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Vince Cable The Best Hyped Up Chancellor We Have Never Had

Vince Cable was obviously expecting an easy ride, the look on his face is priceless as Andrew Neil reads out the list of things that Cable has flip flopped on.

“I genuinely changed my mind on HBOS” stammers Vince uncertainly, so call Aardvark cynical, but were the other mind changes non genuine, In other words a flip flop.

If the disaster of a hung Parliament were to happen, then would, in the event of another disastrous Lib/Lab pact, Darling stand aside and let Cable become Chancellor after Clegg had decided who was to be Labour Party leader? Words like snowflake and furnace spring to mind.

The Lib Dems and Clegg especially are starting to believe their own publicity, the arrogance of Clegg to presume that as self appointed king maker he can choose the leader of another political party is astounding.

Cable his reputation battered has dropped off the radar since being mauled by Brillo so how Clegg will perform tomorrow against a village idiot  grinning Gordon Brown and a very well briefed David Cameron with the best economic policies remains to be seen.