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Gordon Brown Warming Alarmism Makes Economic Sense

50 days to save the world, er no fear fear, flat eathers, science deniers makes economic sense

There is quite often a vastly different perception in a politicians standing in his own country, when viewed from abroad. Today is 10/10/10 and the warming alarmists are taking a day off from producing exploitive and degrading images of children to bother rabbits and molest trees.

On such an auspicious day no other than Gordon Brown has come out with yet another message about Climate Change and the eco mentalists at the Huffington Post seem to think this is the endorsement of a lifetime, because former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has spoken in favour of the ManBearPig religion again, see what Aardvark means about a difference in perception. Read the rest of this entry

Keep Your Children At Home On 10/10/10

October 10th 2010 is the 10:10 child abusers day of action where eco-terrorists, Church of Climatology fuckwits and other assorted mentally retarded souls will be doing positive action to save us from a non existent threat.

All sorts of pointless eco gestures will take place across the planet: Read the rest of this entry

10:10 And The Splattergate Backlash Gets Serious

An excellent clip on the American reaction to the 10:10 lets blow up the kids movie, Sony are distancing themselves from the climate lunatics at 10:10, have walked.

In Australia, the always excellent Jo Nova in her latest blog has this to say “If 10:10 made the shocking kill-your-kids movie as a publicity stunt, things are going horribly wrong. This viral campaign is turning into rabies-meets-ebola (pace Dellers).Read the rest of this entry

Ridicule Of The 10:10 Attack Dogs Part1

Massive H/T to Grumpyoldtwat