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Boris Johnson Increases Policing For London

Boris Johnson increasing Police numbers by 1,112 for 2010-2011

A recent poll for the Evening Standard carried out by Opinion Matters highlights clearly public concerns about cuts to policing not only in the country as a whole, but also London.

The results of the poll and public perception, are of cuts to Police numbers in London, however nothing could be further from truth: Read the rest of this entry

Ken Quits As Nat West Freezes Press TV’s Bank Accounts

Ken claims he was always going to stop in March

The fallout from Ken’s incredible lack of political judgement continues with Ken now announcing that he was always going to step down from Press TV in March, about the same time that Air Traffic Control at Heathrow reports a squadron of of low flying pigs on the radar.

Did Ken voluntarily give up his lucrative job for Press TV, or was Ken becoming so politically toxic that the Labour Party Hierarchy were forced to tell him to quit?

Now Nat West has frozen Press TV’s main bank account and will shortly close it.

Recent convert to Islam, Lauren Booth, sister of Cherie Balir described the move as “punitive, draconian theft”, but she like Ken Livingstone is also on the payroll of Press TV Read the rest of this entry

Alastair Campbell More Popular Than Ken For Mayor Of London?

Former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell popular choice on Twiiter as Labour candidate for Mayor of London

Back in 2008, Ken Livingstone received help and advice for his election campaign for the Mayor of London, from both Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell, it made no difference Ken was decisively beaten by Boris, but at least 3 years ago Ken had some measure of popularity, and support from the Labour party hierarchy.

It has often been said that “a week is long time in politics“, if this is indeed the case, then 3 years must be considered an aeon.

In this aeon, Ken’s popularity has sunk to that akin, to a skunk in an elevator.

This is hardly surprising given his poor political judgement with Val Shawcross and the ongoing car crash that is Ken on the Iranian propaganda channel Press TV. Read the rest of this entry