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Climate Change Fail : 2010 UN Year Of Biodiversity

The Madagascan flying fruit bat

2010 was the United Nations year of Biodiversity; Biodiversity was to have been the new Global Warming front end, instead of drowning cities, nice fluffy animals from the Disney psyche would be horribly drowned and it would all be just, dreadful!

Sadly for Biodiversity it arrived after one too many cries of wolf, so it was largely ignored, smothered beneath a plethora of terms to replace Global Warming; which by now caused Global Cooling, earthquakes and every event possible “could in some way, or other been caused by AGW”.

It is a fact of evolution that some species evolve and prosper, others fail to do so and become extinct. Without doubt man has been responsible for the extinction of many species, as has climate and freak natural events that did for the dinosaurs. Read the rest of this entry