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George Moonbat “Lets Turn Buckingham Palace In To Bedsits”

Power To The People - Wolfie Smith and the Tooting Popular Front

The loss of faith in Climate Religion, and the collapse of the Church of Climatology have taken their toll on George Monbiot.

The Moonbat has wholly abandoned religion and fully embraced Marxism with the same blind faith that had George only year ago believing that our planet was about to eaten by a giant mutant stargoat comprised entirely of frozen CO2.

Sadly the new shift to Marxism makes about as much sense as the Climate Religion.

Moonbat is unhappy about people who live in large houses, alone; Moonbat wants compulsory downsizing most likely on the same floor space model, as that favoured by the tower block builders of the former USSR and other communist satellite states Read the rest of this entry