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Climategate – Sensible Advice From Sarah Palin

Former Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has some sensible advice for Obama on her Facebook Page about the Copenhagen summit.

The president’s decision to attend the international climate conference in Copenhagen needs to be reconsidered in light of the unfolding Climategate scandal. The leaked e-mails involved in Climategate expose the unscientific behavior of leading climate scientists who deliberately destroyed records to block information requests, manipulated data to “hide the decline” in global temperatures, and conspired to silence the critics of man-made global warming. I support Senator James Inhofe’s call for a full investigation into this scandal. Because it involves many of the same personalities and entities behind the Copenhagen conference, Climategate calls into question many of the proposals being pushed there, including anything that would lead to a cap and tax plan.

Policy should be based on sound science, not snake oil. I took a stand against such snake oil science when I sued the federal government over its decision to list the polar bear as an endangered species despite the fact that the polar bear population has increased. I’ve never denied the reality of climate change; in fact, I was the first governor to create a subcabinet position to deal specifically with the issue. I saw the impact of changing weather patterns firsthand while serving as governor of our only Arctic state. But while we recognize the effects of changing water levels, erosion patterns, and glacial ice melt, we cannot primarily blame man’s activities for the earth’s cyclical weather changes. The drastic economic measures being pushed by dogmatic environmentalists won’t change the weather, but will dramatically change our economy for the worse.

Policy decisions require real science and real solutions, not junk science and doomsday scare tactics pushed by an environmental priesthood that capitalizes on the public’s worry and makes them feel that owning an SUV is a “sin” against the planet. In his inaugural address, President Obama declared his intention to “restore science to its rightful place.” Boycotting Copenhagen while this scandal is thoroughly investigated would send a strong message that the United States government will not be a party to fraudulent scientific practices. Saying no to Copenhagen and cap and tax are first steps in “restoring science to its rightful place.”

The traditional left of centre Mainstream Media dont like Sarah Palin as was seen during the 2008 US Presidential campaign where every attempt was made to smear her, her family and her record as Governor of Alaska.

Unfortunately for the US Media Sarah Palin is a folk hero to large swathes of middle American and has the potential to be the next Ronald Regan, her comments on Climategate are considered, well balanced and reasonable.

There are many questions to be answered about the Climate Change data, the methodology the scientists used; enough questions that would make any sensible well balanced person step back and re-evaluate the data and the conclusions.

It seems to be mainly in Europe where there is this evangelical crusade to steam roller through a treaty based on fraudulent data led by Gordon Brown and the EUSSR who now own this country after the sell out of no referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

The big question remains why do they want an agreement based on discredited data at any price?

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Climategate – Gordon Brown Climate Change Deal Is ‘Achievable’

No one has ever accused the Prime Mentalist of being in touch with public opinion and today Brown once again proved the point.

The cursed one-eyed son of the Manse told an audience that a deal on Climate Change at the Copenhagen farce was achievable, as he answered questions from young people at a pre-Copenhagen event hosted by the Department for Energy and Climate Change at the Natural History Museum in London. Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Whistleblowers And Fraudulent Hockey Sticks

It’s clear that the world was warmer during medieval times

It’s clear that the world was warmer during medieval times. Marked on the map are study after study (all peer-reviewed) from all around the world with results of temperatures from the medieval time compared to today. These use ice cores, stalagmites, sediments, and isotopes. They agree with 6,144 boreholes around the world which found that temperatures were about 0.5°C warmer world wide.

The incovenient truth about the Medieval Warming Period pops up again, Viking farms in Greenland that are now permafrost as the planet has got colder since the MWP.

There is more than one suggestion that Climategate was not the work of a hacker, more the work of an insider fed up with the AGW lies and deceit.

It is almost certain that the leak of 4000 documents from the University of East Anglia was not the work of a hacker but of a whisteblower. The sheer effort of retrieving, itemising and sorting all those documents, and of weeding out any that were purely personal or irrelevant, required someone who had not just the computer skills and the access, but who knew what was important, and had the motivation to put in countless hours of work.

If the leaker was an insider, here are the candidates – named and pictured. The list also shows the extraordinary reach of the University’s Climatic Research Unit into climate science circles when judged even just by formal ties.

