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Climategate – Copenhagen The Danish Text And 141 Climatologists Demand Proof Of AGW

Day 2 of the COP15 farce and the cracks are appearing faster than limos on the streets of Copenhagen.

Saudia Arabia has concerns over Climategate and wants the IPCC data and predictions verified independently and by an organisation that can be trusted

Then there is the so called Danish text which made a brief appearance in a news report yesterday, and now like Climategate is assuming a life of its own.

“The UN Copenhagen climate talks are in disarray today after developing countries reacted furiously to leaked documents that show world leaders will next week be asked to sign an agreement that hands more power to rich countries and sidelines the UN’s role in all future climate change negotiations”
“The agreement, leaked to the Guardian, is a departure from the Kyoto protocol’s principle that rich nations, which have emitted the bulk of the CO2, should take on firm and binding commitments to reduce greenhouse gases, while poorer nations were not compelled to act. The draft hands effective control of climate change finance to the World Bank; would abandon the Kyoto protocol – the only legally binding treaty that the world has on emissions reductions; and would make any money to help poor countries adapt to climate change dependent on them taking a range of actions.”

This a curious document to have been prepared, no UN and having Climate Change finance, and by that effective control done by a bank.

There is so much double-dealing and smoke and mirrors with warmists it’s starting to look more like total anarchy than a summit; at best the messages are confused or is that confusing?

The questions raised by Climategate gather even more force as 141 Scientists ask the UN (IPCC) for convincing evidence, in a open letter to Ban Ki Moon: Read the rest of this entry