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Britain To Sort Of Get Castle Law

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke: "It is quite obvious that people are entitled to use whatever force is necessary to protect themselves and their homes"

In the United States there is a legal doctrine based on English Common Law called Defense of Habitation Law or Castle Law, which essentially acknowledges the individual’s right to regard their home, car and work premises as a “place of safety”.

Castle Law gives the individual the right to use whatever force necessary to “defend” his “place of safety” and any person legally inside it.

Now at last in Britain people are going to be able to take action against the scum that break into people’s homes and businesses: Read the rest of this entry


‘Side Exit’ For Brize Norton Corteges

Oxfordshire County Council hang your head in shame Read the rest of this entry

Tory MEPs Defy David Cameron Over Greenhouse Gas Targets

Tory MEP's to revolt against Cameron and Huhne's green suicide pact

At last some real Tories have appeared, strangely from the European Parliament but none the less, Tories, and they have had enough of the Church of Climatology policies of David Cameron and Chris Huhne.

The EU is pushing for a 30% cut in CO2 emissions by 2020 from 1990 levels, supported by David Cameron and Chris Huhne, despite being warned by the Confederation of British Industry that the Climate Religion policies the  Coalition Government are following is damaging British Industry.

Tomorrow the EU will vote on the 30% emissions cut and the Tory MEPs are not happy: Read the rest of this entry

CBI Warns British Government Of Impact Of Church Of Climatology Policies

The natural heir to Tony Blair addresses the CBI

Many journalists have said it, even more bloggers have said it and now the Confederation of British Industry have said it: The Green zealot policies of David Cameron and his Lib Dem accomplices are killing British industry, with the resulting jobs lost going overseas, as for some unfathomable reason David Cameron continues to pray at the Church of Climatology.

Climategate, the collapse of carbon trading markets, the abandonment of AGW policies globally have all passed the Social Democrat masquerading as Leader of the Conservative Party by, blinkered, bigoted and determined to save Britain from a giant mutant star goat, Cameron is every bit as dangerous to this country, as were the climate religion worshiping duo of Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown. Read the rest of this entry

This is Norman Lamb Chris Huhne’s Replacement

Police investigating Chris Huhne have received advice from the CPS

The latest development in the Chris Huhne speeding scandal has the police taking advice from the Crown Prosecution Service, no news on what advice as yet.

A spokesman said: “We have met the police and given them some advice. The case is ongoing. They have not delivered an evidence file.

What is a major development in the story is, Lib Dem MP’s openly talking about Chris Huhne’s replacement. Read the rest of this entry

Hunting Chris Huhne

There is a carefully orchestrated campaign to finish Chris Huhne politically

Chris Huhne like the Bismark in World War 2 is being hunted, systematically a carefully controlled campaign is being waged to keep a constant barrage on the beleaguered Lib Dem politician.

The big questions are who did Huhne piss off this badly and when?

In April Huhne unleashed a bitter and personal attack on the Lib Dem Leader and odious munchkin, NIck Clegg which was to be the prelude to another bid for the Lib Dem Leadership, by Huhne.

Then there was the problem with the AV Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne – Police Open Channels With Crown Prosecution Service

A picture worth 3 words - Huhne is Toast

The noose around Chris Huhne continues to tighten slowly with the news that Police investigating allegations that Huhne got his ex-wife Vicky Price to take speeding penalty points instead of him, have opened channels of communication with the Crown Prosecution Service, though as yet Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne, The Guardian And Green Hypocrisy

The Guardian - "Loads of people get others to take their penalty points so stop hounding Huhne"

The Guardian has truly excelled itself with this story about Chris Huhne, and how if indeeed, he did get his wife to take the fall for his speeding conviction, its perfectly acceptable as according to the Guardian, 1 in 6 speeding convictions in Britain end up with someone other than the driver getting the penalty points.

When speeding is mentioned in relation to Chris Huhne in the Guardian it is a minor offence, nothing serious really, yet the previous day, George Monbiot Moonbat was tearing into “Petrolheads” for the horrendous crime of speeding.

There is some kind of a double standard in operation here, which is hardly new ground for the Guardian: Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne – How Much Longer

Huhne and a mobile revenue device in 2005

Chris Huhne can be easily located these days, just look for the increasing hordes of circling vultures in the sky and not far below will be the warming alarmist himself.

At the launch of whatever Climate Scripture Attila the Huhnatic did yesterday, the absence of Cabinet ministers not wishing to pick up the smell of death was quite simply amazing, given that a colleague is fighting for his political life, cabinet ministers were conspicuous by their absence and of the 2 who turned up, they were gone in under 10 minutes.

The pressure on Huhne keeps mounting as police announced that they will speak to Read the rest of this entry

Should Women Fight Alongside Men In Combat?

A company of WW2 USSR women snipers on the march

The thorny question for western democracies about women serving in combat has arisen again, this time in the USA.

During both World Wars last century women were increasingly called uponto fill the jobs left by men serving in the forces, and women died in the wars performing these roles.

They died from the effects of making ammunition, the Woolwhich arsenal explosion, women died in the last war serving on RAF stations, anti-aircraft batteries and as nurses, in the biggest US Cemetery behind Omaha beach lie 3 women who died on D day.

During World War 2 only the USSR used women in a direct combat role in large numbers, serving in mixed regiments or as the picture shows in all female units. Read the rest of this entry