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Wind Turbines – How Long Before The Golden Eagle Is Extinct?

A white tailed eagle killed by a Norwegian wind turbine

The wind turbine symbol of all that is good, renewable, green and politically correct is in reality an environmental holocaust for the countries like China that manufacture components for them, a subsidised failure at reliable electricity generation globally, they blight the lives of people forced to live within their shadow and they kill birds in huge numbers.

Yesterday Aardvark blogged about the desecration of the D Day beaches by bird choppers and finished the post with “Now if the area around the Normandy beaches were home to a threatened species of aquatic fruit bat then every NGO from Greenpeace to the WWF would be up in arms,” seems that Aardvark was wrong Wind Turbines are, in fact, the most sacred icon in the political Church of Climatology: Read the rest of this entry

Wind Turbines To Desecrate D Day Landing Beaches

100 525 ft high Wind turbines are to be constructed off the D Day landing beaches

Nowhere is safe from the inexorable advance of that symbol of the Church of Climatology, the wind turbine.

The Mont St Michel situated further up the coast from the D Day landing beaches and a UNESCO world heritage site is to be despoiled by bird choppers.

Now it is the turn of the D Day landing beaches to be despoiled by 100 of these 525 feet high blots on the landscape: Read the rest of this entry

Wind Turbines Epic Fail When It Is Cold, Epic Fail When It Is Hot

Wind Turbines don't work when it is cold, don't work when it is hot

The wind turbine  one of the most sacred symbols of the Church of Climatology, these blots on the landscape blight communities, kill birds en masse and generate very little electricity when demand is at its peak.

In the recent very cold winter in Britain the wind farms actually consumed more energy than they produced, while in Canada a $200 million dollar wind farm was frozen solid for weeks.

In the United States Texas is in the grip of a heat wave which has set record demands for electricity and as usual the wind farms have failed spectacularly: Read the rest of this entry

Wind Turbines – What Chris Huhne Does Not Want You To Know

This short video compilation exposes shocking images of death and destruction that is the hidden price of wind farms.

Blighted communities campaign to stop green lunacy, the toll on birds continues to mount, the environmental damage from wind turbine production in China is kept hidden Read the rest of this entry

Wind Turbines, UNESCO And The Mont St Michel

Mont St Michel could lose it's UNESCO status because of the Church of Climatology

As most of Europe abandons wind power because of declining wind speeds across western europe, Britain and France are still pursuing the Holy Grail of Wind Power, without any thought to cost, or energy security for their respective countries.

The latest scheme from France would see 3 giant wind turbines, each two thirds the height of the Eiffel Tower, situated 20km from the Mont St Michel, and easily viewable on clear day.

The scheme has UNESCO worried about the world heritage status of Frances greatest provincial tourist attraction which gets 3 million visitors a year; there will be an additional bird choppers off the coast at Juno and Omaha beaches which has angered veterans, and environmentalists as well. Read the rest of this entry

China Pays The Environmental Cost Of Chris Huhne’s Wind Turbines

The lake of toxic waste at Batou from magnet production for Huhne's wind turbines

Obfuscated behind every new fad for the warming alarmists are uncomfortable hidden truths, normally to do with cost, jobs and the environmental impact of their so called Green schemes.

A case in point is the Toyota Prius, flagship eco badge of Green credentials for the likes of Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and other assorted liberal ecomentalists, but behind the Green eco facade, production of battteries for the Prius has proved to be an environmental holocaust for Canada.

Almost daily Atilla the Huhnatic preaches to us from the Church of Climatology about wind turbines, the green jobs lie that accompanies every pronouncement, all the while Huhne plays fast and loose with the energy security of this country.

The latest lie about the clean Green revolution to surface, is the fact that’s clean, green it maybe, but then so is mould, clean its most definitely not, but then that does not matter, does it Huhne?
Because the environmental damage is half a world away, safe behind the wall of silience that only a Communist regime can maintain, thus it does not exist. Read the rest of this entry

UK Wind Turbines Consume More Energy Than They Produce

Wind Turbines dont work that well in the snow

The future lies in renewables, which is a Chris Huhne euphemism for wind power.

The holy grail of Dave and the Wind God, wind power is a big, expensive and very dangerous joke for the energy security of this country.

As the country emerges from a very cold snap, it is a comforting thought for us all that our wind turbines have actually consumed more energy, than they produced.

With wind speeds across Western Europe having fallen in the last 30 years, and Britain suffering a 12% Fall In UK Renewable Energy Production the future is far from bright. Read the rest of this entry

A Letter To Chris Huhne Re Wind Turbines

The Dutch hide their bird choppers in industrial landscapes

Dear Mr Huhne

As Environment Secretary you must surely be aware of the study that shows over the last 30 years wind speeds across Western Europe have dropped on average 12.5%, yet in the face of this evidence you are still willing to gamble our energy security and invest in a source of power that is very expensive and requires 100% back up for the increasingly frequent days when there is no wind.

Then Mr Huhne, you propagate lies about all the Green Jobs that will be created when the whole landscape from horizon to horizon is full of rotating blades, recently you cited Thanet as the way forward bringing lots of new jobs in new industries. Thanet will create just 21 jobs at average cost of £3,000,000 per job per year, the 400,000 jobs you quote would require 17 times the total output of Great Britain plc to fund Read the rest of this entry

The Dutch Lose Faith In Windturbines, Comments Please Chris Huhne

New Dutch governement is stopping subsidies to wind power

As Chris Huhantic prepares to make wind power a major electricity generation source for this country with all the dangers that entails for both energy security, and cost, the Dutch are fast losing faith in wind turbines and so called renewable energy sources.

The new Dutch government is cutting back on subsidies for most forms of renewable energy, and ending subsidies for wind power, solar power and biomass Read the rest of this entry

Hug A Wind Turbine Or There Will Be Global Drought By 2040

According to a new report by Professor Benjamin Sovacool of Denmark's Aarhus University unless the word moves to all wind solar there will be global drought by 2040.

According to a new report by Professor Benjamin Sovacool of Denmark’s Aarhus University unless the word moves to all wind solar there will be global drought by 2040.

The continued disintegration of the Global Warming Climate Change Climate Disruption Climate Weirding industry is picking up speed as another corner stone of the scam, scientific consensus shatters.

A new survey of over 1000 earth scientists shows that only 36%, agreed with the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that humans are main the cause of the non existent global warming.

The warming alarmist response was the usual scream of outrage and then tenuous reasons were offered as to why the earth scientists were not representative of science at all. It cannot be long until roaming squads of Green Feldgendarmerie are hanging traitorous scientists from lamp posts, until all that is left are the 76 scientists that form the mythical 97% consensus.

Running hand in hand with the vicious and vitriolic of course is the patently ludicrous, is this case, a report about fossil fueled electricity generation causing the world to run out of water by 2040.

The author fails the Green test of impartiality, but why worry about double standards when your noble cause is saving the world, the end justifies the means as the saying goes. Read the rest of this entry