MP’s faces as Brown vented his spleen, the looks that said “Was this asshole really our Leader“?

Yes guys he was your Leader, because none of you had the balls to take Dear Leader on: Read the rest of this entry

What Now For Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown appeals to Labours core vote at the General Election

This time last year Gordon Brown was everywhere, trying to force through a deal in Copenhagen to save the world from a non existent threat, leading Al Gore in to broom cupboards and busily screwing this country in to the ground in a scorched earth policy of spend, spend, spend and spend some more.

Then Gordon Brown loses the General Election as the voters showed their enthusiasm for another 5 years of bullying, bigotry and Nokia flinging, even losing the election could still not get the cursed one eyed son of the Manse out of Downing Street.

Then suddenly like a fart blown away by a sudden gust of wind, Gordon was gone, disappeared, dropped off the radar. Read the rest of this entry

Tony Blair Knew Gordon Brown Would Be A Disaster

So Tony Blair knew that Gordon Brown was going to be a disaster, or so Blair claims in his book, The Journey published today.

All the major broadsheets are covering the book, which has comfortably beaten whatever crap Gordon Brown is going publish later this year and thus will be taken by future historians as the definitive account of the disaster sometimes known as the New Labour Experiment.

Hat tip to Blair for taking a bankrupt ideology and hoodwinking the electorate by prefixing Labour with New, still if people are dumb enough to believe that a leopard can change it spots then everyone who voted Labour should also be blamed for the state the country is now in.

With such a choice of reviews of Blair’s book Aardvark has gone for the Guardian coverage to see what left of centre quasi intellectuals think of the The Journey Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown Knowingly Destroyed British Pensions

Gordon Brown aka Charlie Uniform November Tango

The legacy of Labour is becoming clearer by the day and it shows that Tony Blair was for the first time ever 100% right when he said that Gordon Brown was mad, bad and dangerous, he could have, however, more accurately described Brown as a “complete cunt“.

Documents obtained under the FoI Act show just what happened to British Pensions from May 1997 Read the rest of this entry

Brown And Labour Still Digging Their Jobs Tax Hole

Gordon Brown and Labours use of the d word (deceived) was both typical of Labour and at the same crass stupidity.

Brown spent a lot of time yesterday trying to spin what deceived meant, in the context of the semantic construction of his sentence and its implications (makes about as much sense as what Cyclops was saying). Its not what you say, so much as how people interpret it.

Unfortunately for Labour the business leaders have taken Browns words to mean that they are stupid, naive and easily led, and not surprsingly have reacted vigourously to refute this.

So the big question is why is Labour still digging an even deeper hole for itself? Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown Tories Have Deceived Big Business

Leader knows best and smiles benevolently on his children

Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson’s arrogant statements that the Conservatives had deceived Big Business with their plans to scrap Brown’s tax on jobs, started a storm last week which is continuing unabated.

Last week 37 FTSE business leaders openly stated their support for George Osborne’s plans to scrap Labours Job Tax increase in NI contributions, today a further 30 have openly declared their support for Conservative plans.

The supremely inept and inaptly named Lord Adonis was left struggling trying to name a single FTSE company director that supported Labours tax on jobs. Read the rest of this entry