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50 Days To Save The World; Now Britain Says No Climate Treaty At Copenhagen Summit

50 days to save the world said the Prime Mentalist or we are doomed, aye doomed I tell ye.

Now Government officials say there is no chance of a Climate Change Treaty in Copenhagen so once again we are left wondering did Gordon Brown overstate the case, also known as lying or are we really all doomed now there will be no deal.

Having already saved the world financially, another lie, we now have the most blatantly accomplished liar spreading a lie for taxation and more social engineering.

So committed to the Climate Change Lie are Labour that the rest of the world is in no hurry to destroy their economy in the way that Labour are willing to do.

Yesterday the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Ed Miliband, said that although talks were “moving slowly and not going well”, he still thought it possible that the US would agree to such a deal next month.

It’s possible Aardvark could win the lottery, but is it probable? No not really. Infinite monkeys and Shakespeare spring to mind.

Meanwhile the greatest proponent of the Climate Change Lie soon to be carbon billionaire and maker of comedy Climate Change films Al Gore admits he got it wrong.

Superb we are being led globally back to the stone age by a fool and a bunch of liars.