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Occupy London, The Big Bang And Death By CO2

A new cause celebre for armchair Liberals and Marxists

Occupy London is cleaning up the big bang’s mess trumpets The Guardian in what has to be one of the weakest ever stories to try and tie in Global Warming and the CO2 Wolf, with the marxist sheep currently squatting in St Paul’s.

Al Gore recently aligned himself with the Occupy Wall Street mob, as their anti-capitalist agenda meshes nicely with Al Gore’s brand of Green Marxism, and lets face it, Al is a bit short of friends and credibility these days, even in the Church of Climatology which he helped found.

So it is only natural the lower order acolytes of Climate Religion will attempt to emulate their pontiff and spread the gospel: Read the rest of this entry

IPCC Lead Author – Al Gore Is Doing A Disservice To Science

Al Gore's Climate Reality Project is a disservice to science

Al Gore’s 24 hours of Reality Goregasm was not the success Gore had hoped for.

Mocked by Climate Skeptics for the junk science and the linking of everything that has ever happened to man made climate change, and greeted with despair by warming alarmists for exactly the same reasons as the skeptics, Gore claims 8.6 millions hits on the Climate Reality web site, but there are significant doubts due to the inconvenient truth of the real hit rate on the site.

Gore is rapidly becoming an serious embarrassment to the warming alarmist industry Read the rest of this entry

Environmentalist Quotes Show Their Mindset

A picture that really needs no caption, in a definite case of 1000 word painting this picture says it all about the mindset of the Environmentalist.

2010 saw eco terrorism surface in a deadly way when James Lee walked into the Discovery Channel offices demanding that the Discovery Channel change its programming to an 11 point Green manifesto that Lee had published on the Internet.

Earth First! and were not slow to promote eco terrorism either, with their calls for direct action to fight the Climate Change scam.

Never ones to miss the emotive sound byte opportunity, the content of their quotes provides no doubt as to the fanatical mindset of these people: Read the rest of this entry

The Voilent Rhetoric Of Political Debate – Climate Nazis

Police seacrh the car park at Safeways after the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords

On January 8th Jared Lee Loughner attended a meeting held by United States Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords for her consituents in Tuscon, Arizona.

Lougher came armed and with intent to kill, before he was overpowered 6 people were dead and 14 wounded inclunding Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Almost immediately the lefty liberals started on Twitter blaming the right for the shootings, and of course Sarah Palin was to blame.

Leading the attack on Palin was “Hanoi” Jane Fonda, for those too young to remember, Jane Fonda is the traitorous bitch who when her country was at war with North Vietnam, went to that country and was photographed sitting on an anti aircraft gun sighting it on her own country’s aircraft. Lampost and piano wire is to good for Ms Fonda.

The left have taken this opportunity to try and smear the right, and allege other threatening and violent action for the biggest failed left wing liberal scam of all time, Climate Change Read the rest of this entry

George Moonbat “Lets Turn Buckingham Palace In To Bedsits”

Power To The People - Wolfie Smith and the Tooting Popular Front

The loss of faith in Climate Religion, and the collapse of the Church of Climatology have taken their toll on George Monbiot.

The Moonbat has wholly abandoned religion and fully embraced Marxism with the same blind faith that had George only year ago believing that our planet was about to eaten by a giant mutant stargoat comprised entirely of frozen CO2.

Sadly the new shift to Marxism makes about as much sense as the Climate Religion.

Moonbat is unhappy about people who live in large houses, alone; Moonbat wants compulsory downsizing most likely on the same floor space model, as that favoured by the tower block builders of the former USSR and other communist satellite states Read the rest of this entry