A hat tip to Andrew Bolt

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Climategate – Copenhagen Must Fail Says Top Climate Scientist

James Hansen the world’s leading Climate Change proponent who convinced governments of global warming now says “it would be better for the planet and for future generations if next week’s Copenhagen climate change summit ended in collapse.”

In an interview with the Guardian, James Hansen, the world’s pre-eminent climate scientist, said any agreement likely to emerge from the negotiations would be so deeply flawed that it would be better to start again from scratch.

I would rather it not happen if people accept that as being the right track because it’s a disaster track,” said Hansen, who heads the Nasa Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York.

Hansen’s comments make Brown’s statements about Copenhagen at PMQ’s yesterday look rather ridiculous.

How much longer until Copenhagen is cancelled, then the public inquiries into the orchestrated fraud of AGW can begin.

Updated December 3rd 2009 10:53 GMT

There is an almost total news blackout on this story, no mention on the BBC Web site, nothing on Sky News.

In the USA pressure is growing for Obama to cancel his trip to Copenhagen.

The Washington Times:

They, the White House and many in the mainstream media remain in denial, attempting to downplay or obfuscate the collusion and junk science. But the scope, depth, gravity and depravity of the conspiracy are incontrovertible.

Updated December 3rd 2009 15:30 GMT

Climategate: Which part of ‘over’ don’t these people understand?
The main lesson – according to today’s Guardian – is that ‘climate scientists’ have done nothing actually wrong but that in future they should improve their cover-up skills just in case:

James Delingpole

Freedom to trade petition – “We call upon the World’s leaders to resist calls for green protectionism. Trade enables specialisation, which results in the development of new technologies and leads to the creation of wealth. In the past two decades, trade has enabled over a billion people to escape poverty. Trade is the most powerful weapon in humanity’s armoury to fight poverty and environmental ills, including climate change. Trade restrictions are not desirable, nor are they an effective means of addressing climate change.” Ollie Cromwell at The Red Rag Blog

Updated December 3rd 2009 17:25 GMT

Still the majority of media outlets in the UK are ignoring or actively censoring discussion on this very important topic.

Google search results for “Copenhagen Must Fail” now exceed 2 million, search results for Climategate are 27.5 million.

Yet there is a deafening silence from Brown and little Eddy Millichump, it’s almost as if Climategate never happened for them

Updated December 7th 2009 13:18 GMT

Ed Milliband takes time off from photo opportunities and sound bytes at eco-mentalist protests to break silence on Climategate.

Milliband admits that their is a huge challenge to convince people about Climate Change as most of the evidence is invisible, or is that inadmissible? As no one believes the fraudulent data anymore, apart from an easily manipulated, naieve and vocal minority who turn out to protest when ordered to by their puppet masters.

He conceded that the row over leaked emails from scientists in East Anglia which appeared to suggest data making the case for man-made climate change was manipulated had been “damaging”

His comments came as Gordon Brown called on world leaders attending the Copenhagen climate change summit which starts today to enshrine in law the promises to cut emissions they make this week within six months.

Updated December 9th 2009 12:59 GMT

Latest news that the IPCC fraudulently changed the date of predicted glacier melting from 2350 to 2035 is yet another example of fraudulent and manufactured data being used as scare tactics by the AGW zealots.
So in addition to the forged climate data in the UK, USA, Australia, The Maldives and New Zealand the data on glaciers has also been forged, a report written by 10 people and none of them picked up the date error.

Micahel Mann is under investigation for his science, Phil Jones has stepped down at the CRU, Hansen was completely correct about any agreement being rubbish.

In the USA Obama is trying to use the Clean Air Act to override democratic blocking of anything Obama signs up to in Copenhagen.

The sheer desperation of the Church of Climatology has been illustrated in Australia where Climate Evangelists are writing to non believers children saying “Your Dad is a corrupt killer”.

The last act of the defeated zealot, scare the children.

Quite frankly pathetic

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Climategate – The AGW Lie Starts To Come Apart

The Anthropogenic Global Warming Lie is really coming apart now, so many stories from all over the world.

Where to begin?

