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Animal Farm: Welcome To Julia Gillard’s Australia

Business can be fined Aus $1.1 million for blaming carbon tax for price rises

Imagine you are watching the news and a report comes on TV about a country where to criticise a policy of the government results in a crippling fine that would finish your business, a country where to mention a law in anything but a positive light would cause the full force of the state apparatus to descend upon you.

North Korea maybe? Syria or Iran?

The answer is Australia where after years of Green madness Julia Gillard’s Labor government with the support of the Australian Green party have forced through a deeply unpopular and  unwanted carbon tax, just as the IPCC have come out and said, er sorry guys but we are not really sure that CO2 has any impact on global temperatures anymore.

Australian Green Socialists have sought to control the media, in July the Green party leader Christine Milne demanded political censorship and punishment for dissent for the media to the  enthusiastic applause from an  audience of party faithful.

Now the Gillard/Milne Animal Farm dream of a government controlled state has taken a step closer: Read the rest of this entry