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The Unite Union The Turkeys That Voted For Christmas

Hot on the heels of Unite managing to overturn the High Court injunction stopping the strike comes the news that BA made a loss of £531 million in the year ended March 31st.

Included in the loss total is around £50 million from the last strike called by Unite.

Not included in the total loss figure is the impact of the volcanic ash cloud Read the rest of this entry

Unite Union Returns To 1970s Industrial Relations

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The actions of the Labour Party’s paymasters the Unite Union over the industrial action hark straight back to 1970s and Red Robbo the communist trade union organiser who did his very best to break British Leyland. Strikes were called for any reason and walkout occurred at the drop of a hat.

British Payland is no more, in addition to a workforce more interested in striking than working the majority of cars they produced were utter rubbish and all that remains of BL is Jaguar Land Rover sold off by Sir Michael Edwardes in the 1980s to try to save BL.

British Airways has been an ongoing success story since being sold back into private ownership, once billed as the worlds favourite airline, recent times have been hard for BA and indeed all airlines. Increasing fuel prices, “Green taxes” and other tax measures coming down the line mean it is a harsh financial climate that the aviation industry is facing.

Just when you think things can’t get any worse a volcano with unspellable name in Iceland grounds all UK flights for several days and the airlines lose still more money. Read the rest of this entry

Postal Strike To Go Ahead

By Tory Aardvark

Do Royal Mail Have The X Factor?

Do Royal Mail Have The X Factor?

Battle lines have been drawn between the CWU and Royal Mail with the postal strike starting at 4am tomorrow morning.

The language is not one of reconciliation or arbitration with the CWU saying “they have no trust and no confidence in Mandelson”, “Mandelson is the Minister with out responsibility”, “The Government and Royal Mail are working together to prevent progress”

There are going to be no winners in this strike be they: Postal workers, Royal Mail, The Government, Business or the Public.

Royal Mail has been losing business for years first fax and now email have all eaten into Royal Mail’s core business. The popularity of on-line shopping particularly Amazon and e-Bay have saved Royal Mail from further decline, although with the news of the strike Amazon are making other arrangements. In short Royal Mail will lose customers because of the interruption to the service and anyone who has run a business will tell you that getting lost customers back is a difficult, if not well neigh impossible task.

We are in the depths of recession and business cannot afford to have delays with shipping goods or receiving payments, so as well as putting their own jobs at risk the strikers are putting the jobs of millions of other people on the line as well.

There were angry clashes at PMQ’s today between David Cameron and the Prime Mentalist. David Cameron wound Brown up brilliantly “The way to stop these strikes, and the way to stop this militancy, is to show some leadership, some backbone, and some courage. Are we really going to spend another six months with a Prime Minister who cannot give a straight answer, who cannot pass his own legislation, who sits in his bunker, not even able to decide what sort of biscuits he wants to eat? Doesn’t he understand that stopping these strikes takes some courage and leadership, and isn’t clear he’s got none of that to offer.”

The one eyed son of the Manse quickly grabbed the bait and launched into a long list of “they were wrong on this”, “we saved the world”. The only thing longer than the list were faces of Labour frontbenchers like Straw and Harman as they realised that once again Cyclops had lost it and the pram and the toys would soon be flying through the air.

Let them eat cake!

In a display of cyncial double standards that we have come to expect from Labour and it’s paymasters; trade union boss Derek Simpson demands increased taxation for the rich

The menu for Derek Simpson and colleagues

The menu for Derek Simpson and colleagues

After demanding more taxation Mr Simpson who is on £100,000 per annum popped out with the brothers for a meal fit for a king.

Brendan Carlin and Helen Dowd in The Mail have more including bottles of wine at £40 each

Ardvaark is left pondering if the members of Mr Simpson’s Union consider this a wise use of their union dues