Gordon Brown’s mantra like plea for the all party support he thought he had for the increasingly pointless Copenhagen conference at PMQ’s today is typical of the problem facing the AGW supporters.
They know there is little credibility for the Green Lie, but they still persist in the belief that everyone will come around to their flawed thought process. The AGW lie gave them the opportunity to impose their hair shirt existence on all of us, mixed in with a bit of Marxism and eco-chic.

Well done to the Express for making Climategate a front page story

The Independent’s editorial line is to be “baffled” by climate change sceptics, it has given a platform today to former shadow home secretary David Davis, who opines that “the fixation of the green movement with setting ever tougher targets is a policy destined to collapse”. At last some acknowledgement from one of the two main political parties on Climategate, how long did that take?

There is a sort of report on the BBC’s website about Phil Jones director of the CRU standing down while there is an independent review. It’s really more about damage limitation to the AGW lie and pleading Jones’s case.

On the other side of the world, the Australians are still leading the way with their Senate rejecting the emissions trading scheme for the second time.

In the land of the Copenhagen summit those naughty Danes have been caught fiddling their carbon credits. Nothing like the host nation for a global scam indulging in a little local scamming.

“Legal actions ahoy! Over the next few weeks, one thing we can be absolutely certain of is concerted efforts by the rich, powerful and influential AGW lobby to squash the Climategate story. We’ve seen this already in the “nothing to see here” response of Dr Rajendra Pachauri, the jet-setting, troll-impersonating railway engineer who runs the IPCC and wants to stop ice being served with water in restaurants.”

more from James Delingpole.

Climate change sceptics that pedal ‘muddled and unscientific’ thinking could stop the world from tackling global warming, Lord Stern of Brentford has warned. So falsifying data to prove Global Warming is not ‘muddled and unscientific’ hereby speaks another “Climate Rationalist.” This is same the Lord Stern that says eating meat causes Climate Change.

Whatever happens at Copenhagen after Climategate has no legitimacy or credibility..

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Climategate – The BBC’s Complicity In The AGW Lie

Climategate is the BBC’s smoking gun; a virtual news blackout except to report a hacking crime while completely ignoring the content of the leaked emails and data. The left wing eco-mentalists are piling on the pressure with the BBC’s web site pouring more AGW propaganda and fear, fawning over Michael Mann, when the incompetent climate scientist’s own colleagues say Mann has no credibility.

The mobilisation of Labour Luvvies is complete when deeply unfunny comedian Marcus Prickstock pontificates on Question Time about the impending heating up of the world and obediently spouts the correct “Climate Rationalist” line like a good little left of centre poodle.

Richard Black is a BBC environment correspondent and is mentioned in one of Michael Mann’s Climategate emails: Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Claims Political Scalp In Australia While In New Zealand Scientists Are Fixing The Data

The science has been settled. The debate is over. Global Warming is a scam. Even Keyboard Cat knows it. hat tip to oldhardhead for the clip.

A few days ago Aardvark blogged on what have now become known as the “Carbon 5” in Australia.

Australian conservatives have ousted their leader who was infavour of massive carbon taxes and replaced him with one that thinks that AGW is “crap”. Tis rare that Aardvark agrees with Australians, but a certain sneaking admiration is creeping in for them, especially as we have The Ashes.

This makes Malcolm Turnbull, the suddenly-ex-leader of Australia’s Liberal party, the first major political victim of the Climategate furore. And his replacement Tony Abbott, the first politician to reap the benefits of the world’s growing scepticism towards ManBearPig. Of the three candidates, he was the only one committed to delaying the Australian government’s proposed Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

Aussie blog hero Andrew Bolt has the blow-by-blow details. Particularly stirring is his description of how the Liberals’ newly elected leader Abbott – the Mad Monk as the libtard MSM is already calling him – takes the floor and tells like it is about the ETS (Australia’s equivalent to Cap And Trade).

Already the lines are potent – real fighting words from the Liberals at last: Rudd’s great green tax “is really an energy taxation scheme.” In fact, it is “a $120 billion tax on the Australian public, and that is just for starters.” Power prices will go up, for instance. “We just can’t wave that through the Parliament.” James Delingpole

Not so far away in New Zealand the Climate Change scientists have been caught using the Michael Mann method of fixing the data to the give the answers that perpetuate the AGW lie.

The New Zealand Government’s chief climate advisory unit NIWA is under fire for allegedly massaging raw climate data to show a global warming trend that wasn’t there.

The scandal breaks as fears grow worldwide that corruption of climate science is not confined to just Britain’s CRU climate research centre.

In New Zealand’s case, the figures published on NIWA’s [the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric research] website suggest a strong warming trend in New Zealand over the past century:

It is a safe bet that fear is growing, growing amongst the community of lying, deceiving scientists that like their leader Michael Mann they are going to be exposed as frauds.

The US has Climaquiddick where their scientists have been caught out just like here and in New Zealand.

How much longer are Brown, little Eddy Millichump and King Hussein of the USA going to keep trying to pedal the AGW lie?

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Climategate – Whitewash In The UK, Rebellion In Australia

The hacker who got into the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit and released 61 Megabytes of confidential Climate Change lies to the world, should be thanked and rewarded for exposing this great scam. There are 1079 emails and 72 documents many of them very embarrassing to the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) camp. Some are very strange like one Climate Change evangelist crowing over the death of a fellow scientist who was a non believer in the AGW lie.

But perhaps the most damaging revelations – the scientific equivalent of the Telegraph’s MPs’ expenses scandal – are those concerning the way Warmist scientists may variously have manipulated or suppressed evidence in order to support their cause.

The repercussions of Climategate are growing, in the USA Republican Senator James M Inhofe is calling for an investigation into Climategate. `Letters have been sent to several scientists warning them to “Retain Documents”.

In this country apart from the Daily Mail and James Delingpole, Climategate has been subject to an almost total news blackout. The BBC evangelising the AGW lie to the max reported the hacking of the Climate Change Lie as hacking crime, while conveniently ignoring the content and implications of the information obtained. This is the same BBC that is sending a staff of 35 to cover the Copenhagen farce next month.

To be a AGW non believer in the 21st Century is almost like being a heretic 500 years ago, Read the rest of this entry

The Great Global Warming Lie

By Tory Aardvark

Climate Change as Global Warming is now being called has become a self perpetuating industry and golden opportunity for the self appointed experts to find a new way to control our lives according to their particular idea as to how we should live.

By attaching the same emotive phraseology as beloved of the multi culturalists and PC brigade, they whip up the same hysteria, as someone who dared speak out against immigration a few years ago.

The Best Car in the World so let;s kill it with Green tax lies

The Best Car in the World so let's kill it with Green tax lies

More and more people across the world are waking up to this giant con for new taxation.

Typical of the Green taxation lie is the Labour Government’s failed Vehicle Excise Duty tax, this was ground breaking in that it attempted to set the precident of back dating taxes, in this case to vehicles registered on or after March 1 2002. Even Greenpeace were against this tax, as giving Green Taxes a bad name. It was not in fact Green based at all, it was just another attempt by the most anti car government in history to rape the motorist again.

The Very Best of British Design and Innovation under threat

The Very Best of British Design and Innovation under threat

Jaguar Land Rover represent the very best of British automotive design and engineering, yet two of our political parties, Labour and the Liberal Democrats are both doing their level best to drive them out of business with the loss of thousands of British workers jobs.

The latest anti car policy and the first of it’s kind in the world is from Liberal Democrat controlled Richmond Borough Council, where the price of your car parking space depends upon the carbon emissions of your car. A spokesman for the AA said “the council’s move was more about stealth tax and less about reducing carbon emissions.” more on that story from the Sky News Website

For the growing band of AGW “Sceptics” the following story is dynamite. And for those who do believe in Al Gore’s highly profitable myth about “Man-Made Global Warming”, it will no doubt feel as comfortable as the rectally inserted suicide bomb that put paid to an Al Qaeda operative earlier this week.” says James Delingpole in The Telegraph

This story is dynamite and confirms what most balanced people with a brain have been thinking for years; it’s a lie to allow the self appointed experts to control our lives even more and conform to their vision of society, which is not necessarily the one we want.

When the time for the General and Local Government Elections comes around in May 2010, we the long suffering motorist need to remind these politicians that us and our cars are not a free ride for unlimited taxtation.